Information for kids, teens, parents and teachers


If students or their parents or teachers find that during the school year they need a reference source about how Social Security helps protect workers and their families, here’s a handy website address to add to your computer favorites list. It’s called the “Kids and Families” page and is available on our website at

Younger kids will love the short stories and audio clips found on the “Kids’ Place.” This feature explains, through the stories of a crow, grasshopper and pig, how Social Security helps people help themselves

Older students will find that the “Frequently Asked Questions” section addresses basic economics issues, such as “why Social Security?” “how does it work?” and “how do I use it?”

Parents can take a lesson from “Parents’ Place,” where they can find information about a baby’s first Social Security number, about Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits for children and about using Social Security in family financial planning.

The Kids and Families page also features links to other related information, such as low-cost health care for children.

So, as evening homework sessions are getting underway, remember that if the topic of Social Security comes up, there is a handy reference source for everyone at