Top 100 Franklin County home sales this week

Wednesday February 13, 2013 3:45 PM

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You’ll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek’s exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area’s home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer’s name and the sale price for the week of 02/14/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

1955 Havenswood Pl; Trevor R. Gooden, Katherine J. Kenimer; $555,000.
7447 Pinecrest Dr; Nicholas R. Westmeyer, Sr., Kelly M. Westmeyer; $526,000.
7285 Ironwood Dr; Mary C. Harger, Kirk M. Harger; $384,350.

5797 Trafalgar Ln; Benjamin R. Lamielle, Lindsay A. Bartow; $434,000.
5773 Glendavon Loop; Matthew W. Griffith, Jennifer M. Griffith; $432,877.
7899 N Avaleen Cir; Tabitha M. Davis, Brandon M. Davis; $260,524.
8999 Dunskeath Court; Andrew J. Bonnington, tr.; $880,000.
5160 Reserve Rd; Fred Griesemer, Kelly Griesemer; $550,000.
7614 Forest Knoll Dr; Zachary Talarek, Diana Talarek; $377,000.
8824 Dunsinane Dr; William H. Adams, Diane A. Adams; $360,000.
6095 Whithingham Dr; Amanda Agnew; $310,000.
7985 N Tipperary Ct; Brian K. Fuqua; $295,300.

6327 Haley Ct; Chad W. Helmick, Kristin N. Helmick; $301,500.
4756 Halle Cir; Kenneth W. Kirby, Jr., Jenna L. Kirby; $299,613.
5601 Westbriar Dr; Joan M. Files, Gregory D. Files; $236,000.
2406 Oakthorpe Dr; Kyle A. Huss, Breanna K. Huss; $213,000.

Lewis Center
2652 S Aiken Circle; Erich Smhuff; $375,000.
5491 Sandy Dr; Scott W. Harvey, Sherry Harvey; $319,900.
6483 Beaumont Square; Rex A. Werner, Nicole M. Werner; $310,000.
8853 Sweetshade Dr; Venkata R. Patchipati; $261,900.
3005 Abbey Knoll Dr; Aaron M. Greene; $251,075.

New Albany
7764 Pembrooke Pass; James R. Wenner, Hilary D. Wenner; $710,000.
7847 Jonell Sq; Anthony T. Demarco, III; $660,000.
5124 Whyte House Ln; Rachel S. Friedman; $497,000.
5335 Aldie Mill Dr; Sujeet Chatterjee, Sarah M. Chatterjee; $446,535.
8408 Tournus Way; Yaoyu Wang, Cynthia Xie Wang Wang; $420,400.
7039 Dean Farm Rd; Sunil V. Bhat, Tricia L. Bhat; $370,000.

4559 Hickory Rock Dr; Todd J. Harrington, Shawnlee D. Harrington; $455,000.
9445 Creighton Dr; M.P. Powell II, Amy E. Powell; $440,000.
2814 Unbridled Court; Robert Heighton, Erin Heighton; $437,409.
339 Windy Forest Ln; Manjuatha Shivaruidrappa, Sushma Maniunatha; $412,238.
3806 Foresta Dr; Catherine J. King, James D. King; $318,000.

5568 Morning St; Ryan Wiens; $174,000.
6797 Gormsley Dr; Tyrone L. Greene; $100,000.

5946 Shreven Dr; Justin P. Sinkewicz, Noelle P. Sinkewicz; $238,374.
1058 Harbor View Dr; William J. Hess, Angela S. Hess; $238,000.
6026 Jamesport Dr; Andrew J. Wyatt, Sheila A. Wyatt; $184,591.
6151 Witherspoon Way; Amy L. Gantzer; $184,425.
6173 Braet Rd; Christina C. Lakeman; $183,900.
5580 Jeffries Court; Allen V. Rupiper, Patricia A. Rupiper; $476,760.
6487 Ganton Place; Gary E. Thompson, Deborah S. Thompson; $329,000.
747 Paddlecreek Dr; James T. Kown Jr.; $285,000.

73 Orchard Dr; Trevor L. Brown, Elizabeth C. Haydel; $265,000.
646 Seabury Dr; Matthew A. McCarthy, Bryn B. McCarthy; $220,000.

Canal Winchester
6624 Saylor Ct; Erik Alexander, Katrin Alexander; $191,000.
5325 Timber Grove Dr; Brent A. Little; $134,606.

8365 Squad Dr; Ryan A. Powell; $186,000.
436 Belfair Dr; Kelly S. Rieser; $130,000.

Grove City
1333 Fairway Dr; Cecilia F. Yamokoski, Thomas B. Yamokoski; $321,771.
1458 Palay Dr; Anthony J. Agriesti, Jr., Bonnie J. Agriesti; $219,900.
4764 Sanderell Dr; Shane A. Crawford, Maria E. Pichardo Ruiz; $203,000.

5775 Little Red Rover St; Leon L. Blount; $173,670.
7186 Braun Rd; Pamela M. Seymour; $123,600.

9461 Timberbank Circle NW; Richard Dorwart Jr., Michelle Dorwart; $270,000.
9280 Belmont Pl NW; Jimmy Dupree; $245,000.
5680 Bickel Church Rd NW; Jessica K. Koebel, Robert A. Koebel; $240,000.
219 Longleaf St; Scott Shoup, Amanda J. Shoup; $240,000.
191 Fox Glen DrWest; Jamie L. Davis, Allison E. Davis; $235,500.

Clintonville/North University
407 Clinton Heights Ave; Samuel S. Gamble, Danielle C. Buckius; $219,000.
489 Milford Ave; Marilyn Greenwood; $178,500.

German Village
756 City Park Ave; Perry M. Zettersten, Cindy L. Zettersten; $375,000.
623 S Sixth St; Daniel Scott Williams, Jennifer L. Wojnarski; $300,500.
296 E Kossuth St; Padmini Roy-Dixon, David C. Dixon; $262,500.

Bexley/E. Columbus
586 Enfield Rd; Avraham H. Bindell, Jamie M. Bindell; $156,450.
2565 Caroline Ave; John D. Weaver, Lindy L. Weaver; $135,500.

1091 Lincoln Rd; Stephen Springer, Trustee; $1,700,000.
1897 W First Ave; Adam Hill, Leanne Hill; $304,500.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
436 Giovanna Ave; Ericka M. Adams, Larry G. Adams; $201,365.
362 Hoskins Way; Adam H. Karl; $170,000.

100 E Dominion Blvd; Carlos J. Casablanca, Lesley J. Futterknecht; $236,500.
446 Piedmont Rd; Timothy Harrison, Kaelin Harrison; $217,500.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
3826 Chevington Rd; David D. Newsom, Stacy L. Rosen; $395,000.
2281 Haviland Rd; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Truste; $272,200.

Upper Arlington
3126 Carisbrook Rd; Leslie K. Belfance, Carla D. D'Antonio; $424,000.
1510 Kirkley Rd; Jennifer R. Crooks, Aaron D. Crooks; $380,000.
2060 Fairfax Rd; Christopher C. Stolfi, Jennifer E. Stolfi; $380,000.
2684 Berwyn Rd; Tyler H. Millisor, Julie L. Millisor; $350,000.
1709 Waltham Rd; Daniel Mead, Sarah Cooper; $306,000.
1840 Collingswood Rd; James David Campbell, Jr.; $298,000.
3317 Mansion Way; Christopher G. Enderle, Rebecca F. Enderle; $260,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)
2314 Minerva Ave; Rakiatu Jah, Abdul K. Fofanah; $172,000.
2166 N Sumac Loop; Hubert Wilamowski; $126,962.

545 Stratshire Ln; Toni V. Howard; $295,000.
4417 Plymouth Rock Ct; Timothy A. Harris, Michelle A. Harris; $249,000.
979 Zodiac Ave; Michael A. Sponhour, Laura T. Sponhour; $235,000.
536 Tresham Rd; Lauren B. Scott, Zachary D. Scott; $190,000.
6244 Maple Glen Dr; Thomas R. Langley, Barbara A. Langley, Trustees; $176,263.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)
1466 Yorktown Rd; Michael S. Davis, Anisha A. Davis; $119,000.

Worthington West
209 Lake Bluff Dr; Connie S. Lytle; $455,000.
7748 Mellacent Dr; Xuezhen Tian, Yanjie Lu; $383,620.
255 Otter Creek Ct; Syed S. Abbas, Nupur Jindal; $381,500.
7482 Gatestone Ln; Monika Mormile; $212,500.