Fischer's Fab Five

Austin-based musician Alejandro Rose-Garcia prefers, for professional purposes, to use a name made up by friends around a campfire when they were all giving themselves weird, throwback trail-guide names -- Shakey Graves.

The name fits his low-fi, folk-blues style, with Graves as a one-man band accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and various percussion he can play with foot pedals. He tinges his flatpicking guitar style with tonal twists, and delivers his back road street-poet lyrics with a tenor augmented by haunting whispers and untamed howls.

Check out Shakey Graves Friday, June 21, at The Basement. Wild Child and Marmalakes open. Tickets are $10/$12. Visit



Additional unfiltered, blues-poet storytelling is available Tuesday, June 25, at Woodlands Tavern courtesy of Texan Ray Wylie Hubbard. Hubbard is a wily (ha!) veteran of the Texas music scene, and is touring in support of his latest release, The Grifter's Hymnal, his 15th.

Tickets are $20. Visit


Cold Cave is the nom de guerre of Philadelphia-based artist Wesley Eisold. A former member of a couple regional hardcore bands, when Eisold began making music totally on his own, he drifted into a more brooding, new-new wave synth-pop motif -- sort of a Morrissey-meets-New Order kind of thing.

He adds a full band for live gigs, one of which will be held at Skully's Music Diner Saturday, June 22. Boyd Rice/NON opens. Tickets are $12/$17. Visit


SoCal MCs Souls of Mischief scored big early in the '90s with 'Til Infinity and followed up with two more notable records, flying in the face of conventional wisdom as what a Critic Crony described as "West Coast backpack rap. Very rare." Meaning non-gangsta, with some fun and grooviness thrown in.

A handful of collective records and solo projects mixed in, and 20 years on, the Souls are still at it, and planning a stop at The Basement Monday, June 24. Illogic opens. Tickets are $15. Visit


Brooklyn's Parquet Courts is a garage punk outfit in the classic sense.

Except short, immediate and sharp-edged tunes, delivered raw and with an attitude -- evincing hints of Black Flag and Sonic Youth.

On its first national tour, Parquet Courts makes its second-time-around stop in Columbus Monday, June 24, at Ace of Cups. Van Dale opens. Visit


Maybe some folks have been paying more attention than The Beat in the decade since The Polyphonic Spree's Light and Day became ubiquitous courtesy its sunny and hopeful disposition, but we often wondered what those pop-orchestra hippies were up to.

Caught up in music industry madness, the Spree managed to complete two additional records plus a bevy of one-off projects for a variety of events around the world. A brand-new record, Yes, It's True, is set for release later this summer, and the band is already on tour, including a planned Tuesday, June 25, show at the Newport Music Hall. Tickets are $18/$20. Visit