Top 100 Franklin County home sales this week

Monday June 17, 2013 10:28 AM

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You’ll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek’s exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area’s home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer’s name and the sale price for the week of 05/23/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


2641 Swisher Creek Dr; Steve Glimcher, Maria Glimcher; $1,250,000.

7562 Pateo Pass Dr; Wayne L. Henderson; $215,000.

8075 Willow Brook Crossing Dr; Kevin H. Molinaro, Krista L. Molinaro; $169,000.


7575 Windsor Dr; Prabhakar Santhanakrishnan, Ramya Prabhakar; $332,000.

7907 N Avaleen Cir; Sanjay Polkam, Sangeetha Sonnakula; $284,105.

2158 Stancrest Rd; Shahrzad Weber, Steven P. Weber; $245,200.

5866 Kingham Park; Jeffrey W. Grimm; $498,850.

7818 Kate Brown Dr; Paul J. Thome, Michelle L. Thome; $327,400.

7480 Maynooth Dr; Jinmai Jiang, Ying Ru; $299,000.

6009 Kenzie Ln; Amy L. Moen, Kyle M. Schneider; $290,000.


4201 Abbey Chase Ct; William G. Rower, Julie L. Rower; $498,104.

3224 Northampton Dr; Jaymee L. Tomasso, Corey A. Tomasso; $435,000.

6079 Joneswood Dr; Ronald A. Padgitt, Jr., Laura A. Padgitt; $281,000.

Lewis Center

7130 Rose Park Blvd; Kevin D. Ward, Alethen Ward; $380,000.

3165 Montclair Ave; Christopher Capotosto; $370,000.

1371 Sunflower St; Robert Benjamin Grumbles; $280,000.

4568 Marilyn Dr; Charles Stone, Martha Stone; $248,500.

1890 Primrose Ave; Rodney A. Geyer, Rebecca K. Geyer; $243,500.

New Albany

4016 E Chelsea Green; Charles G. Spahr, Lorraine J. Spahr; $626,078.

7399 N Upper Clarenton Dr; Shawn P. Velto, Angela D. Velto; $450,000.

4983 Mead Way Dr; Paul A. Miller, Sarah J. Miller; $354,900.

1332 Windtree Ct; Brian P. Kemery, Laraine B. Kemery; $350,000.

5156 Stonhope Rd; Jason M. Ryan, Lisa M. Ryan; $332,000.


4605 Hickory Rock Dr; Lucas M. Clemens, Ashley N. Clemens; $492,500.

4000 Hickory Rock Dr; Shashidhar Kuppa; $443,257.

9911 Gleneagle Place; Rick E. Moreland, Susan Moreland; $440,000.

3855 Northway Circle; Todd J. Markiewicz, Elizabeth A. Markiewicz; $387,910.

6598 Golden Way; Erin Marie Baldwin, Christopher James Zalewski; $355,000.

6579 Scioto Chase Blvd; Eric P. Skomra, Connie S. Skomra; $335,000.

560 Retreat Lane; Christopher Franckhauser; $316,528.


7167 Serenoa Dr; Raymond D. Wilcox; $139,000.

1191 Addison Dr; Michael J. Lane, Gloria L. Lane; $128,500.


7925 Schott Rd; Brandon T. Rike; $411,000.

5141 Springfield Ct; Russell James Wiegand, Jessica Rose Wiegand; $295,000.

195 W Baranof; Gregory T. Muir, Deborah C. Muir; $294,900.

533 Westbury Woods Ct; Douglas Maitland, Beatrix Maitland; $290,000.

1235 N Three Forks Dr; Mary Conese Kisor; $285,000.

6071 Shreven Dr; Jeannette N. Baughman, Mona L. Baughman; $265,275.

188 Sterling Glen Dr; David Demarchi, Elizabeth Demarchi; $254,900.

6231 Spring Run Rd; Mark T. DeFrancisco, Abby DeFrancisco; $975,000.

5709 Salem Dr; Michael M. D'Ariengo, Natalie Zabor-D'Ariengo; $467,900.

8348 Fallgold Ln; Lisa Fox, Andrew M. Fox; $390,000.

6591 Varick Lane; Jeffrey T. Hayes, Linda M. Hayes; $350,043.

6428 Fox Hollow Dr; Kelly A. Egan, John H. Wolfe Jr.; $350,000.

512 Legacy Dr; Patrick R. Roberge, Ellen E. Deason; $272,000.


7070 Rieber St; James E. Janis, Elizabeth I. Ranade-Janis; $242,000.

6861 E Halligan Ave; Dave Carty, Sarah Carty; $235,000.

130 Longfellow Ave; Lisa M. Marti, Maxwell Marti; $224,900.

Canal Winchester

6653 Ohio Canal Ct NW; Scott Clidence, Tari Clidence; $329,500.

7187 Sweet Meadow Dr; PNC Bank, N.A.; $208,325.

6726 John Dr; Nancy A. O'Brien; $145,150.


6336 Thorncrest Dr; Karen A. Toland; $300,000.

582 Crestmont Ct; Michael Hudson, Courtney G. Hudson; $232,000.

450 Hemhill Dr; Steve Swartz, Gretchen Swartz; $175,000.

Grove City

5572 Blue Star Dr; Joshua E. Sowers, Nancy M. Sowers; $331,300.

2735 Woods Crescent Dr; Michael J. Hurd, Jr., Morgan E. Magers; $237,900.

7181 Gay Rd; Jason Kaufman, Shelley Kaufman; $229,000.

3027 Wynridge Ct; Clayton H. Bullett, IV, Tiffany L. Bullett; $218,900.

1373 Eber Lea Vista; Casey R. Ackerman, Meredith Ackerman; $199,000.


5050 Birch Grove Dr; Guenther Olbrich, Ute Olbrich; $164,000.

4957 Dellen Rd; Jesse C. Person, Patricia A. Bennett; $115,900.


330 Linden Circle; Dale Ramsey Jr.; $235,000.

8470 Morgan St NW; Eric Boerger, Kristina Boerger; $230,000.

9400 Spencer Blvd NW; Jeffrey D. Becker; $225,000.

9229 Pimlico Pl NW; Joseph J. Gutman, Lindsey J. Gutman; $207,000.

Clintonville/North University)

342 Olentangy St; Gabriel N. Degarmeaux, Monica R. Degarmeaux; $170,000.

250 E Maynard Ave; Jason Patch, Kristina Patch; $169,900.

German Village

369 Jackson St; Craig R. Dieckhoner, Leigh Householder; $500,000.

588 Briggs St; Jamie L. Mitchell; $226,500.

188 E Kossuth St; Matthew P. Leasure, Diane M. Alecusan; $223,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus

177 N Remington Rd; Thomas Robertson, Sara Robertson; $252,000.

981 S Roosevelt Ave; Scott C. James, Elissa A. James; $209,000.


1463 Mews Ct, Unit 1463; James B. Wright; $300,000.

1629 W Third Ave; Jeff Glancy, Lauren Knake; $185,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

6305 Hoffman Trace Dr; Andre O. Smith, Melanie L. Smith; $211,139.

436 Josaphat Way; Jason N. White, Heather M. White; $182,286.


155 W Beechwold Blvd; Christopher T. Minnie, Kirsten C. Minnie; $570,000.

30 Oakland Park Ave; Andrew C. Hughes, Amy Lynne Hughes; $298,000.

222 Oakland Park Ave; Burton M. Louis; $220,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

2151 Sheringham Rd; David J. Effler, Jr., Sarah L. Effler; $610,000.

2494 Billiton Ct; Thomas E. Baker, Jennifer M. Baker; $525,000.

1176 Kingsdale Terrace; Robert Park, Kimberly Henderson Park; $410,000.

4430 Reed Rd; George S. Rigrish; $364,000.

Upper Arlington

2312 Coventry Rd; Aubree Jones, Taylor Jones; $770,000.

1548 Doone Rd; Jacob Evan Bray, Erika R. Bray; $499,000.

3430 Waterpoint Dr; Scott A. Whitsitt, Mary F. Jolly; $382,500.

2750 Kent Rd; Jason A. Clark, Lindsay P. Clark; $381,000.

1832 Barrington Rd; Molly L. Rayo, Stephen R. Rayo; $375,000.

2965 White Bark Pl; Jeremy Grunenwald, Angel Grunenwald; $320,000.

1611 Berkshire Rd; Michael J. Maistros, Tracy H. Maistros; $290,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)

6713 Kennerdown St; Fannie Mae; $100,000.


164 Springbrook Dr; Robert D. Bond, Ann M. Bond; $424,900.

535 Preservation Ln; Tvrtko Kujundzic, Erin E. Kujundzic; $339,000.

4563 Hidden Ridge Ct; Robert D. Reichenbach; $168,500.

Northland/Minerva Park

2932 Heatherleaf Way; Anneli K. McCauley; $150,000.

2829 Lakewood Dr; Ronald L. Williams, Sandra Lorraine Williams; $123,900.

Worthington West

1124 Merston Dr; Payal Desai, Sharvil Desai; $445,000.

1387 N Clubview Blvd; Adam Lincoln Miller; $430,000.

1164 McCleary Ct; Douglas R. Larson, Laura J. Larson; $340,736.

901 Congressional Way; Thomsa R. Watkins, Martha S. Watkins; $340,000.