Dayton- and Columbus-based post-jam band The Werks will host a two-night New Year's Eve party Dec. 30 and 31 at the Newport Music Hall.

Dayton- and Columbus-based post-jam band The Werks will host a two-night New Year's Eve party Dec. 30 and 31 at the Newport Music Hall.

The quartet, which began as a traditional bluegrass-influenced jam rock band but evolved into a rock band comfortable with influences from classic rock to R&B/funk to electronic, will play a full set each night and will be joined by Matt Butler of the Everyone Orchestra, Jahman Brahman, Attak/Carma, Sassafraz, Cosby Sweater, Maqua, Heady Ruxpin and many more.

Tickets are $30 in advance or $40 for a two-night pass (limited quantities).

The Werks bassist Dino Dimitrouleas was kind enough to answer some questions posed by The Beat.

The Beat: So you guys need two nights to do New Year's Eve?

Dino Dimitrouleas: Absolutely. I wish we could do four nights for NYE. NYE is a special time of year, everyone is going out and especially in our scene everyone is going to see music. When you play multiple nights in one spot you are able to play more material and also because it is NYE, there is more time to play special songs fans don't always get to hear. Not to mention we have 12 acts squeezed into two nights and we had at least 12 more acts who wanted to be a part of the events. It is also better to play multiple nights for fans who have to travel. Multiple nights makes it more worth the trip.

TB: Anything special planned for these shows? People will be expecting a party ...

DD: Well a party they will receive! Every one of our past NYE shows have been extra special. Special songs, special guests, extra lights and theatrics, painting, hooping, dancing, screaming ... the fun never ends. Last year we did a special Werkadosio set at midnight where all the members of The Werks and Papadosio preformed Pink Floyd's Time. This year we have some tricks up our sleeves again. You will have to come to the show to find out what they are.

TB: Look back at 2012 for the band. We assume the highlight was (drummer) Rob (Chafin)'s video shoot with The Beat back in the spring.

DD: Rob talks about his video shoot with The Beat every day. I think it was the highlight of his life.

All joking aside, 2012 was amazing for the band. We played in so many great places across the country, met so many great people on our journey and played some of the best music of our lives. We are so fortunate to be able to do what we do and looking back on 2012 is a reminder of that.

TB: And look ahead to 2013.

DD: As we look forward, I think we want to get back in the studio and record another album and continue to write more material. Looking forward to playing new places we haven't been before and revisiting some of our favorite spots. Really just excited to continue this incredible journey we have been on over the last few years.