Below are September's winners. Congratulations!

Jessica Osburn

Sophomore at Big Walnut High School

Nominated by: Angie Stooksbury

Class with A: English

Teacher of winning classroom: Angie Stooksbury

Jessica took it upon herself to raise over $3000 to help bring Challenge Days to Big Walnut. Challenge Day is a program that helps students understand that they have much more in common than they do their differences. It fights bullying in our schools. Jessica is determined to make her school and community even better. She wrote letters to friends and family asking for donations. She worked hard and raised enough funds on her own to pay for an entire Challenge Day! You can find more information on Challenge day at

Please show Jessica how amazing she is by honoring her with this award. She is an outstanding student (straight A's in all honors classes) and a wonderful, caring, young lady! I could go on and on. Please don't hesitate to give me a call. I have so many other great things to share about this outstanding young lady.

Austin Alpeter

Senior at Hilliard Bradley High School

Nominated by: Barbara Gardner

Class with A: German

Teacher of winning classroom: Russo-Loparo

Austin is currently working on his Eagle Scout project. Using his interest in producing films, he is creating a public service announcement for the City of Hilliard about the importance of pool safety. Last year, he made a PSA for WowWay Cable that encouraged kids to go outside and play. Austin also serves in his church unit as an assistant to the Bishop.

He is responsible for ensuring the items needed for the sacrament rites are provided each Sunday and that the ordinance is performed with reverence. He also assists in teaching lessons and encouraging other young men to set and keep high moral standards. Austin accompanies an adult male in making visits to approximately 5 families each month. This involves giving a spiritual thought and making sure the needs of the families are being met. I have known Austin for most of his life and see him developing into an honorable young man with a high degree of integrity.

Logan Gin

Junior at Eastmoor Academy

Nominated by: Bruce Green

Class with A: Impact Team

Teacher of winning classroom: Bruce Green

Logan is the past year has:

• Maintained a 4.0 gpa • Took a class at DeVry • Worked at OSU doing BIO/Med Research • Slept in a refrigerator Box in Nov(recreated a homeless village) • Cooked & served at Faith Mission • Rang bell for Salvation Army • Helped paint grounds • Attended Impact Team Retreat • Cooked for spec needs

By the way, Logan is 3'11"(Short person on crutches) 6 surgeries on back, metal rods in back.

Logan should be cloned!

Alaura Hernandez

Senior at Olentangy Liberty High School

Nominated by: Tracey Ward

Class with A: Adv. News Journalism

Teacher of winning classroom: Tracey Ward

Alaura Hernandez is not only extraordinary student (newsmagazine's co-editor in chief) but she is also in charge of Nellie's Club. Nellie's Club is a branch club off of Nellie's Catwalk 4 Kids, a non-profit charity that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer, as well as brings smiles to patient's faces. Alaura hopes to support a young girl who has cancer and to aim to raise awareness about childhood cancer around OLHS and the community through fundraisers and by spreading the word! Her group visits patients in the hospital, and hopes to expand to a movie night. She is an inspiration.

Shawn Martin

Junior at Gahanna Lincoln

Nominated by: Tom Martin

Class with A: Kimberly Thomas

Teacher of winning classroom: Honors Calculus

Shawn has consistently volunteered his time on a monthly basis assisting in the preparing and serving of a monthly meal at the YWCA facility at 900 Harvey Court, Columbus Ohio, where local families who are experiencing a housing crisis can find temporary shelter and support services for re-establishing independence. Shawn serves on the 4th Tuesday of each month, is in his third year of participating in this important charity and supports the preparation and serving of approximately 150 to 200 meals on that designated Tuesday. Shawn has also helped connect several other friends and Gahanna students to this cause. Shawn carries a 4.07 GPA, excels at Math and Science, and plays 2nd base for the Gahanna High School baseball team.

Haley Maynard

Senior at Westland High School

Nominated by: Angel Fravel

Class with A: AFJROTC

Teacher of winning classroom: Bret Klassen

Haley has volunteered at the local library for the summer reading program for several years. Despite having multiple medical problems herself she volunteers at Nationwide Children's Hospital, weekly for over a year. She has organized blood drives at her school. Haley has volunteered multiple times for highway and cemetery clean ups. She came up with a program for tutoring kids at her school who need help. She has been a mentor for incoming freshman at her school since her sophomore year. Haley does all these activities while maintaining a 4.2 GPA, participating in AFJROTC, marching band, and dancing competitively. Haley is always looking for ways to help her community and make someone's day better.

Susanna Harris

Senior at Worthington Kilbourne

Nominated by: Jan Harris

Class with A: Speech

Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Smith

Susanna made us very proud in her work with Honor Flight. This program takes WWII vets to their memorial in D.C. for free. She developed an idea to give them goodie bags as they got off of the plane in Columbus, Ohio. She got her Girl Scout troop involves. They decorated bags, stuffed them with a box of Girl Scout Cookies and more and a handwritten letter personally thanking them for their service. I went with her as she greeted the vets and passed out the bags. They were so appreciative for finally being appreciated. She hugged them, shook hands and more. I don't know who shed more tears, the vets, Susanna or me, the proud Mom watching it all unfold. She continues to be part of this effort and it's an amazing thing to be part of her.

Glen Gainer

Senior at Westerville North High School

Nominated by: Becky ONeil

Class with A: AP Chemistry

Teacher of winning classroom: Jeff Bracken

Since graduating elementary school in 2005, Glen has been a Teen Volunteer at the Westerville Public Library in Westerville, OH. During each Summer Reading Program, Glen helps to register, encourage, and give prizes to over 3,000 local children and teens. He also assists year-round with children's and teen programs at the Library, sharing ideas, setting up furniture, supervising children, and suggesting improvements. In the summer of 2009, Glen was one of a select group whom I invited to be Lead Volunteers, due to his experience and proven accountability. As a Lead Volunteer, Glen has the extra responsibility of mentoring new volunteers and adjusting the volunteer schedule as necessary.

Glen has also proven himself to be a valuable advisor to myself and other library staff. He is a creative thinker who never repeats a task without finding a way to improve it. In addition, Glen's trustworthiness has made him the volunteer that other library staff specifically request for their programs. He is self-directed in a way that few teens are. During one busy children's program, Science Attack, a librarian cut her hand badly enough to go to Urgent Care. Glen was essential in keeping the program flowing, the kids attentive, and the atmosphere calm. Afterwards, he cleaned up all the supplies and put away the furniture without being asked. Given the tough times that public libraries have been facing recently, the assistance of a volunteer like Glen -- dependable, hardworking, and efficient -- is nothing less than inspiring."

Mercedes Tutt

Senior at Marion-Franklin High School

Nominated by: Joy Cornett

Class with A: American Literature 11

Teacher of winning classroom: Kimani Haley

Take a deep breath! Mercedes Tutt, has an abundance of fantastic deeds that she regularly involves herself to benefit others. Whether in school, church or home, Ms. Tutt quietly and unselfishly helps others in tangible ways that directly impacts their lives.

Mercedes is devoted and perceptive, with a strong work ethic. Taking a more "behind the scenes" style in school, she assisted organizing the blood donation drive as president of the National Honor Society. Upcoming events already planned include a clothing drive, a toy drive and holiday card drive for children in the hospital. This year she advanced from junior editor of the yearbook staff to the Editor in Chief. Her easy-going nature as a team player and leader earned her captain of the varsity tennis team.

As president of a teen group called BLVRS 4 Christ, she participates in monthly service projects such as: food drives during November and December that raised and assembled over 100 large baskets for families in the community; Organized and facilitated a Youth Summit with teens to learn, share and connect with others; sang to the elderly at the St. Arbor's Rehab Center; assisted with the voter registration drive; and Volunteered at the Harvest Festival. She also ushered, took part in the Mime group performing at other churches and sang with the praise and worship and church choirs.

Away from home Mercedes can be found volunteering at Nationwide Children's Hospital at the information desk or working beyond her duty, helping customer's at the Grove City Krogers. Whew!

Wyatt Riley

Sophomore at Grove City High School

Nominated by: Randi Flynn

Class with A: English

Teacher of winning classroom: Randi Flynn

For the last six years, Wyatt Riley has been a volunteer with the Ohio Miracle League as a buddy to assist handicapped children and to give them the opportunity to play baseball. Wyatt plays for his high school's baseball team, and as a result, his younger brother (who suffers from spina bifida) wanted the same chance to play. However, with his disabilities, he could not play on a traditional Little League team. With the help of the Ohio Miracle League, Wyatt's brother can now participate in the game he loves. As Wyatt's teacher, I've noticed his quiet leadership style and constant willingness to do the right thing. He is smart young man who represents the best of our school. It's a pleasure to know that young students like Wyatt are the future of our community.