Westerville's crews work on 23-hour basis 'until we address all our streets'

Blendon Township declares snow emergency


At the noon hour, city of Westerville road crews were busy treating area roadways with plans to begin plowing if and when the expected heavy snowfall arrives this afternoon.

"We have 10 of our dump trucks out salting the roads this morning, and we plan to put another six trucks in service if we start plowing this afternoon," service director Frank Wiseman said. "Our crew members work in 12-hour shifts. The only plowing we've done so far is to remove slush off the roadways," he said.

The city's policy is to not begin plowing until at least 2 inches of snow has fallen. Though the heavy snow hadn't hit Westerville yet, some areas, such as Licking County, already are under a Level 2 snow emergency.

Westerville crews will plow the city's main streets and thoroughfares first, followed by secondary streets, Wiseman said.

"We do not end our plowing until all our subdivision streets, alleys and cul-de-sacs are plowed," he said. "Our crews will be working on a 23-hour basis until we address all our streets."

Residents are asked to remove their vehicles from streets to make it easier for vehicles to plow roadways, Wiseman said.

A dispatcher at the Westerville Police Department said the city has not received any traffic-accident reports as of noon.