Marysville 18-year-old

At school, (Kailynne) has been a peer tutor for four years, helping fellow students who are struggling in their classes. She sacrifices her study hall time to do this while staying up often past midnight to work on her own homework.

Kailynne is also very active in her church's youth group, Quake. Being involved is so much more than social time. One key area is S.O.S. (service over self). This is an annual weeklong mission trip to Memphis, where the kids work hard on impoverished persons' homes, doing such projects as re-roofing, painting, etc. She loves the accomplishment of the tangible but also building relationships with the homeowners, bring smiles to an often very lonely person.

One of the neat things is that she finances her own mission work. Often, these are acquired through hard work of her own, such as working church dinners, volunteering her babysitting services and others which build up money in her "Quake account." If these don't cover it, she pays out of her own pocket.

Because of Kailynne's dedication and leadership in her youth group, she was chosen to join an African mission trip. She, one other teen and two adults prepped for months and journeyed to Ethiopia in order to work on a project to build a school in a remote area. She will never be the same. Where she once considered education as just normal, she saw kids (and grown persons) thirst for knowledge. Because of this activity, the team worked to raise $50,000 to build the school and made it happen.


Nominated by Jon Tangeman,

Kailynne's father