Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 10/11/12. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

1614 Bent Maple Dr; Christopher M. Sobecki, Michele L. Sobecki; $185,000.
1187 Walker Springs Dr; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.; $125,000.

6663 Carinlough Pl; Bruce E. Carlson; $604,426.
6590 Tantallon Sq; Susan R. Elder, Trustee; $420,000.
7025 Firenza Place; Iruna Glagoleva, Arthur Dudvkun; $414,400.
6360 Phoenix Park Dr; James D. Noteman, Nicole A. Noteman; $345,000.
5269 Reserve Dr; Jonathan D. Beltz, Martha E. Beltz; $577,500.
8209 Glencullen Ct; Heather Dickens; $505,000.
6363 Quarry Ln; Robert Jennings, Anita Jennings; $445,000.
6102 Enlee Ct; Christopher C. Grisvard, Michelle A. Grisvard; $414,900.
7653 Cashel Ct; Christopher T. Pounds, Emily A. Pounds; $355,000.
8806 Glassford Court S; James B. Silk, Patricia S. Silk; $347,000.

3481 River Narrows Rd; Joseph P. Cochran; $289,000.
5286 Hayden Woods Ln; Kristal A. Seagraves, Arthona Seagraves; $259,900.
4641 Stoneworth Dr; Andrew S. Reardon, etal.; $252,550.

Lewis Center
1954 Orangelake Dr; Kyle S. Doak, Amy M. Doak; $316,440.
5725 Meadow Bend Dr; Brian M. Turner, Leslie J. Turner; $295,000.

New Albany
4038 Chelsea Green W; Dominic P. Dascoli, Gretchen M. Dascoli; $642,302.
7143 Tumblebrook Dr; Paul P. Bey, Deirdre F. McDonald; $529,000.
30 Pickett Pl; Russell K. Chung, Caren N. Chung; $505,000.
7202 Dean Farm Rd; Bradley Allen, Nicole Lynn Purcell; $443,000.
39 Keswick Dr; Deck Murray, Lois Ann Murray; $425,000.

Plain City
10303 Indigo Dr; Reinhold D. Lochmann, Cheryl M. Lochmann; $297,180.

1554 Heatherwae Loop; Max J. Friedauer, Kari L. Friedauer; $645,000.
1917 Woodlands Place; Kelly K Gratz, Eric C. Gratz; $640,000.
2300 Woodland Hall Dr; Gary Baker, Rachna Baker; $630,000.
8527 Pondview Ln; Charles C. Cole Jr., Ami L. Cole; $460,000.
9018 Filiz Lane; Anthony B. Femia, Melissa Femia; $435,000.
4127 Village Club Dr; Patricia Ann Heckel, Thomas A. Heckel; $435,000.
3817 Wedgewood Place Dr; Justin A. Horwitz; $342,500.
2338 Bryton Dr; David J. Miller, Ruth M. Miller; $300,000.

8026 Bellow Park Dr; Adam S. Johnston, Ashley A. Johnston; $197,900.
603 Culpepper Dr; Eric J. Fryer, Allison D. Fryer; $195,000.

5188 Sharps Ct; Jeremy L. Ward; $249,500.
921 Lakeland Dr; Eyad K. Mohammad, Analilia Mohammad; $213,000.
5660 Silver Frost Rd, Unit B-2; Paul E. Hochuli, Alma M. Hochuli; $211,400.
5516 Lynbrook Lanee; Michael J. Paulo, Jeanmarie Paulo; $650,000.
6669 Hawksnest Court; Arthur J. Imber, Rebecca L. Imber; $320,000.
6343 Grassmere Dr; Robert A. Cafarella, Claire M. Cafarella; $308,000.

510 Poe Ave; Earl E. Kendall, Jr., Dawn K. Kendall; $470,000.
1095 MacGregor Ave; Richard J. Suddendorf, Shirley A. Suddendorf; $195,000.

Canal Winchester
6434 Buckner St; Stephen A. Shepard, Kimberly A. Shepard; $270,000.
7342 Taylor Bend Dr; Jeremy S. Swonger; $235,455.

7711 Military Dr; Christina E. Smith; $183,000.
1300 E Four Star Dr; Timothy A. Rezes; $160,000.

Grove City
5601 Johnson Rd; Tammy S. Davis, Michael A. Brintlinger; $239,900.
1067 Perry St; Gary Wayne Aliff, Jr.; $217,000.
4879 Backworth Dr; Brittany M. McNamee; $215,000.

4452 Drycott St; Bruce P. Harris, Justin P. Harris; $105,900.

230 Blue Jacket Circle; Wendy J. Hepker; $305,000.
924 Torridon Ct; Donald E. McNutt; $199,900.
609 Montmorency Dr; Daniel D. Smyth; $181,000.

Clintonville/North University
28 E Longview Ave; Karen F. Steigman, Benjamin P. Reder; $212,000.
2823 W Kensington Pl; Ada W. Smith; $205,000.

German Village
819 Citypark Ave; Aaron B. Moses, Daniel B. Brownsher; $250,000.
633 S Fifth St; James J. Kaminskas, Carolyn W. McCall; $249,900.
432 Reinhard Ave; Mary Turocy, Erik Turocy; $226,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
167 S Columbia Ave; Sondra T. Ruanphae, Rhome Ruanphae; $585,000.
281 S Parkview Ave; Alejandro Diez, Alison S. Diez; $530,000.
190 S Cassingham Rd; Sean M. O'Riordan, Cristin H. O'Riordan; $247,800.

1760 Upper Chelsea Rd; Glenn A. Johnson, Julia R. White; $950,000.
1418 Cambridge Blvd; Timothy M. Walker, Jennifer L. Besco; $569,000.
1177 Lincoln Rd; Richard Brady, Bonani Ray-Brady; $535,000.
1640 Arlington Ave; Todd J. Gourno, Candace M. Gourno; $399,000.
1374 Glenn Ave; Christina S. Wu; $364,000.
1271 W First Ave; Adam C. Buch, Tiffany A. Buch; $289,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
83 Midcliff Dr; Geremy D. Owen, Donita L. Owen; $185,500.
6138 Stockton Trail Way; Andrew J. Pleune; $164,500.

433 E North Broadway; Howard Lee McAninch, III, Adrienne Elizabeth McAninch; $391,000.
192 Nottingham Rd; Stephen R. Huddleston, Jennifer Loveland; $362,000.
424 Glenmont Ave; Myra E. Dull; $340,000.
80 W Beaumont Rd; Debra Camarota, Michelle M. Burns; $288,000.
416 Northridge Rd; Karen L. Darwin; $265,000.
528 Acton Rd; Kelly Mosley-Miller; $265,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
4900 Pleasant Valley Dr; Stephen J. Rayo, Bonnie L. Rayo; $528,350.
4699 Chantry Ct; The Arlington Bank; $526,000.
5211 Slatey Hollow Ln; Victor Foreman, Donna Foreman; $375,000.

Upper Arlington
3481 River Seine St; Craig L. Cottingham, Kathleen J. Cottingham; $625,000.
2800 Edgington Rd; William M. Carmean, Laura Aquilina; $400,000.
2220 Lane Woods Dr; Mary E. Happ, Keith A. Happ; $390,000.
2680 Coventry Rd; Andrew E. Leininger, Michelle Leininger; $365,000.
1441 Kirkley Rd; Megan K. Schiavoni, Daniel D. Schiavoni; $339,000.
3090 Carisbrook Rd; Rebecca S. Steele, Daniel J. Fletcher; $335,000.
76 Richards Rd; Kevin M. Phelan, Kathleen R. Phelan; $330,000.
2748 Tremont Rd; Evan W. Llewellyn, Margaret A. Meyer; $328,000.
1897 Baldridge Rd; Allison L. Druckenmiller, Steven T. Druckenmiller; $320,000.

Northland (S. of Morse)
875 Janet Dr; Danielle L. Massman, Mark G. Massman; $124,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)
2173 Minerva Ave; Yaoxing Wu, Yueyin Liang; $144,900.
6045 Beechcroft Rd; Janelle Y. Leavell; $132,900.
1307 N Fahlander Dr; Michael J. Tobin, Sirena A. Tobin; $118,400.

960 Taurus Ave; Erin E. McConnell, Dustin J. Anderson; $280,000.
4927 Whisper Cove Ct; Molly M. Ivey; $187,000.
686 Torch Ct; Karen A. Schmidt; $178,000.
343 Heil Dr; Steven M. Mahl, Katherine Mahl; $170,000.

Northland/Minerva Park
5970 Markridge Ln; Alex R. May, Mandy L. May; $149,900.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)
3087 Westwick Rd; Anita Janet Cornell; $104,000.

Worthington West
830 Gatehouse Ln; John J. Bauman, Susan A. Bauman; $368,500.
949 Colony Way; James J. Steinbeck, Genna M. Steinbeck; $279,900.
5666 Moorgate Dr; Pardeep Roopa Singh, Ajay K. Kumar; $239,000.
920 Lynbrook Rd; Brian A. Young, Tina M. Young; $204,000.
8020 Flint Run Pl; Martha Ann Baumer, Nancy E. Livingston; $191,804.