Below are October's winners. Congratulations!

Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling, White Castle, and ThisWeek Community News are recognizing exemplary students who represent their school and community by demonstrating hard work and strength of service.

Throughout the 2012-13 school year, Atlas Butler's panel of judges will select 10 monthly nominees, who will be featured in their respective ThisWeek communities. A $250 award will be provided in the student's name to a local classroom of the teacher of the nominee's choice.

All selected monthly nominees are featured on Eighty students will be finalists this year and will become eligible for an annual scholarship: three Atlas Butler students of the year, $2,500; five first-place winners, $1,000 each; and 15 honorable
mentions, $500 each. To read other students' profiles or to nominate your student, visit Nominations close on the 15th of each month. Help our panel decide winners each month on Facebook from the 17th to the 23rd of each month.

Silvia Golumbeanu

Senior at Dublin Coffman High School

Nominated by: Adriana Golumbeanu

Teacher of winning classroom: All teachers

Silvia has been involved in volunteering since grade school, when she started a fundraiser for Save China?s Tigers Charity, and was recognized by their manager. She has volunteered in high school numerous times, from doing activities with elementary school children at Wright Elementary to entertaining senior citizens at Friendship Community Village. She is currently volunteering at Friendship Village.

She has also volunteered for the Dublin Irish Festival, Spooktacular, she has been a mentor for other students, and was part of a team that was putting together a library (the African Library project) for a village in Botswana. Right now she is trying to find a way to send winter clothes and shoes to orphans in Romania (we are from Romania), this is one of her next projects. She has a 4.4 GPA, is an IB student at Dublin Coffman, and Community Action Service is a part of her regular schedule.

She has won awards in music (instrumental and vocal), she received the celebration of Excellence Award at Dublin Coffman in 2012, and has maintained a 4.0 non-weighted GPA all throughout high school. We were informed last week that she is a National Merit Semifinalist (finalists will be announced in 2013).

Sarah Naguib

Senior at Columbus School for Girls

Nominated by: Perry Rogers

Teacher of winning classroom: Perry Rogers

Sarah Naguib began a service project last May in association with One Laptop Per Child to bring 100 laptops to the disadvantaged students who live in abject poverty on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. She set a goal of raising $25,000 to buy the computers by the end of 2012.

To date she has raised over $7,000 after speaking at various organizations around Columbus, including the Capitol Square Rotary, in hopes of projecting her vision of Laptops for Egypt to the Columbus community. She was recently interviewed by NBC4 on her project and maintains a blog in order to give perspective on her goals and values. Sarah is a selfless and enthusiastic young woman whose local and international vision of service is an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. This is a fantastic project from a young woman with great social initiative who truly lives her dreams.

Maranda Gammage

Senior at Bexley High School

Nominated by: Rhonda Gammage

Teacher of winning classroom: S. Rainey

My daughter Maranda truly has a servant?s heart and lives by the testimonial, ?it is better to give than receive. Maranda has been helping others and giving of herself since she was a young girl. In elementary school she joined Girl Scouts where she received multiple awards including the President's Volunteer Award. She tutors each morning in the English Resource Center at school, and has spent countless hours volunteering and tutoring at the Bexley Public Library.

On Wednesday afternoons she assists Spanish-speaking children with their studies at Mann?s Trailer Park. Last year, she organized a fund-raising drive that raised hundreds of dollars to purchase Kroger gift cards for these disadvantaged families. This helped provide them with a nice holiday meal. She is repeating that event this season. Maranda not only rode in the Pelotonia this summer, but also took it to another level. She organized the first Bexley High School peloton.

She and several of her classmates banded together and raised thousands of dollars for cancer research. Her first week of summer break was spent on a mission trip to Tennessee. There she helped build a house so a deprived family no longer had to live in dilapidated conditions. Immediately upon returning from her trip she began organizing community events that raised hundreds of dollars for the Pelotonia. Maranda receives her greatest joy by helping others. Wouldn?t the world be a much better place if everyone lived like she does; giving more than you receive?

LaShawn Rice

Senior at Marion-Franklin High School

Nominated by: Jason Rawls

Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Soucheck

As a junior in high school, I took part in a very meaningful service project that impacted my peers. This project took place in my AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) college prep class. This project was a teen domestic violence prevention project, which we named Love Shouldn?t Hurt. This project took place in February which is teen domestic violence awareness month.

The goal of this project was to raise awareness among young teens and educate them about the consequences to avoid reoccurring pattern of unhealthy relationships. I helped develop a lesson plan for students, created a brochure, created an individual poster, and went around to the schools English classrooms (9-12th grades) and educated students about the importance of safe relationships.

I feel our entire AVID class had a great impact on these students, as they became engaged, interested, and involved. Three of our classmates also appeared on a local television show, Good Morning Columbus. In school we developed fundraisers such as selling candy and hosting a school dance. AVID raised $350 total in sales that was donated to Choices.

Choices is an organization that offers help and shelter to bruised and battered victims and anyone who is a victim in any way. Along with learning the signs, consequences and effects on families of teen domestic violence; this project showed me how important it is to help and inform others in order to prevent this from reoccurring. Having safe relationships is important to our society.

Caeilen Lozano

Sophomore at Big Walnut High School

Nominated by: Angie Stooksbury

Teacher of winning classroom: Angie Stooksbury

Dedicated, determined, and driven to help change the world one person at a time describes Caeilen Lozano. As a freshman in high school she didn't let her age hold her back. She came to high school determined to make a difference with her school and community.

Caeilen started off by joining the community service groups that Big Walnut has to offer. However, Caeilen had bigger aspirations. While actively involved in groups like Be the Change, working with her peers to help stop bullying.

Caeilen decided to work on an online magazine for teens across the country. "Pure Design" is an online magazine for young women. This magazine provides a source of inspiration to young girls across the country with articles on mentoring, goal setting, crafts, and fashion, just to name a few topics.

Up and above all of time the magazine requires, Caeilen is maintaining honor roll work, volunteering at the local food pantry, mentoring, and being a teen leader at camps for disabled foster kids. Caeilen works tirelessly to help others be the best that they can be. She truly deserves to be recognized for being the best that she can be.

Alexander Chugh

Senior at Olentangy Orange High School

Nominated by: Katleen Chugh

Teacher of winning classroom: Ms. Timmons

Alexander Chugh is a very hard working student; his work ethic is very rare in a child from his generation. He is able to balance school, choir, swim team, work and volunteering. Alexander is interested in becoming a doctor, so he is trying to gain experience in the medical field while giving back to his community. For the last two summers, Alexander has volunteered at a local hospital.

As a volunteer he interacted with the doctors, patients and staff assisting with check-in/out, managing the volunteer desk and provided food delivery to patients.
In addition, Alexander also volunteered as a tutor for an eighth grade student. He tutored the student on various subjects, including teaching him study habits. He met twice a week with the student over the course of the school year.

Alexander manages to keep a 3.5 GPA, volunteer and participate in school organizations. He is part of a select choir group that made it to the state level for Olentangy Orange High School. He is part of the Interact service club, Spanish club and swim team. He was a co-caption his junior year on the swim team.

He also teaches swimming lessons and is a certified lifeguard and soccer referee. He works hard each and every day so he can save money to pay towards college. This award would be a great way to recognize Alexander for all of his hard work over the last couple of years.

Hannah Vincent

Senior at Worthington Kilbourne

Nominated by: Brianna Abbott

Teacher of winning classroom: David Devine

A gifted leader, Hannah Vincent is integral in the daily life of our school and community. Believing that the best leaders are those who strive first to serve, Hannah enjoys teamwork and feels most successful when she is part of something bigger than herself.

Her outstanding leadership abilities and service-oriented mindset are evident in her involvement with student council and all the committees for which she has been selected. For example, when our school was seeking a new building principal, a few students were chosen to participate on the interview committee. Hannah was among those chosen and her contributions caught the attention of school and district level administrators. Leading with contagious enthusiasm, Hannah has worked with her classmates to achieve common goals.

As the Junior Class President she made every opportunity for service enjoyable for herself and others. Outside of school, Hannah is a valued, long-standing volunteer at Riverside Methodist Hospital where she strives to improve the lives of every person she encounters.

Hannah displays a special gift for making others feel important because she respects and listens to those around her. Hannah demonstrates her conscientiousness in her role as a baby sitter for a little girl born with Spina Bifida. Additionally, she serves as a soccer captain. Hannah is a compassionate young lady who brings humor and balance to each day.

Meg Shockley

Senior at Dublin Coffman High School

Nominated by: Traci Shockley

Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Hilton

Since she was young Meg Shockley has been a compassionate, caring individual, always looking for a way to make a difference in her school and community.

During Elementary and Middle school she was involved in many service projects.

Some examples include; organizing a 5th grade food drive and asking for donations to the humane society instead of birthday presents. In middle school she was awarded the Henry Karrer Humanitarian Award for her many acts of kindness and service.

Meg has given back in many ways, but her true passion is working with children with special needs. When she was 7, a little girl named Chloe moved in next door. The fact that she had Autism made no difference to Meg. They have been friends ever since.

She began volunteering every summer for the Peer Buddy camp and developed relationships with kids with different types of special needs.

In high school, Meg has been able work on a daily basis with children with special needs by taking a class called Peer Collaboration. By taking this class, she sometimes works with kids one-on-one in an academic class. Other times she works with groups on life skills. She eats lunch with the kids and is a friend to them in school and out.

Meg has such a natural ability with the kids that the teachers in this program consider her part of their team. Meg devotes all of her energy to this program, while being involved in several clubs and theater and maintaining a 3.9 grade average!

Kristen Varney

Senior at Centennial High School

Nominated by: Jim Duzan

Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Shook

Kristen has nearly 300 volunteer hours at Nationwide Children's Hospital. She also volunteers at Centennial, mentoring freshmen students through our Link Crew program.

Kristen always has a smile on her face and she works hard in the classroom. She also has applied and been accepted to attend Kent State University next year.

Adam Pijanowski

Senior at Delaware Hayes High School

Nominated by: Pam Pijanowski

Teacher of winning classroom: Mr. Haynes

Adam believes strongly in making a difference in his community. He combines his love of politics with this belief. Adam regularly volunteers at the Delaware County Democratic Office working a phone bank and collecting signatures for Issue 2, currently on the ballot. He has also worked for the Delaware County Board of Elections collecting ballots on election night.

Adam volunteers extensively in the community. For the past four years, he has volunteered at Willow Brook Christian Village one night a week, where he calls bingo, works on crafts and interacts with the seniors that live there. He has also been a volunteer at the Delaware County District Library during summers for the past 4 years; and at SOARS (Ohio Wildlife Center) as a camp counselor for two summers.

Adam is active with extra curricular activities at Hayes H.S. He has been the President of Key Club for the past two years and regularly plans volunteer activities, such as planning a luau for the residents at Willow Brook and spearheading Pennies for Patients for the Lymphoma and Leukemia fundraiser, raising over $400. Adam is also involved in Student Council, In the Know, Mock Trial, National Honors Society, and Hayes Student Mediator.

Adam pursues learning opportunities whenever he can and has attended the Hugh O?Brien Youth Leadership training, Kiwanis leadership camp, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Leadership Training Institute, and Buckeye Boys State. He also attended Northwestern University for two summers where he recorded many volunteer hours (soup kitchens, senior centers, urban gardens) and studied Service Learning and Civic Engagement.

Finally, Adam has received many awards, including Rotary Speech contest awards at district and regional levels, Ohio Capital Conference Leadership Award, Daughters of the American Revolution History Award and National Merit Scholarship commendation. Through it all, he has maintained a 4.1 GPA.