The Four Bitchin' Babes – Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith, Deirdre Flint and Nancy Moran – will play the Capitol Theatre Sunday, April 15. Tickets are $37.50/$27. Visit

"Childhood friends who didn't meet until we were in our 40s." "The sorority we were never asked to join in college." "We're bitchin' but not bitches." In 22 years, Sally Fingerett and her friends who have joined her to make up the Four Bitchin' Babes have come up with some pretty good explanations for their friendship – musical and otherwise. Columbus resident Fingerett is the bedrock babe – the sole founding member of a quartet assembled by Christine Lavin for what was intended as a one-off mini-tour. That mini-tour ended with a live recording called Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me, Don't Mess My Hair, Life According to Four Bitchin' BabesVol. I, and a band – and brand – was born. While life and career have taken some past members in different directions – the current quartet, Fingerett, Debi Smith, Deirdre Flint and Nancy Moran have been together for seven years – the concept has always been the same. "The process has to be blissfully joyful," Fingerett told The Beat. "I'm more than grateful for what we've done over the years, but if it's not fun, I'm not interested," adding that her goal is for the group to remain "mishegas-free." The Babes are currently working on their ninth recording, which Fingerett said would continue the trend of records that also become show concepts – such that Fingerett called the Babe enterprise both a band and a live theatrical tour. (The two most recent Babe recordings are Diva Nation… Where Music, Laughter and Girlfriends Reign and Hormonal Imbalance… A Mood Swinging Musical Revue.) It is the tours, the shows, Fingerett explained, that exemplify the Babes are about. "On stage, one woman is a diamond brooch and the other three are the velvet that supports and make it look even better," she said. "And each one of us gets her turn. The rest do whatever it takes for that person to have her moment." Those moments in and of themselves, Fingerett admitted, are not always intended to be "diamonds" in terms of beauty and purity, but certainly in terms of an opportunity to shine. How that opportunity manifests can be storytelling, humor or even a rant. "There's an unspoken language of the babes," Fingerett joked. "But those are the things that the audience adores." A forthcoming new record also means audiences will hear plenty of new songs. "That's always great for a 'hometown' gig," Fingerett said.