Recipe: Spanish coca, courtesy of Adam Cobb of Latitude 41.

Ingredients for the coca dough water as needed (start with 1 cup) 1/2 tablespoon dry active yeast 1/2 tablespoon sugar 1.5 quarts of all purpose flour, or double "O" flour 2.5 quarts of semolina flour 3.5 whole eggs 1 tablespoons of salt 1/2 cup of olive oil Method Add sugar and yeast to 110 degree water. Mix in flours and salt Add eggs and oil to the flour and mix on low speed for 3 minutes, adding enough water to form smooth elastic dough. Turn the mixer to medium speed and mix for an additional 3 minutes. Cover the dough and let rest for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, lightly flour and work surface and portion into 4 oz. balls. Place dough balls on a lightly floured sheet tray, then cover and let rest until they have doubled in size. After they have doubled in size, roll out until around ¼ inch thick. For garnishes Artichoke hearts, cleaned and choke removed Manchego cheese, finely grated Thinly sliced shallots Thinly sliced garlic or garlic paste Pickled figs, or fresh figs (depending on the season) Caramelized onions Thinly sliced Serrano ham Fresh arugula or watercress To assemble the coca Season the coca dough with salt and pepper. Drizzle with good olive oil and rub in gently. Add the garlic paste, or fresh garlic, as well as the shallots. Sprinkle liberally across the dough making sure not to equally distribute. Add the caramelized onions, fresh sliced figs, artichoke hearts and manchego cheese. Unlike a pizza, make sure there are bare areas in the center of the dough to ensure the dough will become crispy. Pre-heat a standard deck oven to 500 degrees, add a pizza stone or sheet tray (flipped upside down) to the oven making sure it is 5 inches below the broiler. Once the oven has reached 500 degrees, turn the oven off and turn the broiler on low. Quickly transfer the coca onto the pizza stone or sheet tray and close the oven door. Keep a close eye on the coca at this point, the dough will become crispy and the toppings will fully cook in a matter of minutes. Once the dough is crispy and the toppings are cooked, remove the flatbread from the oven. Garnish with the Serrano ham and fresh arugula or watercress.