Health department orders 24-hour closure of restaurant in Crosswoods


The Columbus Board of Health has ordered a temporary closure of Sushiko following repeated health violations at the restaurant.

The 24-hour suspension of Sushiko’s food license was approved Tuesday, Dec. 18, after a recent inspection found that hand sinks did not provide water at 100 degrees and food was not protected from cross-contamination, according to city documents.

Inspectors had asked for a three-day suspension but the health board sided with the restaurant’s owner, Jin Bae, who said he could have a proper water-heating unit installed by the following day.

Sushiko is located at 122 Hutchinson Ave. in Crosswoods.

Bae said the problem was that the existing water heater was located far enough away from the sushi bar that the water sat in the pipes and fell below the required temperature. He maintained the water was hot enough for other equipment closer to the heater.

“I am totally complying,” he told ThisWeek Community News.

Documents showed that health inspectors had visited the facility six times in the past four months after several violations were discovered, including foods that were not held below or above safe temperatures and unsafe food was not discarded.

The health board noted that the suspension could be extended if the violations were not fixed.