This edition of Fab shows includes the Harmony Project with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, DaCosta/Rose/Elliott, Rock on the Range, He Is We and more

Editor's Note: This edition of Fischer's Fab 10 includes only nine shows. The New Lyceum Project showcase which we featured in our print editions has since been postponed.

In the kind of show that calls to mind those old television infomercials that ask "now how much would you pay," offering more and more for a still-low price, Six String Concerts closes its season Friday, May 18, with a special show by Anthony deCosta, Raina Rose and John Elliott.
The trio of up-and-coming performing songwriters is actually a trio only when the individual schedules allow, but you wouldn't know it by their comfort level and harmonic blend on stage.
Combined, they're the subject of a documentary on emerging songwriters called Folk. Individually, they're names you'll want to remember when they appear on future Six String seasons.
Tickets are $20/$23. Visit

Let's get this out of the way first. The Beat gets the subtle irony – intended or otherwise – of a show by Ben Folds, who skewered comfortable subdivision life in Rockin' the Suburbs, being co-sponsored by the city of Dublin.
Moving on, the smart, quirky tunemeister is playing Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Friday, May 18, in a benefit event for the Memorial Tournament NICU at Nationwide Children's Hospital.
Concert tickets are $28/$33 VIP tickets are $175. Visit

The show is sponsored by Jazz Arts Group, the umbrella that include the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, but it's up to audiences to decide who's "joining" whom when the Harmony Project shares the Lincoln Theatre stage with the CJO Friday and Saturday, May 18-19.
Harmony Project is a choir and then some. On stage, led by artistic director David Brown, it's a high-energy and uplifting choral experience.
Additionally, HP members engage in a variety of community service and community building projects throughout central Ohio.
Pair this group with the CJO (at once both the hottest and coolest batch of swingers The Beat knows) and expect to raise the roof. Indeed, the program theme is "Raise Me Up!"
Tickets are $37/$32. Visit

The Beat's crack staff has once again failed to come up with an explanation for you as to what part of Crew Stadium or Columbus is considered "the range," but it hasn't stopped a massive three-day rock festival at the stadium (Friday, May 18, pre-party and Saturday and Sunday, May 19-20) from calling itself "Rock on the Range."
Highlighted if not headlined by our "Sweetest 16 band Name Bracket" entrant Five Finger Death Punch, RotR also includes Incubus, Rob Zombie, Megadeth and Shinedown, as well as a host of "second-stage" acts like 12 Stones, Chevelle, The Darkness, Eve to Adam and more.
Weekend passes are $99.50. Visit

The Avett Brothers possess a gift for the beautiful, the melancholy, the pensive – the sort of song that crushes a listener not with force, but with tenderness, although not always tenderly.
The North Carolina-based grunge-folk outfit recalls The Band by its rootsy vibe and eclectic storytelling.
Built around Scott and Seth Avett, who travel with a friend or two for live shows, the band is on tour in anticipation of releasing a follow-up to 2009's I and Love and You, including a Saturday, May 19, stop at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.
Tickets are $38/$40. Visit

So-Cal collective Fool's Gold started out as the side project for singer/bassist Luke Top and guitarist Lewis Pesacov to explore their common affinity for the totally natural combination of African roots forms, Kraut-rock and dance-pop.
OK, so The Beat is having a little fun with what might initially seem disparate influences, but Fool's Gold creates such a rich and joyful patchwork quilt from them that you forget any bewilderment.
Fool's Gold plays The Summit Saturday, May 19. Call (614) 268-6606.

The Beat likes to think of ourselves as open-minded as regards to all kinds of music, but there are just some things that, when sharing a car ride with our teenage daughter, necessitate a change of radio station:
A) We are indeed becoming our own parents and
B) It is our duty to set a good example by pointing out poor musical choices.
So herein find an upcoming show that falls into that category and one that doesn't.
LMFAO definitely does (although we find every day I'm shufflin' amusing). So we'd like to invite ourselves out of their Tuesday, May 22, show at Nationwide Arena with Far East Movement and a host of other special guests. Tickets are $65-$35. Visit
Christina Perri, on the other hand, does not induce an immediate reach for the dashboard. Her lilting voice and modern piano-pop make it easy to work past that A Thousand Years was in a Twilight film.
Perri plays the Newport Music Hall Sunday, May 20. Tickets are $18/$20. Visit (Editor's Note: The Christina Perri show is sold out.)

To preemptively answer your questions regarding the Primus and Gogol Bordello show Wednesday, May 23, at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion ...
Answer No. 1 – We don't think so. That is, we don't think the almost-tangible nuttiness of Primus, as modeled by frontman and bassist-extraordinaire Les Claypool (the clown prince of rock, you know, that creepy clown that scares little kids), is intended to distract or detract from the trio's expert musicianship. The band's new CD, Green Naugahyde, welcomes original drummer Jay Lane back into the fold.
Answer No. 2 – That's not Borat. No, that manic singer/performance artist fronting gypsy-punkers Gogol Bordello is not the comic actor, so stop trying to convince yourself otherwise.
These groups have toured together before, so the comfort level should enhance the atmosphere.
Tickets are $35. Visit

Fresh and fun, charming and comfortable, buoyant and beautiful. Washington state duo He Is We (expanded to a quintet for the road) spins tuneful yarns of love and life.
Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly met while working at a Tacoma-area record store and struck up a friendship based on a symbiotic creative approach to music.
The pair projects an air of pleasant playfulness, the kind of folks you'd like to invite over to play songs on your back porch on a summer evening.
Or maybe in your basement. Or maybe The Basement, Thursday, May 24.
The sad news is that Taylor is dealing with a serious medical issue and can no longer tour. After a lengthy search, the band located a replacement for their spring dates.
The bill includes Deas Vail, Plug In Stereo and South Jordan.
Tickets are $13/$15. Visit