Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 01/02/14. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

1828 Hannah Farms Ct; Todd E. Doyle, Melinda S. Doyle; $429,627.
1205 Pine Park Trace; Andre B. Walker, Jr.; $422,626.
7848 Narrowleaf Dr; Ryan P. Carlisle, Sarah E. Watson; $182,640.

4181 Brinsworth Dr; Vivek Kanakia, Neha Kanakia; $571,631.
7115 Tuscany Dr; Reno Ravindran, Shilpa Gupta; $542,533.
4102 Borge Way; Bishakha Sen, Anindya K. Sen; $521,546.
9347 Naples Ln; Edward Sommer; $458,700.
7157 Oak View South; Rongshen Gong, Huiying Han; $430,665.
8668 Tartan Fields Dr; Brian Izzo, Tamara Izzo; $928,050.
5664 Loch Broom Circle; James E. Logue Jr., Gina M. Logue; $560,000.
9740 Concord Rd; Jay Jordan; $535,000.
6843 Bowles Ct; Doron Tulchinsky, Stacey S. Tulchinsky; $446,000.
6249 Balmoral Dr; Mariusz Rybaltowski, Cristina Mitie Miyamoto; $390,000.

4532 Dublin Rd; Ronald L. Schuller, Tamara A. Strahler; $550,000.
6109 Baumeister Dr; Stephanie L. Cramm, Jeremy R. Cramm; $332,320.
3760 Saturn Rd; Matthew B. Gibson, Stephanie D. Gibson; $322,500.

Lewis Center
8238 Orange Station; Sudip Paul; $496,890.
1862 Orangelake Dr; Randall L. Homan, Carol L. Homan; $403,173.
1884 Orangelake Dr; Venkat R. Duripala; $367,102.

New Albany
4025 Chelsea Green W; Joseph Quigley, Jennifer Quigley; $699,007.
4377 Oaks Shadow Dr; Nathan Emery, Tiffany Emery; $328,000.

Plain City
9795 Ketch Rd; Linda Horne, Brandon Horne; $450,000.
9535 Woodbine Way; Eric A. Maxwell, Trunali Patel; $384,490.
10237 Bayberry Way; Bradford J. Murphy, Rose Murphy; $359,083.

833 Matthews Brook Ln; Gregory M. Schuth, Beth A. Schuth; $1,362,500.
1336 Berkeley Court; John D. Wylie, Lindsay A. Wylie; $897,000.
1896 Abbotsford Green Rd; James B. Bostick, Kristie A. Bostick; $720,000.
4211 Gediz Dr; Andrew John Brady, Jodie M. Brady; $655,000.
8533 Misty Woods Circle; Matthew B. Fiske; $565,000.
8483 Misty Woods Circle; Barry H. Wolinetz; $535,000.
8587 Coldwater Dr; Bralky McCormick, Lisa McCormick; $450,000.
4320 Home Rd; Jonathan A. Petz, Stacey A. Petz; $450,000.
8587 Coldwater Dr; Bralky McCormick, Lisa McCormick; $450,000.
4320 Home Rd; Jonathan A. Petz, Stacey A. Petz; $450,000.
73 Sycamore Ridge Dr; Kevin J. Beer; $445,000.
276 Balsamine Dr; Desalegn Yacob, Ruth H. Yacob; $440,812.
2813 Derby Dr; Michael W. Starner, Kiley A. Starner; $427,664.
3940 Blue Water Loop; Note Jackson, Ellen Jackson; $386,100.

7695 Critwell Ct; Brian K. Morrison, Anna M. Morrison; $180,000.
224 Endora St; Nercy K. Gomez, Christopher J. Mieses; $167,467.
2214 Wagontrail Dr; US Bank, N.A., Trustee; $130,000.

626 Deer Trail; David L. Birkemeier, Angela Birkemeier; $298,500.
5287 Garand Dr; Spencer A. Vinco, Megan H. Vinco; $247,700.
1088 Bryan Dr; Joseph D. Huffman, Tina Rainey; $234,900.
5099 Royal County Drive; Thomas O'Donnell, Katherine M. O'Donnell; $465,000.
8899 Hawthorne Point; Patricia P. Roush, Peter C. Roush; $425,000.
7608 Milford Ave; Zachary David, Andrea Michelle Depompei; $424,000.
5338 Anacala Ct; Jordan Yates, Alicia D. Clutter-Yates; $420,000.
6669 Hawknest Ct; Walter M. Wilkerson, Sarah E. Wilkerson; $379,500.
384 Woodgate Ln Unit 7-384; Paul R. McGarvey, Debby M. McGarvey; $379,059.
5932 Gainey Ct; Guang Sheng, Hui Zhana; $370,000.
7624 Park Bend Dr; Thomas M. Maxson, Jill R. Maxson; $330,000.
7641 Golden Wheat Ln; Dolores K. Perry; $329,951.
6269 Beringer Dr; Kenneth C. Louis III, Sherri Ann Louis; $327,000.
61024 Varick Ln; Mark S. Grubb, Margaret Grubb; $309,000.
6261 Falcon Chase Dr; William A. Birchak, Christina L. Birchak; $298,000.
6819 Garden View Dr; Rex A. Hazlett, Linda J. Hazlett; $289,885.

787 Oxford St; Edwin L. Hofmann, Chasity M. Kilburn; $434,000.
306 W South St; Christopher Vance, Megan Vance; $267,500.

Canal Winchester
5574 Harvest Curve Ln; Marvin Greer, Brenda Evans; $234,607.
11741 Alspach Rd NW; Mark Allen Adkins; $210,000.

2605 Gardner Rd; Ann Forbes, Tandra Adams; $292,000.
359 Lilyfield Ln; Martha S. Barto; $171,370.

Grove City
4600 E Hirth Hill Rd; Daniel Lara; $378,000.
5902 Birch Bark Cir; Kenneth E. Feil, Tracy J. Feil; $237,500.
4394 Archway Ct; Timothy E. Fouts, Shani L. Fouts; $201,850.
3936 Nordman Fir Dr; Corbin P. Boucek; $158,000.

3606 London Lancaster Rd; Chris M. Mittler; $184,999.

221 Fox Glen Dr East; Billy A. Riley; $296,000.
925 Carron Circle; Brendan P. Ross; $245,000.
11229 Huntington Way NW; Robert V. Webb Jr.; $201,000.

Clintonville/North University
2666 Summit St; David L. Gray, Beryl A. Miller; $333,000.
2628 Glenmawr Ave; Rodney Ruedele; $212,500.

German Village
1023 City Park Ave; Stella Giometti, Nick Giometti; $575,000.
253 Thurman Ave; Lisa M. Lloyd; $330,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
210 Stanbery Ave; Sidney Jarrett Skrobarcek, Jennifer L. Skrobarcek; $770,000.
104 S Virginialee Rd; Stephen P. Bedell, Melissa H. Bedell; $488,000.

1777 Wyandotte Rd; Mike C. Donahoe, Katy E. Donahoe; $390,000.
969 Palmer Rd; Avinash C. Minhas; $214,900.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
407 Lemery Dr; Andrew S. Elliott; $243,130.
6049 Nicholas Glen; John W. Robison, Darrolyn J. Robison; $240,250.

133 Georgetown Dr; Shelley L. Finley, William A. Finley; $549,000.
132 Nottingham Rd; Shawn C. Kennedy; $320,000.
700 Olde Settler Pl; Tina Harris, Matthew Reid Harris; $270,000.
202 Northridge Rd; Cinnamon Pinon Calarne; $238,500.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
3929 Fairlington Dr; Craig A. Pawlisch, Cara K. Pawlisch; $568,000.
4151 Lyon Dr; Linda A. O'Horo; $355,000.

Upper Arlington
3175 Tremont Rd, Unit 402; Robert M. Hoge, Nanette N. Hoge; $597,203.
1325 Kingsgate Rd; Adrienne L. Joly, Marty J. Joly; $322,500.

Northland (N. of Morse)
6566 Calgary Ct; Brittany J. Neuenschwander, Jared L. Neuenschwander; $145,500.
5738 Sandalwood Blvd; Kerry Parker; $123,000.
6147 W Whitby Sq; John Herring, Katrina Herring; $110,000.

251 Academy Woods Dr; Matthew R. Peters, Stephanie B. Peters; $282,000.
835 Hensel Woods Dr; Kyle W. Innis, Erin M. Innis; $269,900.

Northland/Minerva Park
3423 Omega Dr; Joshua D. Moorman; $127,400.
4550 Glenhaven Dr; Abigail L. Randall, Ryan J. Isler; $120,000.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)
3018 Noe Bixby Rd; Mark A. Heatwole, Annette K. Heatwole; $215,000.
1454 E Knollwood Dr; Kenneth E. Meyers; $102,000.

Worthington West
111 W Campus View Blvd; Donald D. Smith, Michele E. Smith; $365,000.
6680 Amur Dr; Dwayne Furukawa, Lara Furukawa; $276,000.
384 Cover Pl; Therese F. Jones, Shelby J. Jones; $245,759.