Crowd won't stay in the seats at concert

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The Greater Columbus Convention Center hosts Zumba Fitness Concert for two shows Sunday, Sept. 1. Tickets ($40) are still available for the 4 p.m. concert. Visit

Not being a fitness nut (is it that obvious?), The Beat knew that Zumba was a thing but not really much beyond that. And when we saw there was a Zumba live "Fitness Concert" scheduled for Sept. 1 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, we just had to find out more. So if you also were wondering, or if you're a Zumba fan and were thinking about checking out the live event, well, we're here to help.

And who better to ask than the co-creator of Zumba Fitness himself, Beto Perez?

The Beat: Can you describe a little how the idea for Zumba was developed?

Beto Perez: I actually created the program by accident. One day, I walked into my aerobics class and realized I had forgotten my aerobics music. My only option was to grab whatever tapes I had in my backpack, which were an array of traditional Latin salsa and merengue. I improvised an entire hour-long class on the spot using non-traditional aerobics music, and from this the Zumba fitness party was born.

To this day, music remains the heart and soul of the Zumba program. A good playlist is the key to creating a great Zumba class (or a great Fitness Concert). Music is our special motivational ingredient that helps make the Zumba program exercise in disguise. It's easy to get lost in the music and that's part of the reason Zumba is such an effective workout.

TB: From where did the idea to create a Zumba live concert come?

BP: The Zumba Fitness Concert concept originally began as the ultimate Zumba experience -- open only to members of the Zumba Instructor Network as the highlight event at our annual Zumba Instructor Convention. We wanted to offer a multisensory dance-fitness show featuring amazing Zumba instructors, live musicians and lights so that participants could feel the rhythms, touch the lights and move together. After gaining popularity, selling out annually and racking up YouTube hits galore, we decided we had to bring this experience to the public. We are so excited to give concert-goers an experience like they've never had before at the first ever Zumba Fitness Concert open to consumers.

TB: Is it a performance, or participatory, or both?

BP: Fitness Concerts are not just a performance. Participants help make the show. The energy the crowd exudes at Zumba Fitness concerts is explosive. As a presenter, I feed off this energy. Looking out into the crowd and seeing everyone dancing, smiling and having a great time pushes me to give the best show ever. It's like a Zumba class on steroids!

TB: What should people expect at the Zumba Fitness Concert?

BP: People should be ready to have an amazing time with friends and torch a ton of calories at the best Zumba class of their lives. Expect mind-blowing visuals and contagious choreography set to the amazing sounds of live music and international rhythms like cumbia, pop, reggaeton and salsa all led by the most amazing international Zumba presenters in incredible costumes. We cannot wait to rock the stage and party with you, Ohio!