Recipe: Truffle-crusted chicken, courtesy of Magellan Moore of Mezzo.

Ingredients 2 - 6 oz. skinless chicken breasts 1 whole egg 1 tablespoon of truffle peels 1.5 cups of panko crumbs .5 cups of flour 1 teaspoon of truffle oil 1 tablespoon of salt and pepper 1/3 cup of half olive oil, half canola oil blend 2 fresh basil leaves

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a food processer add panko and pulse until its fine.

Next add truffle peels, salt and pepper, basil and flour and pulse until ingredients are well mixed.

Pour the panko mixture into a bowl and set aside. In another bowl, lightly whip the egg.

Take your chicken breast and coat them in the whipped egg. Next dredge them in the panko mixture.

In a sauté pan add oil and place on medium heat. Carefully place breaded chicken breast in pan and sear until golden brown. Once the first side is seared turn over chicken and place the pan in the oven until chicken reaches 165 degrees.

Remove chicken from the pan and drizzle with the truffle oil.