Top 25 Delaware County home sales this week

Wednesday March 6, 2013 8:21 AM

 Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

In ThisWeek’s exclusive list of the area’s Top 25 Real Estate Deals ThisWeek, you will find a sampling of home and condominium transactions that were completed during a given week.

Listed is the address of the property sold, the buyer’s name and the sale price for the week of 03/07/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville, 891-7373.

6043 Dublin Rd; Jeremy R. Richardson, Jennifer Richardson; $530,000.
1060 Rambling Brook Way; Charles Schneider Jr., Cathy Schneider; $455,000.
184 Coal Bend; Pushparaj Vemana Munirathinam, Subhashini Subbiah; $358,082.
1038 Balmoral Dr; Michael J. Swickrath, Amber W. Swickrath; $327,793.
4656 Liberty Rd; Karen E. OKeefe, Brandin C. OKeefe; $307,000.

2927 Indian Summer Dr; Curtis A. Handschug, Tina A. Handschug; $335,797.
5607 Cloverdale Dr; Melissa Niketas; $271,500.

Lewis Center
5277 Meadow Bend Dr; Tina Shea, Dan Shea; $340,188.
1771 Ivy St; Deborah L. Taylor, Richard A. Heidrich; $335,893.
3159 Farmers Delight Dr; Kathryn F. Stephens, Matthew C. Stephens; $332,500.
4574 Mariners Landing; Head Inc.; $323,750.

222 Bluegrass Way; Scott A. Greenhalgh, Penny J. Greenhalgh; $313,879.

1147 Amaranthus Dr; Joseph R. Thurman; $460,486.
2728 Unbridled Court; James Bush, Holly Bush; $454,812.
2261 Asbury Close; Terrence E. Gray, Mendy E. Gray; $440,000.
509 Retreat Lane; Relocation Properties Management ; $435,000.
4267 Clark Shaw Rd; Frank D. Harmon, Kelley A. Harmon; $415,000.
6798 Golden Way; Douglas B. Loudon; $342,717.
864 Middlebury Court; Michael P. Schnee, Katharine E. Schnee; $342,500.

4171 State Route 203; Casey S. Roshon, Megan K. Roshon; $127,500.

877 Mill Run Dr; Jeremiah A. Hunt, Ashley N. Hunt; $195,000.
2081 Blayney Rd; Timothy J. Meyer, Julie M. Meyer; $152,000.

9180 White Oak Ln; Paul Sells, Jackie Sells; $395,000.
688 Southbluff Ave; Mark Anthony Falcone; $327,000.
7682 Eagle Trace Dr; Matthew DeBarr, Amber DeBarr; $251,000.