Top 100 Franklin County home sales this week

Tuesday September 17, 2013 3:37 PM

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You’ll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek’s exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area’s home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer’s name and the sale price for the week of 09/19/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


1854 Hannah Farms Ct; Andrew S. Yates, Kelly M. Yates; $429,665.

1582 Morrison Farms Dr; William Richard Davis, Katherine D. Davis; $218,000.

7926 Black Willow Dr; Christopher E. Meredith, Vanessa L. Meredith; $195,000.


7635 Tullymore Dr; Mitchell A. Tobias, Jessica L. Tobias; $340,000.

5924 Roundstone Pl; Stephanie L. Pflieger; $325,000.

6062 Anna Loop; Ross A. Hlavin, Lenys B. Hlavin; $317,900.

6718 Wynwright Dr; Baron Bryan, Heidi Bryan; $310,000.

8210 Avondale Ridge Ct; Michelle Orzo; $755,000.

7112 Glacier Ridge Blvd; Matthew C. Peterson, Sara K. Peterson; $595,000.

9442 Din Eidyn; John D. Clapp, Mary S. Clapp; $543,000.

4865 Avondale Ridge Dr; Ryan D. Wilcox, Sarah E. Wilcox; $450,000.

5990 Springburn Dr; Scott Wallace, Julie M. Wallace; $429,900.

5731 Dunnwood Ct; Steven K. Noce, Lorri J. Noce; $390,000.


8760 Morris Rd; James E. Hocker, Tina Hocker; $377,500.

4203 Goldthread Ct; Jeffrey C. Minteer, Sonja Minteer; $347,000.

6015 Hampton Corners S; David B. Winner, Ashlee N. Winner; $344,000.

5014 Brandamore Ct; Matthew A. Ott, Abby L. Ott; $286,000.

Lewis Center

2442 Mccumber Ln; Jason John Cotton, Eva Luz; $469,900.

6307 Spinnaker Dr; Bradley A. Sprouse, Nicole K. Sprouse; $469,000.

2894 Pleasant Colony Dr; Regan Fackrell; $455,001.

1694 Little Bear Loop; Thakar Prasad, Mhaske Seem; $425,726.

1915 Orangelake Dr; David M. Durecki, Karen E. Durecki; $412,590.

8290 Oak Creek Dr; Ramesh B. Kodi, Malathi Kodi; $388,999.

7218 Keaton Ct; Rakesh S. Jain, Neha R. Jain; $351,000.

6161 Cheyenne Creek Dr; Anthony M. Claar, Lisa D. Claar; $350,000.

6803 Rosepark Blvd; Nazer A. Mohmmed, Sultana A. Mohmmed; $330,000.

New Albany

10 Wiveliscombe; Isil Erel Koksal, Can E. Koksal; $960,000.

4346 Olmstead Rd; William A. Goud, Co-Trustee; $950,000.

7482 New Albany Links Dr; Fernando Vazquez Carrillo, Erika Estrada Garcia; $599,999.


9533 Sunset Dr; Jody Shelley, Amanda K. Shelley; $676,000.

6498 Cook Rd; Naomi S. Duvall, Randolph T. Duvall; $532,000.

8639 Cavecreek Court; Christopher J. Herrick, Carolyn J. Herrick; $525,000.

424 Woodard Pl; Robeert E. Ham, Sharyn R. Ham; $457,000.

30 Timberknoll Loop; Mark R. Labuda, Jo Anne Labuda; $435,000.

8023 Coldwater Dr; Paul C. Gallegos, Bernadette Gallegos; $415,000.

3344 Windy Forest Ln; Shutong Yang; $405,000.


7230 Calusa Dr; Denzil G. Jeffrey, Natasha Lalla Jeffrey; $174,500.


8393 Schleppi Rd; Denise M. Bruce, Duane A. Bruce; $275,000.

421 Six Pence Cir; Michael Johnson, Ronald Kleinke; $234,900.

1272 Blacksmith Dr; Thomas Rick Sr., Francine Rick; $232,000.

5703 Mosaic Way; David R. Whitley, Melissa T. Whitley; $555,000.

4890 Royal County Down; James M. Fisher, Carly L. Fisher; $410,000.

5660 Quail Hollow Way; David A. Reipenhoff, Emily M. Reipenhoff; $390,000.

6600 Montchanin Court; Robert J. Owen, Falon T. Cleary; $373,000.


325 Medick Way; Christine M. Nocar, John Thomas Nocar, Jr.; $493,000.

6918 Candace Pl; Iyla A. Gruzberg, Anna A. Dobritsa; $395,000.

271 Kertess Ave; Christopher P. Gast; $282,400.

Canal Winchester

1548 Chickasaw Ln NW; Gregory B. Torr; $225,000.

7331 Crossett Ct; Robert J. Moore, Joann M. Moore; $214,000.


2635 Norton Rd; Jonathan M. Jackson, Catherine A. Jackson; $251,314.

162 Rockbrook Crossing Ave; Jillian N. Russolillo; $165,153.

Grove City

4741 Bell Classic Dr; Robert M. Loar, Bernice C. Loar; $317,405.

2809 Lori's Way; Larry L. Griffith, Jean A. Griffith; $290,000.

4954 Shallowford Loop; Steven L. Scala, Melissa L. Scala; $235,410.


5600 Nutmeg Pl; Paul C. Copeland, Tania Copeland; $160,943.

5212 S MacClellan St; Tyrone E. Rose, Joann O. Rose; $120,500.


6615 Blacklick-Eastern Rd NW; Jeffrey Scott Katz; $469,000.

13865 Paragon Dr NW; James D. Hughes; $447,000.

7082 Optimara Dr NW; Abdulhay Albirini; $440,000.

342 Blue Jacket Cir; Nationstar Mortgage LLC; $415,965.

12615 Wildflower Dr NW; Matthew S. Baker; $348,000.

Clintonville/North University

138 W Weber Rd; Robert A. Bamattre, Cynthia L. Bamattre, Trustees; $400,000.

145 E Weber Rd; Shennan Harris; $219,900.

German Village

313 Blenkner St; Benjamin McKean, Dana Howard; $335,000.

451 Jackson St; Christopher W. Flynn; $250,000.

750 S Lazelle St; Tommy E. Dailey; $245,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus

439 S Parkview Ave; Sandra Spinelli, Frederick Weiland; $895,000.

2648 Bryden Rd; Andrew Ryan Magee, Elizabeth Watts Magee; $694,050.

107 S Ardmore Rd; Eric K. Synenberg, Jamie G. Synenberg; $490,500.

2757 Bryden Rd; David A. Frolick, Kay A. Crossley-Frolick; $400,000.


1760 Arlington Ave; Adrian R. Garcia, Ann E. Garcia; $715,000.

1816 Upper Chelsea Rd; Steven M. English, Danielle M. English; $685,000.

1951 Bedford Rd; Charles A. Wolfe, Sally S. Wolfe; $385,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

1121 Noe Bixby Rd; Lisa B. Jacko, Aaron T. Jacko; $237,000.

5750 Bastille Pl; Brian D. Blanchard, Linnea T. Blanchard; $207,675.


112 Webster Park Ave; Mark A. Lundine, Jennifer P. Lundine; $422,500.

140 W Dominion Blvd; Kelly J. Blumensheid; $322,900.

126 Acton Rd; Sandra S. Laemmle; $230,000.

302 E Beaumont Rd; Angie Mateos; $207,500.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

1294 Darcann Dr; Jarred J. Olson, Jacqueline A. Olson; $416,000.

4015 Patricia Dr; Kevin C. Claybon, Alison B. Claybon; $280,000.

Upper Arlington

1587 Cardiff Rd; Richard R. Chene, Kathleen A. Chene; $793,000.

1946 Beverly Rd; Craig Simon, Evan Simon; $455,000.

1862 Guilford Rd; Heather C. Harcourt, William L. Harcourt; $402,000.

1339 Friar Ln; Corrin A. Warkentin, Kari Warkentin; $333,000.

1766 Guilford Rd; Ami L. Papadopulo; $297,000.

Northland (S. of Morse)

4431 Densmore Rd; Mark A. Reid, Bevin L. Reid; $110,900.

Northland (N. of Morse)

5061 Avalon Ave; Jason S. Crumbacher; $124,000.

1420 Ironwood Dr; Purna B. Rimal, Rupa Rimal; $119,750.


6000 Havens Rd; Thomas E. Szykowny; $409,000.

560 Stratshire Ln; Angela C. Miller, Christopher L. Miller; $355,000.

5574 Hensel Woods Rd; Lisa M. Raia; $285,000.

758 Gulf Stream Ct; James P. Given, Sherri J. Given; $260,000.

573 Wickham Way; Matthew R. Kaplan, Amy Michelle Trant Kaplan; $195,000.

287 Ainsworth Ave; Michael L. Hanson, Michelle S. Hanson; $195,000.

Northland/Minerva Park

5375 Park Lane Dr; Joao G. Lopes, Maria O. Lopes; $190,000.

6251 Presidential Gtwy; Larry Norris, Linda Norris; $157,200.

Worthington West

811 Bluffview Dr; Marc J. Menhart, Kristen M. Menhart; $399,900.

6795 Maplebrook Ln; Keith R. Day, Christina L. Day; $303,000.

5410 Banbury Dr; Brianne R. V. Brown, Matthew J. Brown; $267,000.

1381 Tiehack Ct; Stephen M. O'Brien, Shannon L. O'Brien; $249,900.

7514 Saunderlane Rd; Thomas J. Bittner, Marcia L. Morrison; $215,000.