Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 01/24/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville

2955 Old Path Rd; Eric Isakov, Nataliya Isakov; $245,000.
224 Kingsmeadow Ln; Walter L. Turner, Sandra Turner; $199,900.

6859 Ballantrae Pl; Richard W. Hunter; $633,000.
8199 Bibury Ln; Syed G. Husain, Roohe Husain; $560,084.
6648 Carinlough Pl; Alta J. Mowbray, Daniel C. Mowbray; $418,855.
5015 Silver Saddle Ct; Abdi Hared, Abla Dudi; $331,000.
5618 Montridge Ln; Louis D. Baumgartner, Melinda D. Baumgartner; $321,768.
6639 Ballantrae Pl; Michael N. Peterson, Debra R. Peterson; $300,000.
5784 Hawley Ct; Nicholas A. Geiser, Rebecca Geiser; $478,000.
5832 N Tarton Cir; Christopher W. Lewis, Anna E. Lewis; $410,000.
4246 Tuller Ridge Dr; Robert C. Brooks, Patricia C. Brooks; $327,845.
5738 McNeven Ct; Jeffrey Michael McNulty, Melissa Ann Barnd; $266,101.

5975 S Hampton Corners Rd; Matthew J. Goodwin, Elizabeth S. Goodwin; $345,000.
3234 Walkerview Dr; Jason A. Crain, Erica L. Crain; $298,000.
4733 Heath Trails Rd; Savas Kaya; $225,000.

Lewis Center
3166 Avonlea Way; Rebecca M. Bowman, Kurt G. Bowman; $339,900.
1541 Westwood Dr; Nicholas Z. Tosoian, Nicole M. Tosoian; $270,306.
8806 Emerald Hill Dr; Kevin M. Cenna, Amy Jean Cenna; $224,900.

New Albany
7432 New Albany Links Dr; Jennifer L. Kline, Michael P. Kline; $540,000.
4466 Middle Aspinwall; Michael R. Lyaker, Kathryn Lyaker; $516,000.
7460 King George Dr; John Urton, Deborah Urton; $495,000.
5900 Upper Bremo Ln; Scott Sansone, Travis Lamp; $425,000.
7558 Goodrich St; Seth L. Harris; $349,200.
8234 Parsons Pass; Erin F. Fatigati, Leonard P. Fatigati; $334,000.
4982 Cadogan Pl; Erin M. Kinsey; $315,000.
4401 Oaks Shadow Dr; Bobby Perkins, Jr., Antoinette Perkins; $306,000.
6910 Harlan Sq; James Edgar Ellis, Tracy A. Ellis; $280,000.
5685 Jersey Dr; Amy M. Wade; $275,000.

2851 Unbridled Court; Daniel Bachmann, Gina Bachmann; $587,916.
7734 Gateway Lane; Winsor Kwong, Lei Wei; $331,500.
2415 Shepherd Court; Gregory R. Mack, Emily C. Bockenstette; $289,700.
175 Wagon Trail North; Todd C. Bollinger; $259,756.
4953 Golf Village Dr; Robert J. Butler, Glenna C. Butler; $259,000.
191 Meadow Ridge Court; Georg N. Wedel, Terea D. Wedel; $258,000.
8121 Tree Lake Blvd; Linda Grandominico; $255,000.

7660 Rodebaugh Rd; The Fritsche Corp.; $250,100.
7935 Slate Ridge Blvd; Daniel T. Hunde, Jalate K. Hunde; $200,000.

1194 Colston Dr; Karin G. Armbruster; $245,000.
1175 N Three Forks Dr; JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.; $230,000.
929 Elcliff Dr; John D. Gruber, Heather Gruber; $225,000.
1017 Farrington Dr; Larry T. Martin, Misty A. Martin; $222,000.
6805 Temperance Point Place; David A. Garcia, Dru E. Garcia; $736,000.
5763 Tussic St Rd; Eric Nori, Colleen Nori; $475,000.
7830 Milford Ave; Rudolph Palenik, Susan Palenik; $373,375.
6880 Garden View Dr; Richard E. Miller; $344,615.
433 Maplebrooke Dr West; Pamela Sue Bowman; $292,900.
6237 E Andrews Dr; Daniel S. Garro, Kurin M. Garro; $263,000.

279 Highgate Ave; Edward Thomas Malek, IV, Corrina L. Schultz; $615,000.
5850 Granby St; Mitchell Rose, Stacy Hall; $555,000.
273 Melbourne Pl; Amy E. Kline, Justin T. Kline; $290,000.

Canal Winchester
10560 Red Fox St NW; James R. Tuttle, Rebecca R. Tuttle; $237,000.
4305 Cobbleton Grove Circle; Mary E. Huston, Todd M. Huston; $134,900.

7254 Feder Rd; Stephen R. Deaton, Heather E. Deaton; $300,000.
7511 Feder Rd; Anthony B. Bolognone; $197,450.

Grove City
1293 Fairway Dr; Mary M. Terry, Theodore A. Terry; $366,350.
2866 Crosshurst Ct; Todd Walker, Kenyona Walker; $355,956.
3682 Natalie Dr; Crystal D. Brennan; $298,946.
3251 Deer Path Dr; Joshua A. Terasaki, Caerleigh S. Terasaki; $231,500.
2821 Crosshurst Ct; Fannie Mae; $200,000.
1313 Wild Horse Dr; Amy Stoll, William Stoll; $174,350.

5749 Ebright Rd; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.; $160,000.

13613 Daysprings Way NW; Charles M. Chapman Sr., Diane E. Chapman; $344,000.
13584 Old Gate Dr NW; Bradley N. Sparling, Leann M. Sparling; $300,000.
622 Canteridge Dr; Solomon Aborbie; $220,000.
945 McMunn St; Raj A. Rashid, Tasnim Q. Rashid; $203,000.

Clintonville/North University
2360 Indian Ave; Malson Kim; $282,000.
252 E Lakeview Ave; Ryan L. De Young, Phoebe De Young; $274,849.
97 Clinton Heights Ave; Amy K. Pickenpaugh; $230,000.

German Village
307 E Beck St; Brett A. Lantz, Tina G. Eichler; $556,000.
311 E Beck St; Brian C. Stroh; $540,000.
632 Jaeger St, Unit 5; Bryan S. Martin, Sarah H. Martin; $525,516.
263 E Mithoff St; Douglas B. Fulton; $258,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
162 Preston Rd; Jace S. Stickdorn, Vicki L. Eickelberger; $630,000.
500 S Parkview Unit PH1; Florine C. Ruben, Trustee; $618,120.
154 Stanbery Ave; Nicole S. Reehil; $500,000.
2465 Seneca Park Pl; Brian Marzich, Tracey Marzich; $305,000.
56 Bullitt Park Pl; Benjamin D. Horne, Lori K. Horne; $253,500.

915 W 11th St; Christopher M. Orabella, Martha M. Orabella; $156,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
6056 Nicholas Glen; Benjamin V. Berns; $275,000.
396 Walnut Cliffs Dr; Vancil R. Casebolt, Cindy S. Casebolt; $175,000.

228 Dominion Blvd W; Amanda Mellott, Tony Leigh Mellott, II; $217,000.
261 Canyon Dr; Jane H. Sinclair; $198,000.
448 Acton Rd; Julie A. Dorsey; $180,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
2724 Folkstone Rd; Michael A. Tobin, Laura E. Tobin; $265,500.
1440 Ardwick Rd; J. Scott Sommer, Emily H. Sommer; $253,000.

Upper Arlington
2470 Coventry Rd; Andrew T. Christman, Brooke E. Christman; $695,750.
1718 Essex Rd; Todd M. Adams, Angela R. Adams; $365,000.
2494 Abington Rd; Jerome W. Nelson; $310,000.
3352 Colchester Rd; Elizabeth A. Reyna-Williams, Shad Williams; $265,000.
3370 Polley Rd; Gregory A. Humphrey; $249,900.

Northland (N. of Morse)
1659 Norma Rd; Theresa Boamah; $111,000.

391 Sandburr Dr; Vincent J. Petrof, Meghan L. Petrof; $185,000.
5575 Swingley Dr; Ryan C. Harris, Latoya H. Harris; $180,000.
6165 Needletail Rd; Joseph L. Omlor; $151,400.
6193 Needletail Rd; Tammy L. Reed; $150,300.

Northland/Minerva Park
5261 Westbridge Rd; Betty K. Parsons; $202,000.
2604 Wildwood Rd; Mary Gyor; $110,000.

Worthington West
1501 Markland St; Christopher D. Stroud, Staci R. Stroud, Trustees; $330,000.
837 Bluffway Dr; David P. Haueisen, Valerie R. Haueisen; $250,000.
6557 N McVey Blvd; Katie E. Talbert, Joshua Talbert; $245,000.