Fischer's Fab Five


Shortly after our initial reaction of “Cool” to the announcement of New Edition’s tour stop Friday, May 25, in Nationwide Arena, The Beat noted the tour marks the group’s 30th anniversary. Thus was our follow-up reaction: “Yikes!”
The Beat cops to the fact that we were more intrigued by the group’s follow-up solo and small-group efforts than those by the boy-band prototype where they got their start. (In fact, we still believe that Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant’s self-titled solo records stand as titans of ’90s adult R&B/pop.)
All that said, having all six of the fellas back in the fold (Bobby Brown, back on the tour following the death of ex-wife Whitney Houston, and Ricky Bel, Mike Bivens and Ronnie DeVoe) is nostalgia-inducing for sure.
Children of the ’80s can most likely picture the spine of a New Edition cassette tape.
The shows will include Candy Girl, Can You Stop the Rain and other NE hits, as well as stuff from their solo careers.
Tickets range from $55 to $79. Visit

Cincinnati-based off-their-rockers Pomegranates make a return to central Ohio for a Saturday, May 26, gig at Woodlands Tavern.
Prior to the band’s earlier, late-winter show, The Beat referenced names such as David Byrne and Isaac Brock as possible influences to the quartet, which makes deranged-genius pop of the first order.
Thinking, we probably could have tossed out the names David Bowie and Dave Stewart as well.
The show features Phantods, Joshua P James and the Paper Planes and She Bears.

You don’t absolutely have to start whistling Home when Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is mentioned, but good luck not doing it anyway.
The LA-based collective (there is no “Edwards Sharpe” by the way) would likely wear the crown of hipster king, if hipsters cared enough to have a king or to make a crown for their king if they had one. Which they don’t. But anyway ... .
The band’s Wednesday, May 30, show at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion is the day following the scheduled release of its new record, HERE.
Tickets are $25 and $30. Visit

Bluegrass master Larry Keel, an award-winning flatpick guitarist, was supposed to play Columbus a few months back, but a string of tornadoes caused all kinds of problems in Keels’ home state of Virginia, so the show was postponed.
Then of course, Keel had to delay until after his annual Trout & Tunes: Fishin’ & Pickin’ weekend. (Note: This is a real – and reel – thing. Fellow loves to fish.)
Also in the meantime, Keel’s new record with his mates in Natural Bridge, with whom he’s played for 20 years, has been released. Titled Classic, it’s yet another affirmation of his musical genius.
The rescheduled show will be held Thursday, May 31, at Woodlands Tavern. Visit

CALLmeKAT – Danish siren Katrine Ottosen – sings in English, but her music is a whole other language altogether.
Armed with a delicate and expressive voice, KAT allows her vocal to alternately waft and careen atop layers of earthy electro psych-pop. The resultant soundscapes can both damage and soothe hearts.
CALLmeKAT is touring in support of her latest release, Where the River Turns Black. The tour stops at The Basement Thursday, May 31.
She’s touring with Seattle’s Rocky Votolato, a pensive singer-songwriter whose latest work of country-inflected folk is titled Television of Saints.
Tickets are $12 and $14. Visit