The definition of a "buzz-worthy" gadget lies in its ability to add utility to mundane or routine tasks.

The definition of a "buzz-worthy" gadget lies in its ability to add utility to mundane or routine tasks.It also lies in a product's ability to enhance the information you have at hand, to make your life just a bit easier and to be the kind of gadget you like to show off, and talk about, as often as possible.

Could you ever imagine a bathroom scale being a "buzz-worthy" gadget?The Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 ($150 at or meets that challenge.

This sleek black gadget has a shiny, mirror-like top surface and stands just an inch off the floor.Four weight sensors provide a precise body measurement that appears on a 2.4-by1.6-inch backlit screen seconds after a user step on the scale.Stay standing on this body analyzer bare feet and you'll also get readings of your fat mass, body mass index and heart rate.The display finishes up with a record of the temperature and freshness of the air (carbon dioxide concentration) in your bedroom(if that's where you keep this gadget), and will record those readings every day whether or not you elect to weigh in.

Out of the box, the Smart Body Analyzer is easy to set up.imply unpack the product, pull a tab to activate the four included AAA batteries, attach optional carpet feet discs and step on the scale to get started.A free iOS or Android Health Mate smartphone app automatically records and tracks all measurements via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can measure the progress of your health readings over time.

One scale will keep track of up to eight individuals based on their weight.Sharing options in the Health Mate app allow userssend readings doctor via e-mail, keep them private or-for those who are totally fit and trimshare results on Facebook and Twitter (something I don't plan to do anytime soon).


If all this talk about health is getting the best of you, here are two other products you might be interested in:

For those who don't mind displaying their bad eating habits on apparel, offers four different designs in the DeliSnack Shirt ($75 each) line.Choose from short-sleeve shirts featuring an allover print of bacon, rench ries, nachos or waffles.Etsy promises more designs soon.

For those in more of an exercise mode, French firm BSG plans to release its linewooden, personalize-able bicycles in September (; price TBD). By necessitysome key components will be metal. Expect four different models in seven stainranging from mahogany to walnut.