Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

In ThisWeek's exclusive list of the area's Top 25 Real Estate Deals ThisWeek, you will find a sampling of home and condominium transactions that were completed during a given week.

Listed is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 01/24/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville, 891-7373.

4117 Hyatts Rd; Jamie L. Miles, Ryan M. Miles; $347,000.
389 Slate Crossing Dr; Edward V. Cove II, Karen J. Sency; $260,000.
294 Bunty Station Rd; Danny C. Williams, Marcia L. Williams; $237,900.
108 W Winter St; Andrea C. Cashman; $191,090.

5193 Summer Ridge Lane; Brent J. Fenstermaker, Donelle C. Fenstermaker; $527,900.
5738 Harrow Glen Ct; Carl J. Wolford, Jasmine L. Wolford; $315,000.

Lewis Center
3166 Avonlea Way; Rebecca M. Bowman, Kurt G. Bowman; $339,900.
1541 Westwood Dr; Nicholas Z. Tosoian, Nicole M. Tosoian; $270,306.
8806 Emerald Hill Dr; Kevin M. Cenna, Amy Jean Cenna; $224,900.

2851 Unbridled Court; Daniel Bachmann, Gina Bachmann; $587,916.
7734 Gateway Lane; Winsor Kwong, Lei Wei; $331,500.
2415 Shepherd Court; Gregory R. Mack, Emily C. Bockenstette; $289,700.
175 Wagon Trail North; Todd C. Bollinger; $259,756.
4953 Golf Village Dr; Robert J. Butler, Glenna C. Butler; $259,000.
191 Meadow Ridge Court; Georg N. Wedel, Terea D. Wedel; $258,000.
8121 Tree Lake Blvd; Linda Grandominico; $255,000.
7348 Deer Valley Crossing; Timothy D. Whetstone, Mary Lynn Whetstone; $250,000.

570 Sunbury Meadows Dr; Nathaniel D. Reiss, Renee N. Reiss; $267,900.
738 Carters Corner Rd; Fannie Mae; $130,000.

6805 Temperance Point Place; David A. Garcia, Dru E. Garcia; $736,000.
5763 Tussic St Rd; Eric Nori, Colleen Nori; $475,000.
7830 Milford Ave; Rudolph Palenik, Susan Palenik; $373,375.
6880 Garden View Dr; Richard E. Miller; $344,615.
433 Maplebrooke Dr West; Pamela Sue Bowman; $292,900.

9277 Tenby Dr; Jeffery Whitlow Sr., Rochelle Cox Whitlow; $150,000.