Fischer's Fab 5

Who is scarier: Rob Zombie, who plays Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Friday, Aug. 9, with openers Mastodon and Machine Head; or Glenn Danzig, who bring his "25th Anniversary of Danzig" tour to the Newport Music Hall Wednesday, Aug. 14, with special guest Doyle (his mate in seminal punk act Misfits) and Huntress?

That Zombie is rocker-turned-filmmaker just means he's got multiple outlets for his tales of shock and horror. From Misfits through Samhain and to Danzig, Glenn Danzig has always proven adept at musical and conceptual terror.

Or, as a Critic Crony put it: "Zombie is far more 'relevant' today. Danzig is over-hyped as a band and he as a persona. I liked the first record but what have you done for me lately? In some ways, they are very similar. I think RZ likes the imagery and all that but is a smart guy. Danzig takes it all (himself included) a little more seriously."

Tickets for Zombie are $39/$42.

Danzig tickets are $25/$28. Visit


If the band name The Eastern Sea conjures thoughts of vagabond vessels embarked on protracted voyages in search of unnamed lands and untold adventure, then perhaps the Austin, Texas, septet has achieved its purpose in selecting a moniker.

Launched in 2005 as a home-tethered project of singer Matthew Hines, the crew of The Eastern Sea soon grew as a way to render Hines' compositions in a live setting. The auditory wanderlust is evident as the band moves from intimate minimalism to heartbreaking pleas for humanity.

Touring in support of its debut CD, Plague, The Eastern Sea plays The Basement Monday, Aug. 12. Grandchildren and Summerays open.

Tickets are $10/$12. Visit


The fellows in New York City quartet Drowners are still pretty much kids, so that their sound bears hints of bands like The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys shouldn't surprise, but it's clear that Matt Hitt and mates have spent some time with '80s Brit-pop. Listen to Long Hair or You've Got It All Wrong and tell us you don't hear a significant Smiths influence in there.

Drowners will play the Rumba Cafe Wednesday, Aug. 14. Tickets are $4.99/ $7. Visit


Quirky, catchy, playful and purposeful -- Austin, Texas, trio The Please Please Me makes fine a use of cello, glockenspiel, trumpet and other assorted instruments. Frontwoman Jessie Torrisi leads the way with her voice and guitar, plowing through melodic indie-pop backed by sonic moods created by her multi-talented bandmates.

On tour in support of its five-song EP Shake a Little Harder, The Please Please Me stops in Columbus for a Wednesday, Aug. 14, show at Woodlands Tavern. All Right Now opens.

Tickets are $5 at the door (no advance sales). Visit


L.A. electro-dance duo Soft Metals exudes sensuality and induces physicality.

This music is about dance and about all the things for which dance can be a metaphor.

It's all-electronic instruments investigating the natural world, as Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall wed sultry lyrics with layered synth wave textures.

On the road in support of its latest, Lenses, Soft Metals brings its club/warehouse party ethos to Kobo on Wednesday, Aug. 14. Tickets are $4.99/$7. Visit