Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling, White Castle, College Advantage and ThisWeek Community Newspapers are recognizing exemplary students who represent their school and community by demonstrating hard work and strength of service.

Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling, White Castle, College Advantage and ThisWeek Community Newspapers are recognizing exemplary students who represent their school and community by demonstrating hard work and strength of service.

Throughout the 2011-12 school year, Atlas Butler's panel of judges will select 10 monthly nominees, who are featured in their respective ThisWeek communities. A $250 award will be provided in the student's name to a local classroom of the teacher of the nominee's choice.

All selected monthly nominees are featured on Over the course of the ninth-month school year, 90 nominees are selected. Each nominee becomes eligible for an annual prize: three Atlas Butler students of the year, $2,500; five first-place winners, $1,000 each; and 15 honorable mentions, $500 each. To read other students' profiles or to nominate your student, visit

Nominations close on the 15th of each month. Help our panel decide winners on Facebook from the 17th to the 23rd of each month.

Ashley Carrier
Senior at Bishop Hartley High School
Class with A: Calculus
Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Gruber

Ashley is a very dedicated and hardworking individual. First and foremost she is a superior student in school. Ashley is a senior and she has gotten straight A's every quarter in High School. She devotes many hours every week to homework and studying. What makes her so exceptional and a member of the National Honor Society is her dedication in additional areas as well. Ashley has been a member of the cheerleading squad at Bishop Hartley all four years committing her time, and leadership skills to support her school. She also spends many hours every month volunteering at Children's Hospital, the Gahanna Library, the Bishop Griffin Food Center, and tutoring other Bishop Hartley students after school. She is an awesome girl and I am amazed by her and all she does. Please consider her for this award, as it is well deserved.

Elizabeth Hart
Senior at Dublin Scioto High School
Nominated by: Vicky Hart
Class with A: English
Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Mary Eicher

Elizabeth Hart has gone above and beyond the call to service. ... She is president of the Dublin Scioto Student Senate where, among other things, she was instrumental in organizing a children's carnival at the tailgate meal before the first football game, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. She is co-leader of Student Cabinet, where she is busy planning dances and other activities, including the senior baccalaureate. She is also president of the National Honor Society. She loves working with children and the elderly. Some of the organizations she has volunteered to help in various capacities are the American Cancer Society, the Kidney Foundation, Nationwide Children's Hospital, the Dublin Food Pantry, the Dublin Irish Festival, the Salvation Army and Young Life camp.

Caitlin Hand
Senior at Grove City Christian School
Class with A: College and Career Planning
Teacher of winning classroom: Nancy Gillespie

Caitlin is an amazing young lady. She has been through a great deal in the past couple of years as her father passed away suddenly after a routine surgery. In the months that followed she showed a tremendous resiliency that is rarely seen among high school students. She sought out grief counseling, began to mentor other students and even reached out to a younger student that also lost a parent. Caitlin was also able to maintain her grades and stay involved in school activities. This year she has begun a Bible Study for senior girls and continues to pour herself into others while still managing to take care of herself.

She has a strong moral compass and is truly a person of great character and integrity.

It is with my highest confidence that I recommend Caitlin Hand to you.

Raven Gaston
Senior at Pickerington High School North
Class with A: Honors Spanish V
Teacher of winning classroom: Coty Krivda

Raven has been my student for two years. Spanish 3 and Honor Spanish V. She has been a pleasure to have in class. Raven is involved in so many extracurricular activities here at North.

She has been part of Sunny Side Up (Peer Leadership Program) for almost four years. She is also involved in Key Club a community service organization. She also has been part of the JSA (Debate Club) for two years. She is also part of National Honors Society (volunteer work for community).

She also works part time at a day care and at a salon. She has also been taking college courses as well. It is my pleasure to recommend Raven. She is an excellent student with great personality and without a doubt a young lady with character willing to help others.

Marilyn Evans
Senior at Olentangy High School
Class with A: Show Choir
Teacher of winning classroom: Holly Lewis

Marilyn has great compassion for others. She displays her gift by not only working with the "wounded birds" at her high school. She has spent time in the special-needs classroom when she was growing up and has a special love for these students. Through my affiliation with Family Promise of Delaware County, Marilyn has become involved in this organization that houses homeless families in a day center and local churches on a daily basis. Marilyn has served in the house during the day, playing with the children and just caring for them. She later visits these kids as their families transitioned from homeless into an apartment.

Rahma Mohamed
Junior at Mifflin High School
Class with A: Theatre Ensemble
Teacher of winning classroom: Todd Adam Decker

Rhama is an amazing ESL student from Somali who has been using theatre and the art of story telling to help bridge the cultural gaps between the African American students and the Somali students. Through teaching them stories, dances, and music, she has helped students and community members to understand the cultural differences and the similarities through the universal language of the arts. Rhama also went on local TV show "Diversity in Central Ohio" and talked about bringing the two cultures together and creating a better understanding. During the interview, she fielded live questions from people calling in to ask questions about her work and about her culture. She is currently working on a theatrical show that will include Mexican, Chinese, and Somali folktales using original languages, music, dance, storytelling and puppets to broaden the cultural outreach.

Paige Murdoch
Senior at Franklin Heights High School
Class with A: English I
Teacher of winning classroom: Martin

Last December, Paige organized a coat drive at our building to collect coats for the homeless.

She came up with the project all on her own. She made posters, announcements and went to everyone tin the building asking them to bring in coats all month until Christmas break.

She collected over 100 coats, cleaned them and delivered them to an organization that distributed them directly to the homeless.
Way to go, Paige!

Jillian Runser
Senior at Hilliard Bradley High School
Class with A: AP Language and Composition
Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Nicole Bagchi

Jill is a caring, giving, unselfish individual. There are many incidents that support this statement, but I think her love and dedication to our church's medical mission to Mexico best exemplifies these characteristics.

She has been to Mexico on three occasions and even though she doesn't speak the language, she relates to these unfortunate people in amazing ways. She loves to provide help to those less fortunate and over several years she has laid blocks to build a home by my side, played soccer with young children and worked in the clinic providing ancillary help to the medical staff. I know many teens may go on these missions and I have seen many come and go, but Jill has an exuberance and energy during these trips that is unrivaled. Her selfless giving, love of others and care for people less fortunate are amazing and real.

Ryan Schwyn
Senior at Marysville High School
Class with A: Agriculture
Teachers of winning classroom: Bill Keck, Shari Anderson, Ashley Thompson

Ryan Schwyn is Vice President of the Marysville FFA Chapter. He organized a committee that with his leadership planned two large activities for our chapter and community.

The first activity was a clinic put on by FFA members to show younger 4-Hers and FFA members how to get their fair projects ready for the show arena. The second activity was where Ryan organized a Union County Ag Tour including 6 stops.

Over 45 students attended the event! This was the first year for both activities so needless to say Ryan had his work cut out for him!
He did an amazing job!

Sydney Yochum
Senior at Olentangy Orange High School
Class with A: Journalism
Teacher of winning classroom: Phillips

Sydney Yochum founded and, with the help of the members of OOHS student council, orchestrated Orange HS Multicultural Day for the last 3 years. To celebrate the diversity of the OOHS population, Sydney solicited students and community members to run booths that displayed their culture with crafts, food, artifacts, music, and visual presentations, then organized the booths so that all students in the school could visit them, and experience the many cultures that make up the OOHS community. During that day, visitors can try native foods, practice dances, hear music, try crafts, and experience over 40 different cultures.