Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 03/07/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

7866 Narrowleaf Dr; Theresa Dobbins, Derrick Dobbins; $268,150.
8591 Crooked Maple Dr; Jeremiah J. Pryzmenski; $190,133.
526 Stone Shadow Dr; Dereje Tsegaw; $167,540.

5627 Tynecastle Loop; Mark Denner, Allison Denner; $380,000.
8866 Vineyard Haven Dr; Vernon Ray Martin Jr., Elaine E. Martin; $335,000.
6714 Vineyard Haven Loop; Richard L. Woods, Elizabeth Woods; $335,000.
5565 Royal Dublin Dr; Kevin M. Dielman, Malinda L. Dielman; $320,000.
7562 Tullymore Dr; Travis A. Smith, Emily Q. Smith; $284,000.
2145 Stowmont Ct; Scott F. Sprankle; $212,500.
7279 Coventry Woods Dr; Jason A. Seemann, Gina R. Seemann; $381,500.
5790 Rushwood Dr; Omar H. Kanoun; $377,000.
275 Beckley Ln; Susan D. Delman, Geoffrey D. Delman; $265,000.
7183 Fitzwilliam Dr; Fannie Mae; $230,000.

6194 Baumeister Dr; Kasey Y. Farah; $360,200.
6254 Barley Oaks Rd; Patrick F. Wathen, Sharon T. Wathen; $338,000.
3063 Amity Rd; Robert Dean Wilson; $250,000.
2814 Pheasant Field Dr; Marc R. Hnytka, Gina M. Hnytka; $193,000.

Lewis Center
5277 Meadow Bend Dr; Tina Shea, Dan Shea; $340,188.
1771 Ivy St; Deborah L. Taylor, Richard A. Heidrich; $335,893.
3159 Farmers Delight Dr; Kathryn F. Stephens, Matthew C. Stephens; $332,500.
4574 Mariners Landing; Head Inc.; $323,750.
1793 Ivy St; Leyla D. Zickaw, Thomas Scott Zickaw; $269,561.

New Albany
3615 Shirley Ct; Bradley T. Frey, Kimberly I. Frey; $625,000.
7130 Sumption Dr; Richard Schneider, Lindsey Schneider; $344,000.
7393 Milton Ct; Girish Hiremath; $167,900.

1147 Amaranthus Dr; Joseph R. Thurman; $460,486.
2728 Unbridled Court; James Bush, Holly Bush; $454,812.
2261 Asbury Close; Terrence E. Gray, Mendy E. Gray; $440,000.
509 Retreat Lane; Relocation Properties Management ; $435,000.
4267 Clark Shaw Rd; Frank D. Harmon, Kelley A. Harmon; $415,000.
6798 Golden Way; Douglas B. Loudon; $342,717.
864 Middlebury Court; Michael P. Schnee, Katharine E. Schnee; $342,500.
1220 Little Bear Loop; Evelyn DelValle, Jason Roberts; $310,585.

1332 Carlyle Dr; Joseph A. Ross; $125,000.
3297 Draycott Ct; Jason D. Wetzel; $107,000.

9180 White Oak Ln; Paul Sells, Jackie Sells; $395,000.
1258 Winfree Dr; Jillian M. Robinson; $240,000.
5430 Bullfinch Dr; Alexey Lonin; $230,000.
5617 Eagle Harbor Dr; Thomas E. Charlton, Sr., Laurie A. Charlton; $193,311.
1136 Hoover Lake Ct; US Bank, N.A.; $190,000.
688 Southbluff Ave; Mark Anthony Falcone; $327,000.
7682 Eagle Trace Dr; Matthew DeBarr, Amber DeBarr; $251,000.
7639 Park Bend Court; Jennifer M. Dues, John A. Dues; $232,900.
373 Abbotsbury Dr; Gary M. Hafner II, Christina E. Hafner; $204,000.

847 Robbins Way; Alex T. Porter, Gwendolyn A. Porter; $485,000.
799 Pinecliff Pl; Maher Esmail, Ailun Chen; $375,000.
158 Medick Way; Christine L. Frake; $299,900.

Canal Winchester
9244 Waterloo-Eastern Rd; Austin Greenblott; $273,000.
9990 Winchester Rd; William T. Peterman; $150,000.
6878 Eliza Dr; JP Morgan Chase Bank; $150,000.

8544 Leader Dr; Theresa S. Mummert; $144,300.
781 Sumter St; Ryan C. Weible, Stacy L. Weible; $136,900.

Grove City
5560 Blue Star Dr; Bruce W. Miller, Jennifer A. Lyle; $360,695.
5561 Deergrass Ct; Shane M. Foglesong, Jeanne K. Foglesong; $324,955.
1381 Eber Lea Vista; Sam Mattern, Sanja Sinanovic; $233,000.
2397 Quail Meadow Dr; Ethan B. Rutledge, Kendra R. Savage-Rutledge; $199,900.
2116 Presley Dr; Elizabeth L. Cline; $180,000.

4329 Landings Rd; Fannie Mae; $130,000.

7234 Optimara Dr; Tianshu Wang; $415,000.
755 Manchester Circle; CitiMortgage Inc.; $264,097.
977 Gray Dr; Corey Cottrell, Marie N. Cottrell; $199,000.

Clintonville/North University
58 E Tompkins St; Jianying Zhang, Jianhua Yu; $261,000.
175 Tibet Rd; Noel E. Jones, Alisa M. Jones; $170,000.

German Village
692 Mohawk St; Emily J. O'Banion; $446,000.
869 City Park Ave; Alexander D. Gardner; $342,000.
357 E Kossuth St; Susan L. Norden, Charles S. Norden; $241,618.
131 E Whittier St; Jamie Bedel; $230,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
363 Westland Ave; PNC Bank, N.A.; $630,000.
2745 Plymouth Ave; Adam S. Herman, Stacy I. Herman; $396,000.
291 S Cassady Rd; Jeffrey E. Braithwaite, Melissa E. Braithwaite; $240,000.

2037 Concord Rd; German Dziebel, Robin Harder Dziebel; $710,000.
1861 Glenn Ave; Jason D. Kesler, Stefanie M. Kesler; $388,000.
1877 Glenn Ave; Amber R. Busser, Matthew J. Busser; $379,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
690 Conestoga Dr; Doreen Dawkins; $155,000.
4892 Fairway Oaks Dr; Kenas P. Casebolt, Juanita R. Casebolt; $125,000.

4374 Ingham Ave; Jessica L. Hughes; $253,000.
4663 Olentangy Blvd; Chan E. Park-Miller, Timothy M. Middleditch; $212,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
4314 Randmore Rd; David M. Bakunas, Olivia T. Bakunas; $648,000.
2206 Sandover Rd; Larry M. McCabe, Christina McCabe; $297,000.
3686 Mountview Rd; Arthur F. Wohlfrom, Jr., Anne D. Wohlfrom; $264,900.

Upper Arlington
1666 Berkshire Rd; Eastwind Holding Co., Trustee; $430,255.
3087 Leeds Rd; James E. Fox, Maryedna D. Fox; $270,000.
4476 Anderson Dr; Rebecca A. Brown; $218,000.
2762 Shrewsbury Rd; Matthew Hare, Kate Hare; $202,500.

Northland (S. of Morse)
877 Poling Dr; Jennifer E. Higgins, Darin A. Lee; $105,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)
1704 Blue Ash Pl; Sibyl D. Mancuso; $119,900.

140 Oklahoma Ave; Keith M. Thomas, Erin K. Thomas; $269,900.
278 Adamson Dr; Matthew T. Letzelter, Kathleen E. Letzelter; $253,700.
461 Thorburn Pl; Chelsea Bulle, Kurt Hassink; $234,000.
338 Highmeadow Ct; Joseph C. Weitz, Natalie M. Weitz; $231,500.

Northland/Minerva Park
2948 Heatherleaf Way; Khyle Macarthy; $143,500.
2845 Morality Dr; Lesley A. Shuster; $133,500.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)
1902 Walnut Hill Park Dr; Jonna McCoy-Keeton; $186,600.
1505 Noe Bixby Rd; Robert T. Decatur; $180,000.

Worthington West
8236 Fairway Dr; Marisa L. Miller, Gregory M. Yitsis; $342,000.
5365 Castle Pines Dr; Abhipsa S. Kolarik; $237,000.
6867 Sparrow Ln; Olga A. Layer, Alexander Levin, etal.; $155,000.