Bexley 18-year-old

Zachary tutors disadvantaged children in inner-city Columbus at Run the Race Club on Eureka Avenue and has been a positive male role model to many since March 2008. Each December, he brings a "buddy" to Christmas in Dublin at St. Brigid parish hall, where they share a healthy meal, hear a Bible story, choose and wrap gifts for the child's family, make a craft, play games and visit with Santa.

On CORE Leadership Team for St. Brigid youth group, Zachary has given presentations at retreats to teach his peers the value of making good choices. He plans activities, runs meetings and provides a welcoming, accepting and inclusive atmosphere for high school students.

For the past three years, struggling students at St. Charles were provided a National Honor Society tutor because he coordinated the tutoring program. Zachary has been an altar server at Sunday Teen Life Mass since February 2003 at St. Brendan Church, where he also worked the fish fries and ran games at the summer festival.

During the summer of 2008, he offered refreshments and magazines to families at the James cancer hospital. The same year, he also cleaned up the grounds after Picnic with the Pops to help the football team raise funds. In 2007, he helped the nuns clean up the yard at Shepherd's Corner and packed care packages for soldiers with the Blue Star Mothers. In 2005, Zachary assisted disabled children so they could play baseball for Miracle League.


Nominated by Elaine Zins,

Zachary's mother