This medium-bodied wine flaunts citrus aromas and shows prominent minerals, Wine Wisdom columnist Roger Gentile says.

The 2010 Cantine San Silvestro Gavi "Fossili" is a different type of Gavi in that it goes through malolactic fermentation, a process in which the malic acid – the apple kind – is converted to lactic acid – the acid of dairy products – before it is aged in stainless steel for six months.

My experience with Gavi, a Piedmont wine made with the little-seen cortese grape, usually is a lighter effort and, up to now, has lacked the sensuality and mouth feel of this most honorable effort.

Certainly a medium-bodied wine, this fresh white flaunts aromas of citrus fruit with floral undertones, and an apricot nuance offering a spicy hint of unripe peach. It shows prominent minerals, an atypically long finish with balance and good structure. Try it with sushi, grilled fish, shellfish, oysters, pasta, wild fowl and blue cheese. There are a select number of cases left in the state, and if you want something different than chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, this is a tasty choice, and only $15 a bottle.

If your wine place does not carry it, ask the manager place a call to BelVino in northern Ohio to get some.

Roger Gentile is the owner of Gentile's, the Wine Sellers – – and the author of two books on wine.