Reynoldsburg declares snow emergency


Reynoldsburg Mayor Brad McCloud has issued a snow emergency for the city until 5 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 27.

Parking is prohibited on city streets during the emergency, and residents should remove their vehicles from the street, McCloud said.

"We declared an emergency just so our snow plows can get through the streets and get them cleared," he said.

Warning notices will be placed on the windshields of vehicles found parked on the street, McCloud said.

"We try to be accomodating to people, especially since it's the holidays, and we may have a lot of visitors from out of town," he said. "Hopefully, people will move their cars voluntairly" before the city must take further action, he said.

City crews initially started salting the roadways earlier this morning but began plowing streets as the snowfall progressed, McCloud said.

Ten vehicles are working on the streets, taking care first of the major roads, he said. Crews then will begin addressing secondary and subdivision streets.

McCloud said the city has received no reports of weather-related traffic accidents today.

"I'm looking out my office window onto Main Street, and I see a lot of cars slipping and sliding, but fortunately, no accidents," he said. "It's a good thing it's the day after Christmas and a lot of people don't have to be out on the road."

Residents are asked to check on their neighbors, especially those who are elderly or disabled, he said.

"They can be our eyes and ears during this storm and let us know if someone needs assistance," McCloud said.