Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 11/18/12. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

2894 Creekwood Estates Dr; Brinsley B. Lewis, Betty C. Lewis; $537,500.
2828 Deverell Dr; Elizabeth Vanbodegraven; $315,000.

4329 Oak Wood Ct; Steven D. Elsea, Patricia A. Elsea; $465,001.
7921 Tullymore Dr; Sanjaya Kumar, Fnu Muktamba; $380,000.
6743 Burnside Ln; Raymond T. Cogan, Lesley M. Cogan; $380,000.
5842 Kingham Park Unit 5842; Gunther K. Lahm, Linda B. Lahm; $517,900.
6129 Balmoral Dr; William W. Sweatt, Kristen Y. Sweatt; $505,000.
5405 Loch Leven Court; Phillip L. Mcgonagill Jr., Wendy Hamby Mcgonagill; $470,000.
4877 Carrigan Ridge Dr; Clark A. Powell, Lisa J. Arledge-Powell; $440,000.
6167 Jacana Dr; John R. Chambers, Alexis A. Chambers; $416,000.
8781 Winnoch Court; Thomas T. Henderson, Leanna Henderson; $323,000.

6181 Baumeister Dr; Zachary D. Vorst, Jessica L. Vorst; $325,723.
5714 Timber Top Dr; Glenda W. Johnson; $281,535.
6229 Woodsview Way; Stephen D. Bernhardt, Jessica Bernhardt; $275,000.
3191 Andrew James Dr; Paul E. Hammersmith, Diane M. Hammersmith; $218,000.
2899 Lake Hollow Rd; Michael L. Gibson; $213,800.

Lewis Center
5888 Maritime Ct; Charles P. Simpson Jr., Amy L. Simpson; $350,000.
2447 Seton Dr; Bruce A. Young, Ellen M. Young; $300,000.
2199 Reeves Ave; David A. Kemp, Lisa M. Kemp; $263,500.
8283 Orange Station Loop; Chennattu John Sunny, Philomina Sunny; $220,000.
145 Olentangy Meadows Dr; Jeffery W. Burns, Laurel J. Burns; $203,000.

New Albany
7280 Stone Gate Dr; Jacob L. Medors; $595,000.
8235 Marwithe Ct; Jacob Dobres, Kimberly Dobres; $346,500.
4411 Pantonbury St; Andrew J. Piletz, Christine P. Piletz; $250,000.

Plain City
10255 Carmel Dr; Mark Charles Gulgas; $325,500.
14400 Robinson Rd; Larry Hamilton, Dena Hamilton; $175,000.

2636 Clubhouse Circle; Matthew E. Beckwith, Shannon E. Beckwith; $440,000.
6980 Concord Bend Dr; Larry James McMinn, Brandi Anne McMinn; $436,645.
4888 Rutherford Rd; Kimberly D. Gerhart, Kyle R. Gerhart; $420,000.
6779 Arbor View Ct; Nancy L. Jack, Thomas C. Jack; $379,000.
4320 Village Club Dr; Fannie Mae; $345,000.
8510 Trail Lake Dr; David M. Friermood, Nikki J. Friermood; $344,500.

7800 Wayfaring Ct; Jeffery L. Phillips; $150,000.

5916 Fultonham Dr; Krista G. McCandless, David W. McCandless; $228,198.
4324 Hollandia Ct; Robert S. Hoops; $192,000.
5688 Bruntwood Way; Anthony Moore, Kami Moore; $175,000.
155 Brisbane Ave; Joseph A. DeAngelis; $152,500.
5522 Lake Shore Ave; Jack McEwan, Courtney McEwan; $485,000.
5814 Highland Hills Dr; Jym R. Ganahl; $393,000.
5841 Honors Ct; Joshua B. Chalfant, Alexis J. Chalfant; $244,900.

529 Plymouth St; Ladry Limited; $450,000.
6962 Village Woods Pl; Eric Van Sickle, Lori Dodd; $241,000.
6687 E Schreiner St; Justin A. Gafford, Jaclyn S. Gafford; $195,000.

Canal Winchester
8200 Long Rd; Brittany V. Etter; $208,000.
6484 Saylor St; Elaine K. Havens; $194,900.

6310 Clover Meadow Ct; Dennis G. Moore, Lori A. Moore; $315,000.
955 Cole Rd; Daniel A. Swift, Tracy L. Swift; $188,000.
6201 Bausch Rd; Cody R. Thompson; $180,000.

Grove City
1303 Ironwood Dr; Eric L. Beckstedt, Tara L. Beckstedt; $270,508.
2750 Longridge Way; Lori Ehrenberg; $269,900.
6101 Grant Run Pl; Robert C. Shipkowski, Peal M. Shipkowski; $225,000.
4696 Windrow Dr; Rachel S. Toukan, Joseph D. Toukan; $195,000.
1958 Caplinger Dr; Ronald E. Keffer; $167,500.

4823 W Bixby Ridge Dr; Allyn D. Mansfield; $123,000.
7540 Groveport Rd; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; $100,000.

13360 Calhoun Ct; James L. McLaughlin; $585,000.
8369 MEadowmoore Pl; Steven R. Fogle; $425,000.
9767 Chaucer Ct; Cathy L. Bean; $246,000.
582 Preston Trails Dr; Eddie Robinson Jr; $210,000.
144 Leasure Dr; Christopher T. McCoy; $185,000.

Clintonville/North University
3374 Olentangy River Rd; Kai Yu, Hsiao-Yuan Yu; $425,000.
443 Walhalla Rd; Mark A. Dropsey; $218,500.

German Village
719 Jaeger St; Brett D. Kochheiser; $184,000.
382 Whittier St; Wells Fargo Bank NA; $145,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
415 N Columbia Ave; Arash Arshi, Anahita Adeli; $805,000.
21 Sessions Dr; Elizabeth J. Taylor; $571,000.
2600 Bexley Park Rd; Bank of New York Mellon Trust; $480,000.
114 N Stanwood Rd; Nathan M. Yolles, Jamie E. Colliton Yolles; $355,000.

1018 Palmer Rd; Jeremy R. McKinney, Kathryn M. Lewis; $233,000.
826 McClain Rd; Abigail M. Matthews; $169,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
3431 E Main St; Michael Redd; $320,000.
560 Old Farm Rd; Joseph B. Powell; $249,000.

89 E Schreyer Pl; Jillian M. Liu, Deborah A. Szeman; $228,700.
188 Piedmont Rd; Alex B. Hanselmann, Heather R. Hanselmann; $209,500.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
2391 Donna Dr; Christopher Converse, Susan Converse; $465,000.
3740 Hillview Dr; David F. Williams, Velma S. Williams; $400,000.
4193 Fairfax Dr; John E. Lieftinck, Nancy Snyder Lieftinck; $385,000.
3850 Rushmore Dr; Wendy H. Hart, Jason M. Hart; $350,000.

Upper Arlington
2346 Fishinger Rd; Walter D. Kennedy; $600,000.
3853 Shadowstone Way; Ronald A. Ignac, Pamela B. Ignac; $480,000.
3175 Tremont Rd Unit 501; Mark S. Wenger, Cynthia H. Wenger; $459,000.
4041 Poste Lane Rd; Obinna I. Moneme, Allison M. Moneme; $429,900.
1325 Kingsgate Rd; Victoria Lee Chen; $290,000.

Northland (S. of Morse)
1028 N Marland Dr; Richard A. Lowe, Juanita J. Lowe; $119,500.

Northland (N. of Morse)
6632 Belleshire St; Scott R. Whetstone; $150,000.
2223 Kilbourne Ave; Fannie Mae; $108,490.

3796 Bentwoth Ln; Janet Green Marbley; $245,000.
1292 Granfield Ct; Matthew J. Montecalvo, Gail Durany; $169,000.
294 Hughbury Crescent; Lisa V. Cerrito; $153,500.

Northland/Minerva Park
4831 Victory Ct; Kojo S. Agyare; $119,000.

Worthington West
1118 Circle On the Green Rd; Anthony W. Troiano, Stephanie A. Troiano; $350,000.
6753 Maplebrook Ln; Ryan K. Stanley, Catherine A. Stanley; $228,000.
2520 W McVey Blvd; Jackie L. Hager; $211,000.