Random Notes

In a not-your-typical-book-club-event event, the Bexley Community Book Club will host a concert tonight, March 21, at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, with sets by local bands The Garrison, a pedal-to-the-metal punk and roll act, and longstanding local R&B/ funk faves Hoo Doo Soul Band.

"Rock with the Goon Squad" is built around the club's selected author for the year, Jennifer Egan, and her latest novel, A Visit from the Goon Squad, which loosely chronicles the lives of a collection of folks involved in one way or another with music and the music industry.

The master of ceremonies for the night is none other than The Beat, but we guess they had already reached the awesomeness quotient.

Check out Bexley Community Book Club on Facebook for details.


We are under way in The Beat's second annual Sweetest Sixteen Bracket Challenge. This year's theme is "One-Hit Wonders."

First-round voting will open Thursday afternoon (March 21) on The Beat page. Or find links to all the fun on The Beat's Facebook page.