Top 100 Franklin County home sales this week

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You’ll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek’s exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area’s home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer’s name and the sale price for the week of 05/02/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


7284 Jefferson Meadows Dr; Christopher M. Kappas, Rachel M. Kappas; $360,000.

8492 Haleigh Woods Dr; Jason L. Denham; $183,900.


8143 Winchcombe Dr; Alok Mukund Moharir, Swati Varma; $580,000.

5041 Silver Saddle Ct; Naveed M. Khokhar; $442,843.

5042 Silver Woods Ln; Noorullah Akbari, Farida Arbari; $316,000.

6106 Tuswell Dr; Judy J. McGlone; $239,000.

8051 Summerhouse Dr; Dong Xuan, Zhaohui Shen; $228,500.

5680 Liberton Court; David A. Colella, Julie A. Colella; $467,601.

4884 Carrigan Ridge Dr; John Khoury, Paige Khoury; $422,600.

7819 Nassau Loop; Joseph F. Ditcher, Linda L. Ditcher; $340,000.

5393 Haverhill Dr; Jennifer M. O'Connor; $312,000.

4932 Donegal Cliffs Dr; Grant Richardson, Sarah Richardson; $311,000.

5120 Reddington Ct; Brett R. Berman, Kristin M. Berman; $290,000.


4524 Kathryns Way; Robert H. Millikin, Mary E. Millikin; $379,368.

6190 Glade Run Rd; Lynn Renee Saxon, Douglas T. Warren; $336,610.

6105 Heritage Point Ct; Gregory F. Zytkowski; $313,000.

5587 Haydens Reserve Way; Jennifer J. Allen; $297,000.

4795 Nadine Park Dr; Jason D. Gorham, Jennifer L. Gorham; $288,000.

Lewis Center

2597 Koester Trace; Michael J. Thenhaus, Linda M. Thenhous; $465,400.

3436 Pine Ridge Dr; Bruce W. Leider, Barbara T. Leider; $395,000.

2587 Carla Dr; Larissa M. Freeh, Jason B. Freeh; $268,000.

New Albany

7320 N Berkley Sq; Eric Desmonts; $569,500.

1138 Northwood Cir; John Robert Semple, Kathleen A. Semple; $335,000.

4535 Crooked Cedar Dr; Kelly R. Flaherty, Sandra L. Flaherty; $328,000.

6924 Rothwell St; Charles F. Casey, Cheryl L. Casey; $290,145.

Plain City

6061 El Camino Dr; Thomas W. Lang, Beverly Lang; $240,000.


5221 Woodbridge Ave; Lars A. Olson, Brooke A. Mitchell; $920,000.

1596 Heatherwae Loop; Ricardo L. Carrau, Silvia C. Batezati-Alves; $630,000.

10514 Wellington Blvd; Integrity Real Estate Holdings; $481,380.

3637 Hickory Field Ln; Eswar C. Gudaru, Siriska Koripella; $329,400.


708 Caton Dr; Rebecca Wright, Johnny Wright; $192,000.

1893 Crosswick Ct; Brett T. Sisbarro, Sarah G. Sisbarro; $188,000.

7253 Rondau Dr; Rhonda D. Turner; $143,362.


950 Raintree Ct; Anna M. Olivieri; $380,000.

5799 Pittsford Dr; Thomas J. Kosky, Courtney M. Kosky; $213,458.

6181 Witherspoon Way; Saurabh Vyas; $207,375.

6033 Follensby Dr; Steven L. Shawn, Suzanne L. Vaiea Shawn; $204,582.

6146 Peppergrass Court; Kevin O'Connell, Lindsasy N. O'Connell; $390,000.

380 Woodgate Ln; James D. Abrams, Claudia A. Abrams; $381,482.

4827 Saint Medan Dr; Deboorah Davies; $365,000.

5580 Shiloh Spring Dr; Ryan D. O'Halloran, Kimberly M. O'Halloran; $327,450.

808 Keyham Terrace Dr; Ryan D. Elliott; $308,000.

6372 Tournament Dr; Jerry L. Marks, Joyce A. Marks; $304,105.

505 Bellfrey Dr; Bradley J. West, Sarah K. West; $299,900.

782 Olde Mill Dr; Tuhin Surva Dasgupta, Hannah Dasgupta; $249,900.


6937 Candace Pl; Lora Winning Schaeffer; $319,000.

790 Pingree Dr; Lucas Haire, Kelly Haire; $223,000.

6269 Alrojo St; Barbara Lenore Jones; $215,525.

7820 Katies Way Ln; Nicholas D. Slee, Abbey M. Slee; $213,000.

Canal Winchester

7553 Embers Ln; Steven W. Allen, Tracy L. Allen; $236,900.

5109 Bixford Ave; Carey L. Linville; $127,500.


267 Galloway Rd; Scott Atway; $185,681.

2001 Gardner Rd; Michelle C. Green; $173,000.

729 Platoon Dr; Ethan Landau, Janice Landau; $139,900.

Grove City

1378 Fairway Dr; Aris G. Mastrogianakis, Nannette Mastrogianakis; $315,123.

4709 Barnwood Dr; Adam J. Mark, Lindsey A. Mark; $282,500.

1383 Pinnacle Club Dr; Lloyd Daniel Cohen; $218,000.

2290 N Ziner Cir; Rickey L. Curry, Brenda G. Curry; $184,000.

3555 Orders Rd; Richard L. Greenway, Jayne R. Greenway; $177,700.

662 W Caffrey Ct; Thomas Wayne Stevens; $175,000.

4704 Pebble Beach Dr; Stephen F. Sliemers, Gloria N. Sliemers; $172,500.

5969 Grove City Rd; Adam L. Bird; $164,000.


5043 Birch Grove Dr; Christine M. Kristoff, John C. Kristoff; $165,000.

4806 Elmont Pl; Jeffrey E. Grese; $139,600.


806 Scott Ct; Michael W. McDevitt, Brittany M. McDevitt; $236,000.

75 Knights Bridge Dr; Christopher J. Gasser; $200,000.

Clintonville/North University

3257 Indianola Ave; Brian J. McCoy; $186,000.

85 E Tompkins St; Cameron R. Kalchert; $139,000.

German Village

43 E Sycamore St; Frank S. Ginnetti, Jr.; $292,500.

833 City Park Ave; Andrew S. Anderson; $280,000.

201 E Whittier St; Nelson G. Griffis, Patricia L. Griffis; $267,000.

1011 S Wall St; Ashraf F. Banoub, Rita W. Banoub; $180,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus

673 Vernon Rd; James K. Gehrt, Michelle Gehrt; $215,000.

787 Grandon Ave; Robin E. Yocum, Kenneth O. Farmwald; $115,000.


1304 Arlington Ave; Charles B. Bertani, Gretchen A. Bertani; $425,000.

841 Copeland Rd; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.; $179,000.


3982 Pegg Ave; Anita M. Martina, Trustee; $275,000.

138 W Schreyer Pl; Nicholas P. Rossetti, Allison L. Rossetti; $272,500.

340 Fallis Rd; Carol M. Anelli; $272,500.

223 E Beaumont Rd; Bryan M. Corbin, Johanna C. Benson; $206,800.

167 Northridge Rd; Elizabeth E. Young; $195,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

2508 Wimbledon Rd; Michael A. Hokenson, Grethel M. Hokenson; $440,000.

1257 Langston Dr; Keith Abbate, Jodi Abbate; $417,500.

Upper Arlington

2976 Avalon Rd; Nathan D. Cooley, Bethany D. Cooley; $412,000.

1750 Ardleigh Rd; Frederick M. Urbanek, Ann C. Urbanek; $290,000.

2832 Wellsley Dr; Timothy M. Ameredes, Olivia A. Ameredes; $255,000.

3020 Melford Rd; Sarah B. Teets, William J. Teets; $235,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)

5004 Kingshill Dr; Marsha A. Browning; $120,000.

5068 Kilbourne Run Pl; Kofi Amankwaah; $115,500.


1279 Shull Rd; Mark R. Gergley, Amy J. Gergley; $380,000.

523 Whitson Dr; Eric A. Binna; $225,000.

394 Sycamore Ridge Way; David Grammel, Andrea Sweazy Grammel; $209,750.

1153 Riva Ridge Blvd; Jason P. Phillips, Stephanie L. Phillips; $200,000.

120 Midhurst Rd; Michel Clement, Amanda Schroeder; $183,000.

229 Helmbright Dr; Viradeth Thilavong, Joni Thilavong; $179,900.

4111 Asbury Rd; David O. Wilson; $175,000.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)

4704 Winchester Pike; Gerald E. Papaj, Jr.; $110,000.

Worthington West

1165 Merston Dr; Michael A. Miller; $442,302.

1248 Clubview Blvd; David Bieterman, Erin Bieterman; $350,000.

5232 Lola Way; John J. Clark, III, Audrey M. Clark; $330,000.

1945 Fraley Dr; Jason W. Wise, Holly D. Wise; $246,000.