The city of Dublin has all of its snow-removal crews out today treating area streets, Director of Streets and Utilities Ron Burns said.

The city of Dublin has all of its snow removal crews out today treating area streets, streets and utilities director Ron Burns said.

"We began our 12-hour shifts at midnight Wednesday, and we will run the 12-hour shifts probably through midnight Thursday," he said. "We have 22 pieces of snow-removal equipment on the road at all times."

Dublin divides its streets into three categories, Burns said.

Primary streets and arteries that run throughout the city get first attention, followed by secondary roadways, which include major streets running through subdivisions and roads connecting to two primary streets, he said.

All other streets, courts, cul-de-sacs and alleys will be serviced after primary and secondary streets are cleared, Burns said.

As of late this morning (Dec. 26), the city had no plans to declare a snow emergency, he said.

"We've had no power outages," Burns said. "We did have a water main break on Ashford Drive, but the city of Columbus has already responded."

To make it easier for city crews to do their work, residents are being asked to not park their vehicles on streets although that is not a requirement, he said.

"It makes it a lot easier for us to plow the streets," Burns said. "We also want to remind motorists to keep a good distance away from the plows and not to tailgate."

Parents should make sure their children are not playing in and around the street when snow plows are nearby, he said.

As the noon hour approached, the Dublin Police Department had no snow-related traffic accidents reported, dispatcher Nancy Nicodemus said.

With the inclement weather, though, the department is not planning to dispatch officers to non-injury accidents today, she said.