Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

In ThisWeek's exclusive list of the area's Top 25 Real Estate Deals ThisWeek, you will find a sampling of home and condominium transactions that were completed during a given week.

Listed is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 10/03/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville, 891-7373.


405 Olentangy Crossings West; Gregory A. Belew, Katheryne S. Belew; $454,379.

85 Tinley Park Circle; Richard L. Stutz, Suzanne Rose Stutz; $363,278.

357 Tipperary Loop; John C. Herrigton, Stephanie A. Herrigton; $328,580.


10855 Campden Lakes Blvd; Michael W. Currie; $451,000.


6931 Lewis Center Rd; Tony B. Elzinger, Janice K. Elzinger; $555,000.

4908 Braiden Dr; Peter D. Loveland, Amy R. Loveland; $429,160.


2979 Green Cook Rd; Fannie Mae; $212,821.

Lewis Center

2500 McCumber Ln; Nikki Johnston, Jefferey Johnston; $472,328.

2517 McCumber Ln; Heather J. Kesner, James C. Kesner; $459,000.

1714 Little Bear Loop; Fannie Mae; $380,000.

1552 Summeresweet Circle; Sudhaashu B. Patel, Rekha S. Patel; $286,000.


357 Long Trail; Jared S. Cox; $383,000.


10530 Wellington Blvd; Fannie Mae; $396,000.

2821 Unbridled Court; Jaron Schapfer; $395,000.

162 Mendolin Way; Fernando L. Carvalho, Andrea R. Carvalho; $392,000.

10496 Buxton Place; Shahla Zarraby; $385,000.

5288 Woodbridge Ave; Douglas J. Vonk, Lisa Vonk; $377,100.

7858 Maple Run Ln; Leslie D. Green, Brett A. Lansinger; $334,900.


2395 Henry Rd; Patrick E. Scharf, Gail Scharf; $155,000.


720 Sunbury Meadows Dr; Mark G. Gigliotti, Meagen J. Gigliotti; $267,104.

593 Fairland Dr; Michael Hansen, Helen Hansen; $258,583.


7360 Ferndale Place; Real Title Holdings LLC; $645,000.

5990 Piermont Ct; Allan Todd Copestick, Alexandria Copestick, trs.; $645,000.


897 Adara Dr; Jeffrey S. Bierbower, Kimberly A. Bierbower; $218,000.

1581 England Dr; Abhishek S. Shah, Shrutee Shah; $215,000.