Whitehall issue

Residents say they want to keep term limits


Given another opportunity to rescind municipal term limits, Whitehall voters opted to keep them.

Issue 31 asked Whitehall voters to amend the city charter by abolishing term limits voters had enacted in 1993, but voters decisively rejected the ballot question.

According to unofficial final results from the Franklin County Board of Elections on Nov. 5, and with all of the city’s 11 precincts reporting, voters rejected Issue 31 by a vote of 788 votes against the measure, or 62.5 percent, to 473 votes in favor, or 37.5 percent.

The failure of Issue 31 means term limits will remain for the mayor, auditor, treasurer, city attorney, council president and council members.

Voters rejected the same ballot question in 2002.

Voters approved one other proposed charter amendment, though.

Issue 32 asked voters to change the election cycle of the auditor. It passed.

According to unofficial results from the elections board, the amendment proposal passed 715 votes for it, or 57.9 percent, to 521 votes against it, or 42.1 percent.

The auditor currently is elected in conjunction with the mayor, city attorney, treasurer, council president and at-large council members.

The term of the current auditor expires Dec. 31, 2015.

In 2015, voters will elect an auditor to a two-year term. In 2017, voters will choose an auditor for a four-year term in conjunction with ward representatives of council.