Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 12/26/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


1230 Jackson Hole Dr; Conor J. Flanagan, Amanda A. Flanagan; $583,350.

2945 Cordella St; Kimberly Chacon; $262,500.

837 Holly Farms Dr; Laran A. Sims, Jennifer L. Sims; $231,116.


6806 Sagestone Dr; Robert D. Rodems, Janice A. Rodems; $555,000.

7839 Calvert Ct; Michael R. Donnally, Rebecca L. Donnally; $492,000.

7081 Firenza Pl; Jason Palmer, Patricia Palmer; $458,643.

5784 Trafalgar Ln; Trevor Whitson, Trustee; $389,990.

6895 MacNeil Dr; William F. Zito, Jr., Julie T. Zito; $866,500.

9071 Tartan Fields Dr; Alexandria L. Seabrook, Conor Seabrook; $684,000.

6122 Balmoral Dr; Ahmed S. Shaltami, Ahlam M. Nabbus; $560,000.

6864 Enfield Tr; Brian J. Mussio, Casey Mussio; $553,623.

8397 Greenside Dr; Randall L. Hicks; $549,000.

7307 Roycroft Ct; Eric J. DeBellis, Anita M. DeBellis; $535,000.

7132 Brodie Blvd; Feng Gui; $508,000.


3567 Darby Knolls Blvd; Christopher Porter, Shani Porter; $650,000.

5710 Hayden's Reserve Way; Dale B. Pitman; $293,601.

3062 Descent Ct; Laura J. Vargas, Simon Vargas; $202,000.

Lewis Center

7839 Gladshire Blvd; David J. Payne, Jill E. Payne; $255,000.

8915 Marchbank Ln; Rany A. Malik, Jessica L. Malik; $236,000.

New Albany

7675 Roxton Ct; Jason E. Liebert; $899,999.

4013 Redford Ct; Craig E. Lower, Mari C. Lower; $715,000.

3540 Eyre Hall Pass; Scott G. Torrey, Janet L. Torrey; $682,376.

6880 Jersey Dr; Nisha J. Bajpai, Puneet Bajpai; $461,679.

5255 Hanover Close; Sara L. Baker, Andrew S. Baker; $366,000.

Plain City

10309 Cranberry Dr; Justin Zwick, Ellen Dunham; $615,000.

10180 Summersweet Way; Vikas Gangaram More, D. Suresh Barde; $362,570.


877 Matthews Brook Ln; James R. Ray Jr., Joan W. Ray; $1,470,000.

5320 Berwanger Dr; Joseph P. McCormack, Marcia Marie McCormack; $621,000.

8247 Riverside Dr; Cartus Financial Corp.; $450,000.

6637 Lilac Lane; Robert A. Anderson, Cara B. Anderson; $424,152.

184 Smokewood Ct; Timothy M. Lanigan, Lisa Gooding-Lanigan; $406,000.

175 Woodland Dr; Edward J. Van Riper, Pamela J. Van Riper; $400,000.


8213 Rodebough Rd; Nicholas I. Williams, Kamilah M. Williams; $295,235.

1980 Haverton Dr; Kurt E. Scheiderer, Maria Beatriz Scheiderer; $195,000.


8186 Bevelhymer Rd; Brett A. Ingram, Tracy Ingram; $462,000.

121 S State St; Christopher Hogan, Meagan Hogan; $370,000.

5985 Bricklin St; Abraham Rosa, Joanna M. Ferrer; $266,688.

5997 Bricklin St; Larry L. Mullett; $263,487.

5925 Bricklin St; William M. Cross, Jr.; $242,940.

6675 Highland Lakes Pl; Eric Stevenson, Davia Stevenson; $710,000.

6408 Lake Trail Dr; Steven M. Sturn, Laura Boxley; $420,000.

5814 Highland Hills Dr; Stephen T. Holko, Bridget I. Holko; $412,000.

7212 Wallpepper Ct; John Jay Flinn, Darla J. Flinn; $369,900.

6434 Scioto Court; Erin R. Tober, Daniel W. Tober; $330,000.

5885 Shade Creek Dr; Vishal Parikh, Anuja Parikh; $315,000.

5955 Hunter Place; Halligan E. Wexter; $308,900.

337 Leighton Court; Christopher P. Lanka, Whitney Koster; $300,000.

6411 Lake Trail Dr; Andrew G. Estes; $300,000.


2444 Collins Dr; Jordan W. Schweller, Jessica M. Schweller; $450,000.

5764 Hartford St; Anthony D. Weis, Jennifer S. Weis; $341,930.

Canal Winchester

10600 Busey Rd NW; Jack M. Sandidge; $209,900.

6919 Laurel Boat Ln; Peter S. Purdy; $174,500.

240 Chesterville Ct; Jamie L. Mazurek; $142,860.


1004 Featherstone Ct; Tina M. Walsh, Seth T. Cline; $219,900.

6330 Turngate Ln; Tim M. Phillips, Diane E. Phillips; $211,500.

Grove City

2816 Lori's Way; James E. Saunders, P. Diane Saunders; $301,228.

1401 Scotsman Dr; Tyler A. Daubitz, Janet L. C. Daubitz; $268,177.

2601 Geyerwood Ct; Allen L. Miller, Jr., Sherry Smith; $263,000.

5952 Birch Bark Cir; Kristin K. Hendricks, Jordan L. Hendricks; $245,000.

6204 Apache Way; Richard P. Meyers; $176,500.


5632 Shellbark St; Benjamin P. Hinkle, Kendra Hinkle; $180,445.

4832 Hayes Rd; Cynthia J. Ryan, Allison Nicole Ryan; $159,000.


113 Urich Dr; Michael A. Anderson; $219,999.

13062 Coventry Ave NW; James G. Boss; $206,250.

9322 Harness Pl NW; Jesse Miller; $190,900.

407 Sycamore Creek St; Michael G. Sovic; $188,900.

523 Herrogate Sq; Lucinda S. Morehead; $180,000.

Clintonville/North University

148 E Kelso Rd; Lindsey S. Loman, Steven M. Keller; $158,000.

3175 N High St; Dimitra G. Barouxis; $140,000.

German Village

318 E Sycamore St; Elizabeth Wallen, Henry McGuire; $327,000.

861 S Third St; Douglas F. Purdy, Julia N. Purdy; $300,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus

215 N Parkview Ave; Harlan W. Robins, Tr; $2,600,000.

28 Meadow Park Ave; Laura E. Spears; $385,000.

895 S Roosevelt Ave; Sherman Hall, Jessica P. Fagan; $250,000.


2050 Bedford Rd; Ryan T. Vetter, Sara L. Vetter; $618,000.

967 Broadview Ave; Grant Lawson, Ashlee Lawson; $422,000.

1367 Westwood Ave; Kristian A. Vandemark; $257,500.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

418 Josaphat Way; Askia S. Ahmad; $240,600.

434 Lemery Dr; Patricia E. Lyda; $187,251.


3590 Milton Ave; Jamie Mederer, Shawna Oxier; $285,500.

169 Richards Rd; Ramble Krohn; $258,500.

91 Nottingham Rd; Dianne E. Spires; $254,000.

452 Piedmont Rd; Elizabeth A. Comella; $219,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

4100 Fairfax Dr; Paul P. Randles, Irma Randles; $523,000.

2395 Haverford Rd; Belinda C. Hill; $335,000.

2738 Folkstone Rd; Zachary A. Bertke, Brooke A. Bertke; $315,000.

4166 Windemere Rd; Lauren P. Robison, Jeffrey S. Robison; $305,000.

3841 Mountview Rd; Jeff Hunt, Ann Hunt; $278,000.

Upper Arlington

2304 Kensington Dr; Eric M. Dyarmett, Heather E. Dyarmett; $725,000.

3919 Shadow State Way; Christine A. Tarini; $605,000.

3900 Antrim Rd; Kyle W. Robertson, Carly M. Robertson; $194,500.

Northland (N. of Morse)

2295 Morse Rd; Ahmad Matten, Mohammad Maher Matten; $183,000.

1415 Cottonwood Dr; Derek B. Pierce; $133,000.


687 Ulverston Dr; James A. O'Harra, Brandi J. Johnston; $345,000.

4789 Westerville Run Dr; Richard M. Dale, Leila E. Dale; $200,100.

1278 Ashburnham Dr; Lawrence T. Deighan, Michelle Deighan; $193,900.

4865 Rustic Woods Ln; Tina Gray, Kristin Davis; $164,400.

Northland/Minerva Park

3495 Dellwin Ct; Chris Welsh, Molly Welsh; $120,500.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)

4628 Winchester Pike; Stephen M. Hilliard; $140,000.

Worthington West

6767 Skyline Dr; Connie Lou Gallagher; $200,000.

6811 Villabrook Dr; Khim B. Heng, Jessica L. Heng; $114,000.