Edie Carey's fans should thank Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls.

Edie Carey's fans should thank Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls.

A lifelong love of singing likely would not have evolved into a career if Carey had not been introduced to the possibility at a DiFranco coffeehouse show Carey took in as a college student. You know, while she was preparing for a real job.

"I loved to sing and I loved to write poetry," Carey said, "but I didn't know you could do those things as a job. I only listened to Madonna!"

Carey followed up by catching Lisa Loeb and Dar Williams, then bought a guitar and "taught myself to play Indigo Girls songs. From then on, I was singularly focused on making it happen both as an artist but also as a career."

Carey's most-recent record is a duo effort with fellow singer-songwriter Sarah Sample -- so recent, in fact, that it's not due out until June 10. She described 'Til the Morning as "a sort-of lullabies record, inspired in part by us both being moms."

The record includes "songs our mothers sang to us, cover tunes that we love and a couple originals."

While the collected songs may not speak with Carey's voice, the project became especially close to Carey's heart and thus, came from it.

"I went through infertility before my son was born. I run a support group still. I know how much support women can get from songs and stories."

Despite the time demands of new motherhood -- her son, Luca, is 19 months old -- Carey has found time -- nap time, mostly -- to write new songs.

"I wish I could nap when he naps," she joked.

"But I do get to run to the third bedroom at the other end of our apartment when he naps."

Carey said she has been playing these yet-unrecorded songs in concert, and she hopes to begin work on a new record soon. She admits, though, that her priorities are divided, as she also wants to have another child.

"Which will come first? Who knows? I'd hope to have one or the other in the next two years."