State fair's music offerings cater to many

The Beat has, as a coincidence, attended the Ohio State Fair each of the past two years on our birthday.

In both cases, we did so in large part to see a concert at the Celeste Center. We have decided that this has become sort of a "thing" for our family.

When this year's entertainment lineup was announced, we noted that the concert scheduled for our birthday was not one in which we were interested, but we did want to take in a concert on a different date. So the dilemma became, "If we go on a day that's not our birthday, does it still qualify as our 'thing?'"

While we wrestle with the big questions of our time, the rest of you should plan to just relax and enjoy the "biggest gol-durn fair in the world" (unofficial motto co-opted and paraphrased from a Critic Crony many years ago), taking in everything from the roast beef sundaes and doughnut hamburgers to an entertainment lineup that always has a little something for everyone.

This year's main stage lineup is no different.

Ticket prices include fair admission.

Check out for details.