Gahanna's roads still 'passable' thus far


James Williams, Gahanna's emergency management director, said as of the morning of Dec. 26, the roads remained "passable."

"As long as (drivers) can get to the edge of Gahanna, we can get them to their offices," he said. "Right now, this is just a moderate snowfall."

Williams said the city has an emergency plan in place to address this type of weather. Arterial roads are the primary streets for snow-removal operations, followed by the connectors, with the residential streets coming last. Williams said the city eventually would get to the residential streets, although it might take up 24 hours crews clear the other roads.

The city, he said, has as many as eight to 10 plow trucks out on the roads. Sometimes, he said, the service department will utilize trucks from the parks and recreation department to help plow.

If extended power outages occur, Williams said, the city will work with Franklin County and the American Red Cross to set up shelters, but at the moment, no need has been identified locally.

"We're not nearly at that level," Williams said.

Presently, Williams said, the city has received no reports of blocked roads, power outages or downed trees.

"We got everything handled," he said. "We're waiting to see what the situation brings us."

For more storm-related information, residents should call the Gahanna Police Department at 614-342-4240.