Top 100 Franklin County home sales this week

Tuesday July 16, 2013 4:00 PM

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You’ll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek’s exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area’s home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer’s name and the sale price for the week of 07/18/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


1605 Eagle Glen Dr; Leslie H. Duncan, Sharon A. Duncan; $477,500.

2857 Langly Ct; Robert M. Klemens, Barbara L. Gracious; $462,000.


8268 Millhouse Ln; Tara K. Grove; $475,000.

8228 Millhouse Ln; Henry W. Washington; $465,500.

8084 E Summerhouse Dr; Bo Lu, Xinyi Xu; $465,000.

8524 Stonechat Loop; Jack H. Klein; $850,000.

5868 Baronscourt Way; Virgil J. Mathias, III, Marlen L. Mathias; $465,600.

7729 W Kestrel Way; Arthur Pannell, Andrea Pannell; $440,000.

6125 Deeside Dr; Nicola D. Dipalo, Lora A. Dipalo; $415,000.

6438 Quarry Ln; Janet B. French; $400,000.

8764 Glassford Court S; Donald S. Darr, Tina M. Darr; $363,654.

7673 Johntimm Ct; Neeraj Kumar, Shailja Mahajan; $359,900.

5800 Royal Lytham Ct; Frank M. Harp; $350,000.

7777 Kate Brown Dr; Joshua M. Harning, Amanda S. Harning; $337,000.


3405 Scioto Run Blvd; Angela Skubovius; $343,500.

6171 Temple Ridge Dr; Bonnie J. Holycross, Richard P. Holycross; $336,900.

6217 Jeffrelyn Dr; Suresh S. Ebenezer, Amy S. Ebenezer; $335,000.

4098 Stoneroot Dr; Tony J. Parks, Amy E. Parks; $326,000.

Lewis Center

3268 Alum Trail Place; Trevor Tibbals, Halli B. Tibbals; $425,000.

3694 Waverly Place Dr; Jennifer C. Padgett; $415,000.

925 Little Bear Loop; Prashanth Kumar, Redy Aleti; $405,513.

1768 Little Bear Loop; Imran Suleman, Farheen Shakh; $394,012.

4194 McNamara Place; Jack A. Graff, Stacy A. Graff; $347,000.

2747 Roe Dr; David Jackson, Judith Jackson; $329,000.

2798 Cannon Circle; Kyle Frederick, Amanda Frederick; $329,000.

New Albany

4178 Belmont Pl; Erin M. Olah, Brian Olah; $845,000.

4327 Antmon Round; Linda E. Lu, David P. Walters; $689,000.

4045 Chelsea Green W; Ronald L. Freeman, Dawn C. Freeman; $617,684.

7558 Goodrich Sq N; Joshua P. Lindimore, Danielle D. Lindimore; $601,000.

7598 Goodrich Sq N; Hilary P. Ryan, William M. Ryan; $556,000.

5118 Abbotsbury Ct; Jill Clay, Lamont Clay; $555,000.

4001 Westbury; Adam M. Roslovic, Meredith M. Freedhoff; $550,500.


4987 Ravines Edge Ct; Carlos V. Rodriquez, Patricia F. Rodriquez; $945,000.

10541 Forest Glen Pl; Scot D. Burris, Jeannie A. Burris; $660,000.

8836 Filiz Ln; Ryan D. Squier, Amy M. Squier; $575,000.

8708 Filiz Lane; Yim C. Wang, Jehson Wang; $492,500.

8291 Tricia Price Dr; Yun Mia Huynh, Duc V. Huynh; $435,000.


7910 Priestley Dr; Duane E. Ward, Doreen M. Ward; $241,500.

617 Culpepper Dr; Christine Sampson; $168,500.


4731 Smothers Rd; Courtenay J. James, Michael S. Wolfe; $415,000.

771 Glacier Pass; Richard A. Flury, Jr.; $295,000.

5742 Travis Pointe Ct; Perry J. Brown, Anna M. Brown; $449,900.

5470 Slater Ridge; Barry Wolinetz; $425,000.

659 Southbluff Dr; James B. Mager, Denise M. Mager; $415,000.

5523 Saint Andrews Dr; Terry L. Woodland, Norma J. Woodland; $400,500.

7693 Mikayla Dr; David W. Myers, Nancy B. Myers; $369,155.


6200 Alrojo St; Tabitha T. Zigan; $310,303.

945 Werner Way; Richard W. Steele, Siew Choo Steele; $304,000.

1057 Kirk Ave; Anand Khurma, Madeline L. Khurma; $292,000.

Canal Winchester

11538 Cedar Creek Dr NW; Juan R. Jimenez; $293,750.

6753 John Dr; Corey L. Griffin, Holly M. Griffin; $198,101.

6792 John Dr; Richard M. Reihing, Elizabeth A. Reihing; $177,590.

6546 Hemmingford Dr; Cathy Ann Hood; $170,000.


8701 Roberts Rd; Russell W. Gill, Kimberly M. Gill; $535,000.

801 Military Dr; Patrick N. Kearns; $184,900.

Grove City

1328 Fairway Dr; Daniel R. Schmidt, Misty B. Schmidt; $342,270.

5112 Keefer Ln; Michael W. Wallace, Jacquelyn C. Wallace; $302,000.

1933 Iris Ct; Brian D. Myers, Stephanie J. Myers; $270,000.


7725 Reynoldsburg-Baltimore RdNW; Casper Dyckman; $295,000.

134 Shawnee Dr; Viviana Brown; $283,000.

115 Longleaf St; Erin Nemeth; $252,000.

Clintonville/North University

111 Olentangy Point; Kavin Fatehchand, Susheela Tridandapani; $215,000.

10 E Weber Rd, Unit 303; Sergei Bobik; $165,000.

German Village

239 E Beck St, Unit A; Andrew G. Jack; $249,000.

278 E Sycamore St; Chelsea M. Forsythe; $222,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus

40 Ashbourne Rd; Kevin J. Tighe, Deborah Bradshaw Tighe; $600,000.

59 S Stanwood Rd; Thomas W. Cayia, Laurie L. Cayia; $408,000.


1707 Stanford Rd; Matthew A. Szollosi, Melanie L. Szollosi; $397,500.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

6025 Nicholas Glen; John C. Anderson, Jilaine M. Anderson; $228,200.

6324 Hoffman Trace Dr; Michael L. Grady, Jr.; $225,693.


281 S Lenappe Dr; Paul Weiss, Margaret Sarachek; $263,750.

107 Blenheim Rd; Jennifer L. Browers; $261,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

3946 Fairlington Dr; Benjamin J. Swanson, Jill A. Faraci; $585,000.

2296 Buckley Rd; Jennifer A. Kosnik; $289,900.

Upper Arlington

2239 Onandaga Dr; Howard Howell, Kathleen C. Howell; $2,155,000.

1914 Tewksbury Rd; Sameh E. Mikhail, Irene J. Mikhail; $749,900.

2436 Kensington Dr; Thomas E. Line, Stephanie A. Line; $670,000.

2384 Kensington Dr; Susan E. Creary, Craig Novosel-Johnson; $605,000.

2549 Wexford Rd; Alex B. Greenberg, Kristin A. Greenberg; $485,000.

1624 Grenoble Rd; Thomas J. Maurer, Krystal R. Maurer; $457,500.

1556 Trentwood Rd; Melissa A. Friermood; $392,100.

1633 Grenoble Rd; Andrew J. McGarry, Yavonne J. McGarry; $364,900.

3131 Wareham Rd; Andrew T. Broderick, Lindsay A. Broderick; $360,000.

1540 Doone Rd; Kyle M. Artar, Victoria J. Artar; $360,000.

2615 Kent Rd; Robert B. Miller, Jennifer E. Miller; $350,000.

2786 Wellesley Dr; Stephen Doyle, Leah Doyle; $335,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)

5475 Driftwood Rd; Robert H. Maynard, Rhonda J. Maynard; $100,000.


636 S Crossing Creek; David A. Westhoven; $361,500.

339 Wynne Ridge Ct; Edward A. Lundberg, Ashley Lundberg; $317,500.

5225 Cherry Bottom Rd; Elisa M. Elder, Trustee; $315,000.

4100 Boulder Dam Dr; Eric J. Amidon, Rachel E. Amidon; $207,500.

217 Rugby Ct; Roger W. Crites, Heather L. Crites; $197,000.

Northland/Minerva Park

2724 Lakewood Dr; Harry C. Collins, Melissa C. Collins; $149,000.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)

3741 Sunbury Rd; Peter Brooks; $290,000.

5599 Dashshund Ct; Tejina M. Sudderth; $104,400.

Worthington West

8209 Sanctuary Dr; Mary S. Rubin, Richard R. Ransom; $440,000.

1203 Drumbarton Ct; Brian M. Blend, Christen M. Blend; $415,000.

985 Bluffpoint Dr; Joseph R. Rhea, Linh T. Pham; $341,500.

7191 Lakebrook Blvd; Jacquelyn K. Kozma, John B. Hartley; $265,000.