Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 12/05/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


1194 Rock Mill Dr; Douglas W. Stahr, Laura L. Stahr; $495,000.

1146 Ironwood Dr; Steven W. Blausey, Erika C. Blausey; $452,569.

8183 Clark State Ct; Ralph E. Robinson, Jr., Shelly C. Lawler; $448,384.


6972 Ballantrae Loop; Muralidhran Venugopalan; $505,500.

6686 Park Mill Dr; Marc Liu, Chia Hua Chen; $361,500.

8859 Vineyard Haven Dr; Rose Beeson; $350,657.

5512 Pensworthy Dr; Shayne Sommers, Julie Sommers; $289,000.

4398 Bellaire Ct; Erica N. Snedegar; $595,000.

5835 Chedworth Park; Richard A. VanBrimmer, Sandra K. VanBrimmer, Trs; $526,752.

9930 Morris Dr; Thomas E. Darrah, Christine S. Darrah; $435,000.

5682 Whitecraigs Ct; Richard M. Smith, Thanh N. Smith; $360,000.

7616 Bellepoint Pl; Kiran Joseph Elavankal, Irene Thomas; $321,500.

5572 Caplestone Ln; Matthew P. Ottman, Sara Z. Ottman; $321,450.


6216 Strider Ln; Michael A. Woods, Dana L. Woods; $339,900.

4884 Britton Farms Dr; William H. Oliphant, Debra Oliphant; $255,000.

5680 Charles Mill Ct; Bruce Stahmer, Sharon Elaine Stahmer; $231,500.

Lewis Center

3573 Woodstone Dr; Jason D. Geehring; $446,000.

6824 Scioto Chase Blvd; Jason A. Huffman, Sarah C. Huffman; $393,518.

1852 Ivy St; Janaki R. Bellona, Unoanuradha Patro; $321,486.

1655 Ivy St; Jared M. Hoffman, Genevieve M. Hoffman; $312,670.

New Albany

7860 Ackerly Loop; Emal Sherzai, Jana Sherzai; $795,000.

7272 New Albany Links Dr; Harold B. Bennett, Jennifer E. Skinner; $579,900.

4113 Audley Rd; Joshua Braver, Jennifer Braver; $448,000.

5432 Tathwell Dr; Louis L. Ferrara, Jr., Linda A. Ferrara; $331,560.

1246 Belcross Dr; Kurt M. Hilliard, Sharon A. Hilliard; $298,500.

Plain City

9400 Brock Rd; Neal T. Sargeant, Heather L. Sargeant; $365,000.

10199 Brock Rd; Joseph C. Kuhn, Catherine H. Kuhn; $294,900.


7811 Lindell Ln; Damon M. Whitfield, Jennifer E. Whitfield; $810,000.

9029 Rivers End; Andrew P. Pschesanez; $675,000.

8039 Coldwater Dr; Micahel Battista, Kathryn A. Battista; $523,706.

6575 Letterman Dr; Ryan C. Summers, Tasa N. Summers; $368,268.

3726 Foresta Grand; Joanna Lode; $320,367.

4289 Scioto Pkwy; Daniel R. Walker, Christine Walker; $315,566.

3672 Sutton Place Unit 3672; William S. Tinsley; $315,000.


6430 Lexleigh Rd; Timothy J. Stonerock, Stacy L. Stonerock; $223,000.

6481 Timbermill Way; Tristan B. Harris, Crystal Marie Harris; $148,000.

2266 Ayers Dr; Kareem Harris; $137,500.


4893 Alston Grove Dr; Swadhina Pattanaik, Ipsita Mohanty; $323,000.

5998 Bricklin St; Susan L. Sullivan; $258,130.

5962 Bricklin St; Ankitumar Patel; $251,722.

18 S Nadine Pl; Ian Sample, Megan Sample; $227,500.

547 Michael Ave; Matt A. Smith; $220,000.

5547 Forest Highlands Ct; Brian J. Donavan, Natalie K. Donovan; $397,500.

5693 Travis Pointe Court; Michael H. Kidwell, Connie L. Kidwell; $370,000.

6966 Regency Dr; Benjamin McRill, Sr., Billie McRill; $360,000.

6826 Pavilion Landing Place; Wiliam F. Relyea, Diane Relyea, trs.; $304,360.


6710 Elmers Ct; Lucy E. Godman, Gregory B. Duncan; $429,000.

6954 Village Woods Pl; Joshua W. Askin, Amy Rothman Askin; $279,000.

Canal Winchester

3669 North Bank Rd NE; Bonnie L. Richter; $350,000.

506 Rambling Brook Dr; David A. Craycraft; $178,700.

6652 Lakeview Cir; Thomas A. Burton, Marion Burton; $175,000.

296 Jones Pl; Shauna L. Darfus; $168,000.


871 Claytonbend Dr; Frank D. Thomas, Leanna S. Thomas; $285,000.

802 Range Dr; Russell Simon, Lisa Zunich Simon; $237,000.

Grove City

2015 Bald Eagle Dr; Joseph R. Palumbo, Lorie R. Palumbo; $235,000.

1295 Great Hunter Ct; Wayne Webb, Elaine Webb; $224,900.

4389 Archway Ct; Antoinett Mitchell; $186,435.

397 W River Rd; Trent M. Spellman; $155,900.


6995 Lithopolis Rd; David J. Detweiler; $170,000.

5280 Gobel Dr; Elham Farah Siad; $125,000.


275 Fox Glen Dr East; Charles W. Greenwald; $246,000.

11761 Eddington AveNW; Jeffrey J. Farquhar; $189,000.

Clintonville/North University

517 Tibet Rd; Matthew C. Workman; $201,150.

2615 N Fourth St; Nancy E. Hill, Seth A. Hill; $149,850.

German Village

565 S Grant Ave; Robert E. Rice, Jr.; $365,000.

1010 S Pearl St; Jennifer A. Fultz, Brian T. Brunacini; $262,500.

Bexley/E. Columbus

93 Bishop Sq; Richard L. Robinson, Cynthia N. Robinson; $226,250.


1960 Village Ct; Jan MacLean; $428,850.

1397 Haines Ave; Michael Todd Robinson, Katherine A. Robinson; $395,000.

1256 Northwest Blvd; Erich Andreas Voss; $182,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

5881 Hickory Brook Way; Judith A. Coyle; $141,000.


211 Irving Way; Jonathan D. Welty; $387,800.

97 Montrose Way; Peter Craigmile, Erinn Hade Craigmile; $350,000.

4759 Scenic Dr; Richard M. Wagner; $295,000.

4159 Rowanne Rd; Kevin Johnson; $281,000.

429 Arden Rd; Peter S. Yeh; $278,000.

61 Oakland Park Ave; Katherine Goree-Davies, Kenneth P. Goree; $263,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

3926 Tarrington Ln; Sonu A. Jain, Shelly G. Jain; $700,000.

Upper Arlington

2582 Henthorn Rd; Ramiro Garzon, Cecilia F. Fernandez-Cymering; $695,000.

2393 Brixton Rd; Aaron Adams, Constance Adams; $484,000.

2841 S Dorchester Rd; Stacy H. McVey; $463,660.

1707 Sundridge Dr; Steve Locker, Cynthia Locker; $425,000.

3406 Colchester Rd; Price D. Finley, Alice K. Finley; $370,000.

2705 Coventry Rd; Stephen G. Tanner, Kelly J. Tanner; $366,000.

Northland (S. of Morse)

1345 Matthias Dr; Juliana M. Engleman; $112,000.

1306 Fowler Dr; Johnathan D. Connors, Ariel M. Connors; $102,900.

Northland (N. of Morse)

1813 Hampstead Dr; Christy P. Gammon, Deborah Cooey; $145,000.

1681 Durbridge Rd; Leslie Randall Sprouse, Denise C. Sprouse; $129,900.


5011 Blendon Ravine Ct; Raymond R. Fenner, Linda J. Fenner; $379,900.

243 Caswell Dr; William Jason Reeg, Christina Reeg; $250,000.

6139 Silverglade Dr; Michael Wackerly, Lynn Ann Wackerly; $215,000.

783 Oaksedge Dr; The Salvation Army; $203,000.

4857 Richland Dr; Eric Ramah, Kelly Ramah; $185,000.

309 Broken Arrow Dr; Theodore J. Hollingsworth, Holly Hollingsworth; $170,000.

Northland/Minerva Park

5968 Ella Ct; Abdi Sanyare; $159,900.

2864 Chimney Point Dr; Daniel L. Thornton; $129,900.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)

5270 Carbondale Dr; US Bank, N.A.; $108,000.

2692 Natalia Dr; Yahya Ba; $104,000.

Worthington West

7089 Olentangy River Rd; Robert B. Dolciato, Bicentennial Dolciato; $298,900.

2145 Shademont Ct; Brian R. Ulrich, Bailey Ulrich; $217,500.

1801 Hightower Dr; Marios Iacovou; $199,900.