What can play on the heartstrings of a man more beautifully than a woman who understands the art of femininity?

What can play on the heartstrings of a man more beautifully than a woman who understands the art of femininity?

While recently waiting in line for a movie I observed the dynamics of two couples, and how the women's behavior affected the men's.

Both couples were in their early 20s. The first couple was having more interaction with smartphones than they were with each other. The aura being emitted from their space was lame and self-centered. Rather than being a unit, they were simply two people standing separately in line.

Although the young woman was dressed like she just rolled out of bed, her face was painted with way too much "Snooki" style make-up. She was sloppy and unkempt. Her clothes were the style of pajamas and she wore her pink checkered flannel pants low on her hips so the rest of us could see her belly and pelvic bones. A jacket possibly worn to cover up her tank top actually symbolized a feeble attempt to camouflage her virtually exposed chest, which she possibly wanted other men to see?

By contrast, the second couple was clearly connected. Rather than participating in what was going on with their phones, they were holding hands and earnestly sharing in each others comments. While they probably weren't fully aware of anyone else in the line, the rest of us sensed a glow of joy and confidence lighting their place.

Likewise the woman's appearance was simply lovely. She was fresh faced and modestly dressed in an age appropriate, delicately patterned sun dress. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a dainty chignon. God's make-up made her dark eyes sparkle and her blushed lips smile. All in all her demure femininity was breathtaking to all the young men in the room.

Oddly the first couple attempted a kiss without looking at each other. Then the woman told him she wanted popcorn and he ignored her completely. She smacked his arm and shouted the worst obscenity from her potty mouth hoping this would cause him to behave like a prince.

As this relationship soured be-cause of the lack of sincerity, the young man with the authentic lady was treating her like a princess.

His body language was very protective of her child-like innocence. He kept her hand safely in his, while his strong body leaned in to protect her as if she was extremely fragile. Interestingly, his eyes conveyed his mind's intrigue because of her intellect. Furthermore, his handsome smile and polished attire made her the envy of many young women in the line.

However, the most notable difference between this young man and the one with the woman in her pajamas was that he behaved like a noble gentleman. Her honor was worth protecting, as he shielded her when the other couple was calmly spitting profanity back and forth like it was proper English.

Moreover, when other men were dissing their women in order to catch a glimpse of the woman in her pajamas, this young man's eyes remained fixed only on his girl's sweet demeanor, brilliant conversation and breathtaking beauty.

For too long now women have neglected their role in how they affect men. Women deserve exactly what they settle for. If a woman wants to allow "Snooki" to be her role model then she must accept that she will never be able to bully a man into treating her like a princess. Real men aren't bullied, that's why they choose to fight.

The enchanting nature of women, which is intuitive, is the reason women want to be treated like a princess. Undoubtedly this is possible when women stop focusing on being equal, and set themselves free.

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