Eric Jones, who is now a Food & Wine contributor, says he enjoys the challenge of working at a high-end steakhouse.

High-ticket restaurants mean high expectations from customers.

That's why Eric Jones doesn't take anything for granted.

The executive chef of Final Cut, the tony steakhouse in the Hollywood Casino, knows his diners are seeking an upscale experience. And that's exactly what they're going to get, he said.

"I try to set the bar very high," he said.

Jones, now a contributor to Food & Wine, wrote the entire menu for the restaurant. With a background in fine-dining restaurants, he said he enjoys the high-paced environment of Final Cut.

"I actually love it," he said. "That's what drives you and makes you better as a chef."

Everything is made in-house, from the complimentary cheddar sourdough bread and brioche to desserts crafted by pastry chef David Rodriguez, a certified chocolatier.

Jones, 39, is a native of Akron who most recently worked for Mitchell's Ocean Club and Cameron's American Bistro, both part of the locally owned Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

He said steaks account for 90 percent of entree sales at Final Cut, which serves premium, hand-cut beef broiled at 1,600 degrees, creating a classic char on the meat.

But seafood is another big part of the restaurant. One of the top sellers is a salmon topped with a Creole "wash," a sweet and tangy hot sauce.

However, he doesn't want his dishes to be overly fussy.

"You want to make food good and you want to make it simple," said Jones, who lives in Grove City. "My philosophy is if you don't overthink it, it will come out right."