The 2011 Lodi 3 Girls Petite Sirah's assertive alcohol is relaxed by berry flavors, Wine Wisdom columnist Roger Gentile says.

With the 2011 Lodi 3 Girls Petite Sirah, I have found a wonderful drinking wine for red meat, lamb, game, and even pork.

This red is ample, and it coats the glass in a really impressive way with some nice "legs" and "sheets" falling from the sides of the vessel.

The thing supposedly has 13 percent alcohol, which is relatively low for a fatter style of petite sirah, but I suspect those numbers might be a bit understated. What is not understated are the aromas of blueberry, cocoa and dried plums, and some blueberry flavors in the mouth.

The color is a sweeping bluish red, which is always a tip off for this varietal. All in all, this is a very good red for drinking now and for the next three years. The cost is $13 a bottle and can be sourced by your wine shop at Wines LLC in Eastlake.

Roger Gentile is the owner of Gentile's, the Wine Sellers – – and the author of two books on wine.