Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 01/10/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

2508 Colts Neck Rd; Andrew T. Reich, Leslie D. Reich; $686,000.
7435 Trevenia Dr; Andrew T. Moore, Stacey Renee Moore; $393,000.

7032 Bordeaux Ct; David Slagel, Lori Slagel; $1,125,000.
6620 Ballantrae Pl; Christine Diane Hill Wilson; $510,000.
5027 Noor Park Cir; Muhammad Akhtar, Huda Qureshi; $374,200.
9369 Pratolino Villa Dr; PNC Bank NA; $355,000.
7588 Windsor Dr; Jeremy D. Havrila, Jennifer L. Havrila; $350,000.
8109 Grant Dr; Douglas L. Hodge, Danielle C. Hodge; $585,000.
8694 Dunsinane Dr; Shelley R. Rodcliffe; $570,000.
8351 Tartan Fields Dr; R. Ryan Borland, Rachel Borland; $556,000.
6150 Enke Ct; Scott A. Middleton, Christy L. Middleton; $424,000.
5819 Saint Anns Ct; James J. Hughes III, Kathleen R. Hughes; $405,000.

4784 Coltview Ct; Kevin M. Measelle, Jenna C. Algie; $315,000.
4129 Stoneroot Dr; Roger W. Bryant, Bethany A. Bryant; $307,000.
4601 Stoneworth Dr; Louis W. Pompi, Betsy E. Pompi; $263,530.
4610 Stoneworth Dr, Unit 57; John M. Mathew, Esther A. Mathew; $263,230.

Lewis Center
4983 Polar Court; Todd H. Ewers; $345,000.
2686 Big Sur Dr; Nicholas A. Brown, Mary T. Brown; $339,900.
4327 E Bay Circle; Jason B. Watson; $339,000.
1652 Little Bear Loop; Shane P. Miller, Anglica M. Uribe-Miller; $328,000.
2857 Jeannie Ct; Manisha Meshram; $325,000.
7008 Greenspire Dr; Andrew G. Murphy, Amanda E. Murphy; $321,110.
1643 Little Bear Loop; Steven V. Eschman; $320,000.
2821 Prairie Dr; Mark Love, Angela D. Love; $314,900.
3710 W Bay Circle; Jeffrey W. Hume, Julie L. Hume; $307,900.

New Albany
4141 Belmont Pl; Suzanne Carter; $739,500.
1310 Harrison Pond Dr; James D. Perko, Jr., Acacia M. Perko; $273,000.

Plain City
10370 Summersweet Way; Ian M. Kimmel, Aimee S. Valentine; $351,993.
8600 Harriott Rd; Anita L. Hughes, Kristopher Ostrand; $150,000.

4910 Bridgewater Dr; Bradley C. Conklin, Morgan Taylor-Nieves; $650,000.
1903 Carriage Rd; Robert A. Myatt, Tracy Myatt; $437,500.
8704 Coldwater Dr; Paul A. Leary III, Christal M. Leary; $412,000.
8371 Dolman Dr; Steve R. Hisaw; $355,000.
6817 Letterman Dr; Shrikrishna W. Dhawale, Shree S. Dhawale; $303,114.
5283 Fairlane Dr; Jason M. Spencer, Hillary A. Spencer; $289,000.

8275 Reynoldswood Dr; James G. Clymer; $161,135.
222 Spinosa St; Jocelyn M. Vastano; $160,131.

8314 Harlem Rd; Ronald Ritchey, Jr.; $500,000.
91 Gibson Pl; Michael E. Reese, Stacey E. Reese; $366,305.
771 Waterton Dr; Thomas J. Serenko; $269,000.
4493 South Old 3 C Hwy; James C. Canter, Ann M. Canter; $600,000.
5580 Wild Pine Court; Anant Manu, Barbara A. Manu; $470,000.
5190 Medallion DrE; Gregor G. Scott, Deborah M. Scott; $445,000.
6495 Spring Run Rd; Dale R. Aamodt, Marcia L. Aamodt; $420,000.
786 Southbliff Dr; Sassan Attari, Rochelle Attari; $360,000.
5001 Sunbury Rd; Michael A. Carpenter, Rebecca Lynn Carpenter; $352,000.
6576 Montchanin Court; Joan K. Bauman; $326,000.
5524 Bellerive Place; Brian S. Mcpherson, Lynn Mcpherson; $307,000.
7136 Fisher Pond Ln; James M. Kollmer; $296,672.
651 Deer Trail; Shon Robinson, Tammy R. Robinson; $295,000.
7852 Talon Circle; Xiaoyiang Zhang; $273,000.

6932 Perry Dr; Jonathan D. Hollister, Lanie D. Hollister; $360,000.
1573 Buckshot Ct; Joel E. Jacobsen, Lynda J. Jacobsen; $225,000.

Canal Winchester
6563 Braddock Pl; James T. Witt, Jennifer L. Witt; $238,490.
7621 Maple Trunk Dr; Mary K. Atlas Leeper Christman; $157,555.

1007 Barclay Dr; Dustin Vance, Courtney Vance; $209,000.
488 Mogul Dr; William F. Dodson; $193,931.
1000 Thornapple Grove; Joseph N. Garner, Lynn H. Garner; $175,000.

Grove City
5748 Buckeye Pkwy; Shane S. Williams, Mila A. Williams; $335,000.
1238 Carnoustie Cir; Joe Anderson, Linda Anderson; $241,500.
2825 Woods Crescent; Clint A. Ford, Amanda R. Ford; $225,000.
1849 Pinnacle Dr; James R. Gilliland, Jennifer Gilliland; $218,000.
5006 Demorest Dr; Phillip A. Freeman, Cynthia K. Freeman; $212,000.

4838 Briargrove Dr; Barney Raye; $179,500.
5050 McIntosh St; Dwight Michael Bell; $160,000.

Clintonville/North University
376 Tibet Rd; Shelley T. Duling; $390,000.
197 E Tompkins St; Elizabeth Clark Fisher, Susan Warwick Fisher; $164,000.

German Village
1027 City Park Ave; Robert C. Claxton; $930,000.
835 Mohawk St; Douglas Borror, Trustee, Zachary M. Sugarman; $485,000.
651 S Sixth St; Sonia L. King, Colleen L. Murphy; $333,000.
902 Mohawk St; Natalie DiSabato; $325,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
476 N Parkview Ave; Judson Lee Depew, Karly C. Depew; $410,000.
240 N Cassingham Rd; Joshua S. Haverick, Ericka N. Haverick; $285,000.
240 N Ardmore Rd; Anthony T. Groh, Sarah E. Groh; $275,000.

1548 Roxbury Rd; Stephen W. Kight, Stephanie F. Kight; $500,250.
1774 Westwood Ave; Garett R. Marcum; $362,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
3369 E Main St; Easy Step; $204,000.
6119 Pasqual Ave; Tracy Sharp; $150,000.

654 Overlook Dr; James A. Shaw; $285,000.
152 Winthrop Rd; Enayet Rasul, Nicole Pierron Rasul; $262,500.
71 Acton Rd; Albert M. Johnston, Jessica E. Johnston; $237,500.
229 Richards Rd; Nathaniel A. McGill, Mallory L. McGill; $227,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
2641 Sandover Rd; Matthew D. Arthur, Ann K. Arthur; $510,000.
4648 Barrymede Ct; Gary R. Young, Ann D. Young; $425,000.
4176 Nottinghill Gate Rd; Renee E. McClain, Trustee; $391,200.

Upper Arlington
2469 Canterbury Rd; Frank D. Combs, Melissa L. Combs; $357,000.
3076 Scioto Trace; Tracy L. Bradford, Rocky D. Bradley; $279,000.

Northland (S. of Morse)
4420 Wanda Lane Rd; Ronald T. Talley, Wanda J. Talley; $123,500.
1298 Fowler Dr; Peggy A. Hemmer; $107,000.

Far East Side (N. of Refugee)
1075 Bernhard Rd; Russell P. Tynes; $112,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)
1428 Bolenhill Ave; Gladys Hurtado; $129,900.
2267 E Maplewood Dr; Jennifer Hope Raschke; $111,800.
6166 Bellmeadow Dr; Cheri L. Woodrick; $110,000.

239 N Crossing Creek; Timothy J. Harpster, Beth A. Harpster; $373,100.
810 Aries Dr; Michael R. Sammons, Kristin K. Sammons; $248,000.
204 Caswell Dr; Colin P. Doty, Emily T. Doty; $234,900.
4010 Legend; Carol Ann Lombardi, Trustee; $155,000.

Worthington West
844 N Clubview Blvd; Marsha R. Pond; $274,000.
7042 Cloverdale Ln; Michael P. McGowan, Cynthia Lou McGowan, trs.; $245,000.
7518 Varick St; Nathan D. Wortman; $228,000.
940 Medinah Terrace; Jeri A. O'Donnell; $223,000.