Below are November's winners. Congratulations!

Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling, White Castle, and ThisWeek Community News are recognizing exemplary students who represent their school and community by demonstrating hard work and strength of service.

Throughout the 2012-13 school year, Atlas Butler's panel of judges will select 10 monthly nominees, who will be featured in their respective ThisWeek communities. A $250 award will be provided in the student's name to a local classroom of the teacher of the nominee's choice.

All selected monthly nominees are featured on Eighty students will be finalists this year and will become eligible for an annual scholarship: three Atlas Butler students of the year, $2,500; five first-place winners, $1,000 each; and 15 honorable mentions, $500 each. To read other students' profiles or to nominate your student, visit Nominations close on the 15th of each month. Help our panel decide winners each month on Facebook from the 17th to the 23rd of each month.

Ali Malik

Senior at Big Walnut High School

Nominated by: Angie Stooksbury

Teacher of winning classroom: Mike Ruark

Imagine a young lady who has inspired an entire high school. A young lady who gave up days during the summer, as well as countless hours this school year to plan and organize events for students to hang out and have fun drug-free.

This young lady is Ali Malik. She has been an active leader in student council for the past four years, volunteering for one community event after another. One huge activity that she has changed occurs before football games and sporting events.

Thanks to Ali's hard work, our students arrive an hour and a half before each football game and hang out at a student-led tailgate. She deserves recognition for the way she has truly went above and beyond.

Cassandra Oberle

Senior at Buckeye Valley High School

Nominated by: Annette Oberle

Teacher of winning classroom: Mr. Bright

Cassie has been in National Honor Society for the past year. She volunteers at our church in the nursery. Cassie is employed at Midway Market in Ostrander, Ohio. Cassie has been on student council for the past two years. Cassie also volunteered for the Turkey Trot in Columbus on Thanksgiving.

She donates her time to babysit for people in need. Cassie is a wonderful student with a 4.526 GPA. She works many hours per week while volunteering and is captain of the varsity soccer team and cheers varsity basketball. She is a leader at school among her peers.

She is visiting colleges in hopes of obtaining an engineering degree. Cassie is an outstanding student, person, employee and daughter.

Dora Mase

Senior at Whetstone High School

Nominated by: Jim Duzan

Teacher of winning classroom: Michelle Current

Dora has over 170 hours of volunteer work at Riverside Hospital. She has also volunteered at BalletMet Columbus, the Clintonville Community Choir and is an aide at Whetstone with the Guidance Counselors.

Dora is also active in our school plays. She is always willing to help with any task given to her and of course, she is an excellent student.

Dania Hamoui

Senior at Westerville Central High School

Nominated by: Susannah Lee

Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Erlinger

In addition to being a good student, Dania spends time helping others. She recently helped to lead a fundraiser to help prevent polio in developing nations. She also is involved in our service clubs and is a routine leader in their initiatives.

She has even cut off her hair to donate to Locks of Love. As a student in my class, I can always count on her to help others, reach out to struggling students, and to do her best. She's an awesome young woman who will make a big impact in this world!

Alexis Wright

Senior at Westerville Central High School

Nominated by: Jessica Day

Teacher of winning classroom: Jessica Day

Alexis is a motivated bright student who gives countless hours of her time volunteering at the nursing home for the deaf. Volunteering allows her the opportunity to enhance her signing skills while giving back to our deaf senior citizen population. Alexis is a wonderful person with a bright future.

Jaden Parise

Junior at Worthington Kilbourne High School

Nominated by: Joseph Anthony Parise

Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Sandra Kucinich-Horn

Jaden recently received his Eagle Scout rank from the Boys Scouts of America. Until his 18th birthday, Jaden will continue to be of service to his troop and his church while earning his Eagle Palms.

For his Eagle Service project, Jaden took his skills in video and filmmaking to produce and direct an informative video for the guidance counselors of WKHS. This video will be used at assemblies in all of the Junior Highs of Worthington to promote all the elective courses offered to all incoming freshman during orientation.

It should also be noted that just last year, Jaden was one of two scouts in central Ohio to receive the prestigious World Conservation Award. This honor is given to those scouts who demonstrate outstanding leadership and service to our environment.

Jaden took on, as one of his International Baccalaureate Film projects, the role of director and producer of the school's first "Lip Dub." The entire student body participated in this morale boosting and fun activity with pride and enthusiasm.

Jaden's performance talents are also used daily in service to WKHS as the "Voice of Kilbourne" on the PA announcements and on the school weekly newscasts.

Jaden has consistently used his talents in service to others and his environment.

Nashawn Stevens

Senior at Walnut Ridge High School

Nominated by: Beth Shelley

Teacher of winning classroom: David Skiles

Nashawn works diligently for the homeless through the Youth Empowerment Program. He is a statewide youth board member on The Governor's Youth and Young Adults in Transition Committee, ENGAGE Mental Health Committee, and the Foster Care Advocacy Group.

As a child living in a park for four yearsthen placed in foster care for most of his life, he has decided to give back and to help others break the cycle of poverty. For four years he has volunteered as the Head Youth Leader at summer camps for homeless middle school youth in central Ohio. He helped develop the agenda, activities and outcomes for camps. His goal is to help other youth develop self-esteem, strong leadership skills, deal with anger issues and frustration of their living situations.

Nashawn leads groups during camp, where they talk about real solutions to poverty and problems like the drop-out rate, violence and where to get help for services and housing. After the camp Nashawn represents these youth on the committees he serves.

Nashawn also volunteers as a tutor at the Volunteers of America Education Center, logging over 250 hours, 93 hours at a dog shelter and over 30 hours raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House and is a blood donor for the Red Cross. At Walnut Ridge High School, Nashawn is Historian for the National Honor Society and an honor roll student. He is a positive role model for students and staff at Walnut Ridge.

Otasha Barnett

Senior at South High School

Nominated by: Leanthony Jones

Teacher of winning classroom: Clifton Gregory

Otasha has demonstrated exemplary behaviors daily. For example she has volunteered at the local churches in her area, and assisted homeless individuals with preparation of food, clothing and other vital items.

In addition to her volunteering, Otasha has mentored and tutored at-risk elementary students in subjects such as math and English.

Otasha has also executed community service at a school in Mississippi by cleaning and monitoring the school grounds for six months.

Lastly, Otasha has recycled many items with the Ohio State Zero waist program, and obtained two entry level jobs to help sustain her family's daily needs.

Rachel Mack

Senior at Tree of Life Christian High School

Nominated by: Karen Mack

Teacher of winning classroom: Rebecca Wolnia

Rachel has a love of languages and has had the opportunity to help Bulgarian children learn English this past summer. She volunteered her time, along with her family, to help teach at the English Language camp held in Elena, Bulgaria.

She also has befriended several Chinese internationals who are students at OSU through International Friendships. As she spends time with them, she learns Chinese language and culture and they learn English and American culture. Her love for Spanish has led her to volunteer one afternoon each week at the Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy (CSIA).

Rachel has completed four years of Spanish at Tree of Life Christian School (TOLCS), and is taking Spanish 2 at Columbus State Community College. She is considering pursuing a degree in teaching Spanish, linguistics, or Teaching English as a Second Language, after she graduates from TOLCS.

She chose to volunteer at CSIA because it combines her interests of languages and teaching. She helps in a first grade class taught by Joy Replogle. Rachel assists with grading papers, teaching numbers, spelling words, painting, game times, and speaking in both English and Spanish.

While this is at times challenging for her, she relishes the opportunity to help the kids learn and grow while sharpening her own Spanish skills. Señora Replogle is always happy to have Rachel's assistance and has been gracious in allowing Rachel to volunteer in her class.

Shayla Thompson

Senior at Reynoldsburg High School Health Science & Human Service Academy

Nominated by: Kevin Smith

Teacher of winning classroom: Andrew Flemming

Shayla took it upon herself to create a club to improve and maintain the courtyards in our building (we have three). She has worked to design and implement a new plan, that includes composting materials from the cafeteria, to not only beautify the space, but also to make the space usable for biology/life science classes.