Marysville charter amendments

Voters agree to change city’s form of government


Marysville voters approved two of three city charter amendments Nov. 5, including one that will change the city’s form of government.

That proposal - to switch from the current mayor-director-council model to that of council-manager, received 1,655 votes in favor (54.69 percent) and 1,371 votes against (45,31 percent.)

Mayor John Gore said he is pleased with the outcome.

“It’s with mixed emotions but I think it’s the right thing for the city of Marysville,” he said

Marysville’s current form of government was adopted in 1983, It calls for the mayor to be elected by popular vote for a four-year term. As the city’s chief executive officer, the mayor supervises executive departments and divisions in Marysville. The mayor also serves as the official and ceremonial head of the municipal government “for all applicable purposes and processes.”

Starting in January 2016, the charter change gives city council the job of selecting one of its members as mayor, to serve a one-year term. The mayor would serve as council president and perform ceremonial duties for the city. Once the mayor is elected, council will elect a vice-mayor to serve as the president pro-tempore of council.

The charter amendment also changes the title of director of administration to city manager and requires that the person in that post have executive and administrative experience. The city manager will serve as Marysville’s chief executive officer.

Voters rejected a charter amendment that would have eliminated term limits for members of the Marysville Planning Commission. The unofficial final tally from the Union County Board of Elections was 1,778 votes against the change (57.78 percent) and 1,299 votes in favor of it (42.22 percent.)

The third charter amendment was approved by a vote of 2,348 to 682 (77.49 percent to 22.51 percent.) It brings the city into compliance with existing state and federal laws regarding when city council can meet and rule on certain items.