Top 100 Franklin County home sales this week

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You’ll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek’s exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area’s home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer’s name and the sale price for the week of 10/4/12. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

1485 Commonwealth Dr; Sandra K. Lutz; $375,000.
8701 Maisch St; Fannie Mae; $254,620.
549 Stone Shadow Dr; Michelle Dolan, Jason D. Dolan; $185,165.

6894 Sagestone Dr; Theresa B. Calimlim; $445,000.
6728 Trafalgar Loop; Demicha Rankin, Chaffon Rankin; $439,900.
7183 Springview Ln; Kishore C.R. Donepudi, Kalpavalli Donepudi; $423,000.
6740 Vineyard Haven Loop; Peggy A. Evert, Donald T. Evert; $348,940.
8575 Torwoodlee Ct; Phillip B. Hicks, Anna L. Hicks; $345,000.
6676 Cooperstone Dr; Gregory A. Jones, Brandi S. Jones; $323,000.

4724 E Shire Ridge Rd; Bill C. Briscoe, Dorcas Briscoe; $950,000.
4684 Nadine Park Dr; Joshua Michael Barnett; $380,000.
5866 Morganwood Sq; David T. Johnson, Lisa A. Johnson; $353,000.

Lewis Center
2917 Laura Place; Christopher M. Masciola, Randee L. Masoiola; $443,000.
2903 Waukeegan Ave; Kirk J. Right, Jody P. Right; $370,000.
6297 Buckman St; David M. Larrison, Jennifer L. Larrison; $365,000.
7903 Norma Court; Troy P. Dersom, Erinn L. Dersom; $339,000.
1125 Little Bear Loop; Debra A. Skuratowicz, John M. Skuratowicz; $334,742.

New Albany
6988 Lambton Park Rd; Leo H. Ruberto, Sara Ruberto; $800,000.
3 Edge of Woods; Michael N. Harreld, Susan C. Harreld; $740,000.
7643 S Goodrich; James Pulvino, Kimberly Pulvino; $685,000.
3570 Drayton Hall S; Tobe Cohen, Cathleen Cohen; $600,000.
4395 Olmsted Rd; Rebecca Kist, Kasey A. Kist; $600,000.
4400 Olmsted Rd; Kyle D. Spangler, Courtney M. Spangler; $575,000.
3615 Eyre Hall Pass; Matthew E. Purper, April L. Purper; $502,000.

Plain City
10135 Tuscany Court; Jacqueline A. Staub, Darren W. Clark; $315,000.
7135 Kile Rd; Scott A. Russell, Cathy F. Russell; $295,000.

4953 Sheffield Ave; Robert R. Ouellette; $547,500.
2480 Woodland Glen Dr; Scott Allen Wilkie, Lora Jane Wilkie; $485,600.
9478 Creighton Dr; Tracy S. Pitt, Sunny E. Pitt; $450,000.
2346 Clairborne Dr; Patrick J. Milligan, Heather A. Milligan; $356,000.
266 Weatherburn Dr; Michael A. St.Pierre, Molly A. St.Pierre; $355,000.
6522 Letterman Dr; Bradley J. Granger, Rhonda L. Granger; $342,000.
6715 Clear Creek Loop; John P. Breitenbach, Judith A. Breitenbach; $336,119.

194 Endora St; Kimberly Kelley; $184,743.
7021 N Nocturne Rd; Elizabeth Durant; $115,000.

105 Bitternut Ln; Brendan S. England, Cassandra L. England; $268,700.
677 River Trace; David J. Rutherford, Lisa M. Rutherford; $259,000.
6954 Pine Valley Ln; Joseph Hippler, Sherry Hippler; $655,000.
6923 Pine Valley Lane; Terrence E. Kramer; $477,000.
6492 Wesley Way; Allen W. Singer, Elizabeth L. Singer; $420,833.
5394 Harlem Rd; Nicholas Kysan, Megan Kysan; $396,000.
6831 Meadow Glen Dr; Bradley J. Lalonde, Katherine D. Lalonde; $350,000.
5674 Alston Grove Dr; Raghav Banta, Isha Dhamija; $320,000.
5181 Lahinch Ct; Gerald T. Clellen, Kimberly A. Clellen; $310,500.

6917 Ravine Cir; Adam M. Ferne, Alison R. Ferne; $329,650.
494 Riley Ave; Hilary Rosebrook, Darrin Rosebrook; $282,500.

Canal Winchester
7336 Rising Hill Dr; Bernice Nkansah, Afriyie Nkansah; $219,580.
5447 Town Hill Dr; Cheryl C. Heller; $149,000.

941 Master Dr; David J. Rich; $159,000.
302 Yelshire Dr; Ted D. Johnson, Joan M. Carpenter; $143,000.
5855 Rothrock Ct; Timothy M. Triplett, Sr., Kimberly S. Triplett; $142,500.

Grove City
5585 Deergrass Ct; Brad S. Mathias, Erin M. Mathias; $283,160.
1281 Ironwood Dr; Sean P. Sigman; $245,420.
5847 Grove City Rd; Melissa H. Stapleton; $225,500.

5747 Little Red Rover St; James R. Wagoner, Jacinta A. Wagoner; $140,590.
7220 Braun Rd; Jeremy Steenbergen; $125,000.
3855 Eastrise Dr; Terry L. Gilbert, Shelley D. Gilbert; $103,000.

8470 Morgan St; Fannie Mae; $305,548.
8803 Terrace Ridge Ln; Bank of America NA; $275,000.
903 Carron Circle; Alan K. Luich; $210,000.

Clintonville/North University
177 W Tulane Rd; Robert Bamattre, Cynthia Bamattre, trs.; $469,800.
37 E Como Ave; Daniel J. Flesch, Leslie W. Flesch; $244,100.

German Village
637 S Fifth St; Bradley S. Onken; $334,500.
850 S Pearl St; Chris Henry Lightner, Sarah E. Campbell; $303,500.
891 Bruck St; Kathleen Anne Jeanmaire; $299,900.

Bexley/E. Columbus
104 S Columbia Ave; Kerry S. Penland, etal.; $680,000.
149 S Roosevelt Ave; David A. Levy, Julie A. Levy; $335,000.
678 S Cassingham Rd; Philip S. Phillips, Tr; $256,825.
699 Vernon Rd; Micah G. Fening, Jennifer Fening; $243,700.

2011 W Devon Rd; Benjamin H. Thompson, Jennifer A. Thompson; $883,225.
1237 Broadview Ave; Jason D. Green; $309,900.
1150 Virginia Ave; Andrew Keeney; $285,000.
1498 Meadow Rd; Sara J. Karl, Jeffrey S. Hager; $215,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
980 Fairway Blvd; Geraldine E. Dye, Lewis W. Dye; $525,000.
5769 Bastille Pl; Elizabeth R. Halliday, Trustee; $212,500.

64 Overbrook Dr; Adam D. Valente, Kristy L. Valente; $500,000.
161 Northridge Rd; Bryan J. Smalley, Yiwen V. Kuo; $300,500.
125 W Beaumont Rd; David F. Heringhaus, Alicia A. Heringhaus; $270,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
2350 Haverford Rd; Yibin Bao, Meng Zhao; $347,500.
4225 Waddington Rd; Kristina L. Malatesta; $287,000.

Upper Arlington
1999 Waltham Rd; Scott A. Maffett; $930,000.
3434 River Seine St; Thomas G. Tracy, Karen L. Tracy, Trs.; $855,000.
3110 Scioto Estates Ct; Stella Ling, Steven B. Black; $572,500.
1069 Norway Dr; Fannie Mae; $243,065.
3085 Splitrock Rd; Jason Forrest Fine, Whitney Fine; $239,900.

Northland (S. of Morse)
2811 Dresden St; Alexander L. Tebben, Erin M. Tebben; $132,800.

Northland (N. of Morse)
1899 Greenglen Ct; Christopher K. Choy; $142,500.
1806 Laylon Dr; Michael J. Campbell, Rachel E. Strohm; $116,000.

5025 Blendon Ravine Ct; Dirk Lee Williams; $325,000.
710 Deer Run Dr; Rachel E. Orkis, Michael J. Orkis; $267,700.
204 Mill St; Nicole R. Mercurio; $189,800.
3856 Dowitcher Ln; Angela M. Carnes; $172,050.
4457 Big Walnutview Dr; Raju L. Mahone; $172,000.
230 Creighton Ct; Mark Paul Robinson; $165,500.

Northland/Minerva Park
6800 Lauffer Rd; Columbus Customhouse Brokers, Ltd; $166,500.
4781 Frenchpark Ct; Isolda M. Meade; $145,000.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)
5799 Mouzon Dr; Abdoul Dieng, Awa C. Dieng; $148,970.

Worthington West
7041 Jennifer Ann Dr; Paul Cooke, Trudy D. Cooke; $439,500.
868 Mendes Ct; Richard E. Stuck, Tracy L. Stuck; $350,000.
960 Lynbrook Rd; Michael A. Ferguson, Melissa M. Ferguson; $260,000.
7040 Duffy St; Brooks G. Marquette, Melissa A. Browning; $239,900.