Earth Night is two evenings of concerts

On Dec. 21, 2012, the world was supposed to end. It didn’t.

And thus, neither did the need to celebrate our world, electronica-jam band Papadosio figured.

An impromptu solstice celebration last year was so much fun, band member Sam Brouse told The Beat, they decided to expand this Earth Night celebration to two nights for 2013.

“It was sort of the Earth Day idea, but for winter, sort of the ‘night’ of the seasons,” Brouse explained.

“We figured it was good to celebrate the planet as many times as possible.”

Earth Night is two evenings of concerts, hosted by Papadosio, at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Dec. 20-21.

The day in between, a number of workshops dealing with permaculture (sustainability, conservation and the like) will be held at VUE in the Brewery District.

“We want it to have a festival atmosphere. It’s a celebration, but it’s not just a party,” Brouse explained.

Other bands on the bill include Ott & the All-Seeing I, Hundred Waters, Shigeto and The Main Squeeze. Brouse said the gathered assembly is purposefully eclectic.

“Each night has its own vibe,” he said.

“These are bands that are not necessarily similar styles or genres, but it’s the kind of stuff we listen to, and the kind of stuff we wanted other people to hear.”