Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 12/12/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


2080 E Havens Ct; Ronald T. Southard, Elizabeth Southard; $475,000.

8179 Clark State Ct; William A. Henry, Kathryn L. Henry; $395,990.

6368 Windrush Ln; Daniel S. Baker; $324,000.


6723 Stillhouse Ln; Rogelio A. Armino, Isabel Armino; $417,000.

6796 Monticello Ln; Yarferg Gong, Yan Huarey; $397,000.

8051 Oak Meadow Dr; Venkata Rayapati; $387,500.

6655 Westbury Dr; Adam R. Slinger, Jillian M. Slinger; $323,200.

5391 Reserve Dr; Cheng-Jen Lin; $1,660,000.

4611 Donegal Cliffs Dr; Bradford K. Chelton, Charity M. Chelton; $415,000.

6836 Killilea Dr; Daniel A. Rojas-Albrieux; $370,000.


5986 Morganwood Sq; Richard A. Driscoll, Nicole R. Hampton; $370,000.

5714 Haydens Reserve Way; Thomas W. Berry, Kathy Berry; $321,993.

5270 North St; David S. Sherrill; $234,556.

5664 Pleasant Hill Dr; Amy Welling, Matthew Welling; $208,000.

Lewis Center

7761 Oakalea Ct; Lorraine Churchill; $377,000.

2269 Cross Creek Ct; Edward Boudreau, Susan Boudreau; $279,000.

New Albany

4549 Ackerly Farm Rd; Christine L. Kaighn, Andrew J. Kaighn; $999,000.

7874 Jonell Sq; Jesse L. Thomas, Raquel O. Thomas; $665,000.

6848 Wardell Loop; Todd M. Reese, Emily Ann Reese; $445,900.

7233 Dean Farm Rd; Sarah L. James; $437,900.

1 Richmond Sq; Peter Tarnapoll, Kimberly Tarnapoll; $400,000.

7373 Tottenham Pl; David W. Igoe, Jennifer A. Igoe; $377,500.

Plain City

9550 Woodbine Way; Courtney Wanat, Michael Wanat; $335,749.

10252 Summersweet Way; Charles E. Sterling, Lisa A. Sterling; $280,923.


8493 Misty Woods Cir; Carmen Sidani, Samir Sidani; $575,000.

276 Balsamine Dr; Desalegn Yacob, Ruth Yacob; $410,812.

9023 Samari Pl; James Keenan, Evelyn Keenan; $334,198.

434 Green Meadow Dr; Chukwukere G. Durunna; $223,000.


7680 Rodebaugh Rd; Barbara U. Werthmann; $260,000.

531 Brightstone Dr; Marc L. Reddens, Kaamilya A. Reddens; $258,000.

591 Brightstone Dr; Eric B. Mills; $202,000.


183 S Sunbury Rd; William A. Anthony; $399,900.

6381 Ulry Rd; Daniel R. Moore, Amy M. Moore; $345,000.

1169 Forest Rd; Brett A. Stone, Courtney A. Huckabay Stone; $278,900.

199 Sterling Glen Dr; Sean M. Anthony; $265,000.


306 McCoy Ave; Joshua Black, Meghan Herron-Black; $513,900.

850 Oxford St; Angus Fletcher, Sarah Lagrotteria; $391,000.

407 Hinsdale Ct; Shawn H. T. Dye, Courtney A. Dye; $350,000.

Canal Winchester

6711 John Dr; Joshua D. Thornton, Stacia A. Thornton; $214,500.

5417 Shotgun Dr; Adam P. Rinder, Sonia R. Rinder; $143,000.

7440 Waterloo Rd NW; Rush A. Shipe; $137,500.


6108 Jimson Dr; Josh Green, Victoria Green; $233,500.

1060 Beaujolais Pl; Richard R. Rector; $146,900.

5885 Katara Dr; Robert R. De La Paz; $126,000.

Grove City

4872 McNulty St; Steven A. Hewelt, Kelly C. Hewelt; $339,000.

4825 Tayport Ave; Roger L. Ouse, Karen J. Ouse; $245,000.

1239 Holton Rd; Jessica L. Faizi; $241,500.

4455 Orangeberry Dr; Robert Kohler, Jennifer Kohler; $210,402.

1386 Cascade Dr; James R. Comerford, Patricia A. Comerford; $200,000.


5612 Shellbark St; Dakota Grappin, Shantae Grappin; $174,367.

5367 Prater Dr; Ellen D. Wallace; $144,900.


9644 Camelot St NW; Kevin J. Norris; $275,000.

12418 Teal Ln NW; Paul A. Majewski; $252,900.

9768 Hounsdale Dr NW; Ryan T. Moorman; $210,000.

Clintonville/North University

3108 Indianola Ave; Phyllis R. McMahon, Terrence J. McMahon; $320,000.

352 Clinton Heights Ave; Louis Maani, Lynn R. Maani; $290,000.

46 Brighton Rd; Steven M. Osborne, Sunny L. Horacek; $250,000.

German Village

578 S Sixth St; Patricia A. Powers, Michael J. Powers; $630,000.

242 Lansing St; Rachel L. Dooley, Lance Dooley; $379,000.

460 Stanley Ave; Eric Green; $329,518.

52 E Gates St; Ryan P. Sullivan; $234,700.

Bexley/E. Columbus

2554 Fair Ave; Clare Ceballos, Michael Ceballos; $517,500.

206 S Dawson Ave; Graham L. Williams, Emily L. Williams; $340,000.

2794 Bexley Park Rd; Frank Bruno; $340,000.


2061 Stanford Rd; Brian Kulis, Paula Kulis; $738,000.

1927 Westwood Ave; Steven D. Forry, Heather N. Forry; $549,950.

1518 Meadow Rd; Cory J. Rupert; $265,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

6080 Stockton Trail Way; William Meredith, Martha Meredith; $221,500.

6408 Little Deer Ln; Denise L. Goodman, Steven L. Goodman; $169,000.


383 Oakland Park Ave; Michael D. Chaudoir, Michelle A. Wanish; $295,900.

4860 Glenburn Ave; Becky K. Mansfield, Gary W. Allison; $268,879.

53 W Beaumont Rd; David M. Amiet; $247,900.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

2645 Lane Rd; Andrew B. Wade, Lissa Wade; $850,000.

2351 Lane Rd; Charles Ruma, Caroline B. Ruma; $700,000.

1482 McCoy Rd; Jeffrey R. Hawley, Michelle Hawley; $625,000.

Upper Arlington

2240 Tewksbury Rd; William L. Lager; $995,000.

2362 Abington Rd; James Yuskewich, Meredith Yuskewich; $675,000.

2565 Edington Rd; Pablo A. Banhos, Meredith M. Banhos; $505,000.

2970 Linkburry Ln; James F. Brown, Sherry Brown; $487,500.

3405 Stonevista Ln; Suraj S. Waikhom; $430,000.

3175 Tremont Rd, Unit 507; John Brighton, Cheryl Achterberg; $394,060.

3175 Tremont Rd, Unit 405; Dana F. Reynolds, III, Wendy E. Reynolds, Trs; $355,687.

2684 Eastcleft Dr; Robert M. Haas, Esther Haas; $250,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)

1089 Belden Rd; Rohit Sanyasi; $106,000.


565 Laurel Ridge Dr; Denny J. Southard, Deanna J. Southard; $575,000.

1154 N Creekway Ct; Richard S. Blunt, II, Laurel A. Beatty; $372,900.

404 Braemer Ct; Larry Keith Hooks, Jr., Jennifer M. Hooks; $355,000.

1011 Arcaro Dr; Susan M. Peterson, Gregory J. Peterson; $298,000.

412 Finstock Ct; Kevin D. Cope, Jennifer N. Cope; $225,000.

4047 Asbury Ridge Dr; Heather N. Noggle, Mitchell A. Noggle; $199,900.

Northland/Minerva Park

5045 Alpha Ct; James Kanu, Adama Kanu; $125,000.

4327 Trindel Way; Anita Denney; $109,900.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)

5827 Hidden Trails Way; Donald P. Gordon, Jr., Marcia L. Elmore; $157,615.

3383 Farm View St; Deborah Ann Williams, Daniel L. Williams; $115,512.

Worthington West

5732 Michaela Ct; George A. Belu, Janet S. Belu; $426,261.

1404 Beechlake Dr; Emily Haughawout; $340,000.

7092 Winding Brook Ct; Gregory M. Siegfried; $310,500.

2200 Sawbury Blvd; Badereldin Mansour; $202,500.

2777 Heston Ct; Brandon M. Haycox, Kenna S. Haycox; $189,000.

7778 Glenhollow Ct; Sherry Zwayer; $186,000.